Thursday, September 10, 1992

Kannan quits

STRIKER K. Kannan has quit Singapore soccer. He's looking across the
Causeway again.
Kannan's decision comes a day after skipper T. Pathmanathan announced
his retirement.
"It is with a very heavy heart that I have to come to this decision,"
said the 30-year-old Kannan. "I have given it a lot of thought."
Kannan said that among the main reasons for his decision were because
the Singapore Press and fans caused a lot of damage to his playing career.
"Some journalists said they're out to get me. They wait for me to play
badly and criticise me endlessly. When I do well, not a word is mentioned.
There's just no fair play.
"As for the fans, I am sick of being accused of selling matches. Every
time I play a bad match, I'm faced with these accusations.
"I've never even been offered money to fix games. Not in Singapore or
even when I was with KL."
He said that betting on soccer matches has become a national past-time
in Singapore and that puts tremendous pressure on the national team.
Kannan also wants to concentrate on his job with a sports goods company,
Hawk Sports.
However, Kannan said that soccer is still very much in his blood and
that is why he will still continue playing in the local league in
Singapore. He turns out for Geylang International.
"I'm leaving my options open. I'll play for Malaysian States if I'm
needed. I also want to take up a coaching course to improve my technical
knowledge of the game. I can make a good coach especially among the young
players," he added.
Kannan believes he played his best soccer with KL. He spent six seasons
with them.
"I believe my poor form this season with Singapore was because I had
given my best with KL. While in KL I set a high standard for myself and I
was unable to match that with Singapore."
He has two Malaysia Cup winners' medals. That came in 1987-88. The
following year Kannan returned to Singapore to be with his ailing father.
Kannan also won the Golden Boots award in 1987 with 15 goals.
However, he has only scored three goals this season with Singapore - his
worst performance since first playing in the Malaysia Cup 12 years ago.
"My conditioning this year has not been to expectations. I feel I let
myself and coach P. Sivaji down this year."
However, Kannan also said that he has always down well with foreign
"Strangely all have been Czech coaches when I played for Kuala Lumpur
for six seasons. Look at Zainal Abidin Hassan, Dollah Salleh and Fandi
Ahmad. Foreign coaches have helped their careers too.
"They know how to prepare not for a 90-minute match, but for a full
season. And they can get results by adopting a personal and professional
"From Dr. Josef Venglos, Josef Jankech and Milous Kvacek. They have been
marvellous," he said.