Saturday, July 10, 2010

Indian athletes unable to take advantage of home ground faciities for 2010 Delhi CG

New Delhi:  With barely 80 days to go for the Commonwealth Games, it's not just the venues, which are still racing towards completion, the delay in getting the stadiums may also affect India's medals tally in the Games.
After being delayed for almost a year, boxing stadium was one of the first venues to be finally handed over to the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee.

The facilities will now be put through rigorous tests. That means Indian players will have only a few days to practice in the stadium before the Games in October.
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Most other stadiums for the Games are near completion, and they are yet to be handed over.In contrast, stadiums in China for the Olympics were ready almost a year before the Games, giving the home side enough time to practice.
"Every country which has Games on home grounds has an advantage as it's held on their grounds, we don't have that advantage as they keep postponing it, first March, then July now, August," said Organising Committee member V K Malhotra.
Commenting on the issue, Chairman of the Organising Committee Suresh Kalmadi said, "I wish the stadiums were ready earlier. Let us see how much can be done now."
"It's good that where we have tournaments and there only we would get training, it's really good that way, " said Olympian Akhil Kumar.

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