Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cutting it even thinner!

Some of CWG stadia may not finish by Aug 31: govt 

New Delhi, July 28 (PTI) Under mounting attack for tardy preparations for Commonwealth Games, Delhi Government today admitted delay in several key projects and said works in some of the stadia may not be completed within the final deadline of August 31.
Delhi Finance Minister A K Walia, after taking stock of progress of work at Yamuna Sports Complex, one of the key venues of the event, said government was not satisfied with pace of work at several under-construction stadia.
"We are not satisfied with progress of work (in some of the stadiums). They (the construction agencies) are saying all the works will be completed before the deadline. But there are doubts," Walia said.
The minister also admitted that there has been delays in several key projects being implemented by the city government. Delhi government had undertaken projects worth over Rs 10,000 crore to improve infrastructure in the city ahead of the Games.
Critical time lines for Venue teams:
July 15 onwards - Overlay contracts and Installation commence at venues.

Sept 15 is the venue lockdown date - meaning handing over the venues to the Delhi Police for final security clearance.

Aug 25- Sept 15 is Venue Specific Training - where all Workforce (paid staff and volunteers) integrate and have specific training related to the sports at the venues.

Sept 23 - Sports Training Starts - where teams train at the competition venues

Now the deadline for readiness will certainly put a spanner to all the plans!

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