Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talk is cheap!

Sport's Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek's statement that Malaysian football requires a total revamp (see story below) is a statement which has been said over and over.
While one hand he makes the statement, one needs to know what has he done to change the soccer situation in Malaysia.
On the contrary many things have been done to take Malaysian soccer into deeper sorrow.
Let us not talk about World Cup! Let us talk about making an impact at the Asian Clubs championship, Asian Cup and Asian Games! Let us start winning all the youth level international tournaments first!
Let us learn to walk before we decide to run!
Address the soccer situation in schools, districts, club and State level first.
Cut out the politics in soccer. Make it transparent and get the younger generation who are really dedicated and passionate involved.
Revamp all the State FAs!
Let us make long term plans - 10 or 15 years - and diligently work towards making it happen, instead of short term 2 or 5 year plans!
Do you this is possible? Your guess is as good as mine!

 Malaysian Football Needs Total Revamp To Dream Of World Cup Action - Ahmad Shabery
KUALA LUMPUR, July 12 (Bernama) -- Malaysian sports, especially football, requires a total revamp to dream of seeing action in the World Cup said Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek.
Ahmad Shabery said the revamp must involve development programmes, infrastructure, training facilities from early age and adopting a strategic and disciplined method of playing.
"The fruits of labour from such a revamp can only be expected after one or two decades," he told Bernama after watching the World Cup final match between Spain and Holland at a restaurant here early Monday morning.
"Revamp or change in the sports culture was what brought success to countries like South Korea and Japan."
Ahmad Shabery who watched the match, which was eventually won by Spain, together with National Sports Council (NSC) director-general Datuk Zolkples Embong said both teams that played in the final showcased a high level of commitment, dedication, skill and technique.
Shabery who was amassed with the passion and support from Malaysian fans for the World Cup said: "I am very excited to watch the match in a restaurant with fans."
"It is a very important factor that can be used to unite the community as it does not separate gender, race or religion. Every where people are talking about football.
"And many of them are willing to sacrifice their sleep to stay awake and watch the match although they will be working the next day," he said.


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Michael said...

Hi Tony,

How ironic. On the way to school this morning, my 13yo football-crazy son asked me if Malaysia will ever get to qualify for the World Cup in future. Doesn’t matter if we get knocked out in the 1st round, at least we qualified, that’s what he said.

Not in my lifetime, maybe in yours, was what I answered him.

As long as our govt doesn’t make that decision to go all out to make Malaysia great in football again, our dream will remain a dream. See this article on how Spain have prospered not only football but F1, MotorGP, tennis, basketball…

Here are 2 more very interesting and enlightening articles about how other countries are doing to progress in football terms:


Germany spent 500m Euro on youth football alone. That’s why they are a great footballing nation. Can we ever dream for our govt to match this sum or even part of it, when most of the politicians are there for themselves only?


2 things to note from this article:
- Spain has 15,000 qualified Eufa Pro and A licence coaches! Mindboggling, isn’t it? I think that is definitely more than the number of registered league (professional and amateur) footballers we have in Malaysia.
- Better still, they are all promoting the same style of football! No wonder even Fabregas is not 1st choice in the Spanish national team.