Friday, February 26, 2010

Is there future for Malaysian sports?

Sports is the simplest thing in life and it is suppose to  be fun and pure.
However in recent times, sports has become so complicated, that it is now equated with politics.
Sports is stress these days. A Malaysian veteran sports official recently remarked that sports is a good thing, but when someone gets involved in it, it makes people bad!
Malaysian sports without doubt is following the trend, as there is heavy politics in sports, squabbles, jealousy, back stabbing, greediness, corrupt practices, selfishness and above all, no fair play at all.
What prompted me to blog on this matter was when a conversation with another veteran sports official about an association which I had the highest respect for and wished that other sports associations will emulate them.
But little did I realise that beneath all that goodness, the ugly side still existed in an association which I held in high esteem all this while.
This association is a case of a sports which rose from zero to hero.
Thanks to a great leader who had so much passion for the sports, a true professional, a no nonsense personnel and who did so much for the sports, the association attained the high standards in such a short time.
One would not have imagined that this sports association, would be suddenly making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
This sport had attained world-class standard and is a respected worldwide.
Their officials under this able leader, were equally professional and worked towards one common goal - to see the sports become a winner. Yes, these officials had power - the power to work. They were the servants to the association.
There were no personal glories or agendas sought by these officials.
However, when an association is doing well in the sports, financially sound, gets all the publicity and moves into the high profile area, it attracts many people who come to not only share the limelight, but with the interest to get something in return and with agendas.
To make matters worse, the players who have who have been nurtured to became world class players, become prima donnas overnight, challenge authority, team comradeship is thrown out of the window and players' power rule rears its ugly head.
That is the last thing an association with such creditable needs, but it happened.
Officials who have dedicated themselves to work for the association in the name of sports, are accused of all sorts of things, other officials join in fracas to capitalise on situations and it is chaos in the association.
The image of the association and officials are tarnished among the world fraternity overnight and to add spice to the drama, media reports are not factual, sides are taken and everything which took years to build, is in ashes.
Then we have bodies who are suppose to be neutral and aid sports associations, taking sides and playing Godfathers, to add further confusion to the sport.
Attempts to salvage whatever is possible in the name of sports by a leader who a gentleman of the highest order, is not given the due respect.
I really cannot come to terms that this association had been dragged through mud, despite being among the best managed bodies.
This piece of news, really has shattered whatever little hope I had for Malaysian sports.
Sports has become a vicious circle and has left me asking myself, what chance do other lesser sports and sports who are still struggling to find their footing, have?
It is indeed a sad day for Malaysian sports and with each passing day, the true spirit and pureness of sports is lost, as it sinks further into turmoil and controversy.
Whether even divine intervention can save Malaysian sports is a big question mark now!

Malaysian sports mentality!

I was shocked to read today's NST report on the national Under-21 soccer team's woes with the cold weather. 
The heading of the story was: Chilly weather conditions could affect players in Slovakia (read here)
What did the players and coach Azraai Koh expect? Hot, sunny, humid weather?
The reason the team is in Slovakia if for the experience - be it playing against tough opponents, adverse weather conditions, alien food, robust play, culture shock and the list goes on.
If the team expected hot sunny weather, nasi-lemak and roti canai , they might as well as trained in Perlis!
This is Malaysian sports mentality for you. Complain about everything and give thousands of excuses.
Malaysian sportsmen are simply a pampered lot.
Ever wondered how all the other professional players from different parts of the world, cope when they play away from their home?
Basically, it is all about sacrifices and goals. 
To many it is matter of survival and they stick it out no matter whatever conditions and succeed, because of their strong mentality, the need to survive to have a better living and their personal ambition to achieve high goals.
The message to the Malaysian Under-21 soccer players is simply - either stick it out there and return as men, or pack you bags immediately to return home and don't ever play soccer in your life!
It is sickening to hear tales like these.
There are many out there who would give a leg and arm to be in Slovakia and here we have this bunch who are talking about the cold weather.
So much for our dreams to see Malaysian players playing in Europe!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UKRC gets recognition to organise course

Ulu Klang Recreation Club (UKRC) has been given the recognition and endorsement by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and National Olympic Academy, to be the first club in Malaysia to be allowed to conduct the Basic Sports Administration Course (BSAC) on behalf of National Olympic Academy. 





DATE : 25th MARCH – 28th MARCH 2010

A.      What is the Basic Sports Administration Course?

The Basic Sports Administration Course is designed to assist volunteers who work in sports organizations to improve, operate and manage their sports organization efficiently and effectively.

B.     Aims of Course

·        To inculcate professionalism in sports management among sports administrators
·        To enable sports administrators run their organization efficiently and effectively
·        To equip sports personnel with critical administration skills
·        To enhance organizational skills in managing sports events

C.     Course Content

The Basic Sports Administration Course consists of eight modules covering the following topics:-

·         The Olympic Movement
·         Government & Sports
·         Value & Ethics in Sport - Fairplay
·         Governance of a Sports Organization
·         Meetings
·         Budget & Money Management
·         Source of Revenue
·         Communication

The main content for the modules will be derived from the book, “Sports Administration Manual”. This book provides the primary content for the learning experience and is the framework for delivery of the course. The materials presented are taken from Olympic Sport Organizations throughout the world and represent a balance of sport management theory and practical examples, providing a rich and extensive database of applied materials. The use 
of the book as the standard referral text will enable participants to identify what is and is not appropriate for their organizations and learn how to specifically apply the information to improve their organizations.

A.      Course Strategy

The course strategy is participant-centred and the methodology will be participative, interactive and experiential in nature. Participants will be involved in making short presentations of the modules, discussions of the content, group work and sharing of experiences.

B.     Course Schedule

The course will be conducted for a period of four days from 25th March – 28th March 2010.

C.     Course Venue

Ulu Klang Recreation Club
No. 2, Jalan Pelangi
Kuala Ampang
68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

D.     Certification

Participations must attend 100% of the sessions for all eight modules. For each module, participants are required to make a presentation based on the topic of the module.

Participants who fulfill all the requirements of the course will be awarded a Basic Sports Administration Certificate by the Olympic Council Of Malaysia certified by the International Olympic Committee.

H.     Facilitators

The BSAC programme will be managed by a qualified Programme Director certified by Olympic Solidarity and OCM. Facilitators who are qualified and experienced selected from the Sports Institutes, sports organizations and other related institutions will conduct the sessions.

I.    For Further Information

Please contact Mr. Ng Weng Soon of UKRC at +6019 3203365 or email

J.      Organizing Committee

Advisor                              : Y.Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zakaria Ahmad

NOA Director                     : Dr. Tan Siew Eng
National Course Director  : Mr. Andrew Gopal

Facilitators                         : Y.Bhg. Dato’ Sieh Kok Chi
: Ms. Moira Tan Siew See
: Mr. Wan Yew Leong
                                          : Mr. Stanley Charles Louis
                                          : Mr. Suhardi Alias
                                          : Mr. Dan Leong Theng Choon

Invited External Consultant     : Mr. Aloysius Lee Fook Kwang

Secretariat                         : Mr. Lee Paw Koi
                                          : Mr. Jeffrey Lau
                                          : Mr. Yap Wei Pun
                                          : Mr. Chan Kar Yee
                                          : Mr. Mohd Parweez
                                          : Mr. Ng Weng Soon
                                          : Mr. Seow Kok Min
                                          : Mr. Phua Chee Wah


Monday, February 22, 2010

Sad but true!

Any hopes of 11 sports to be among the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MMSM) calendar being held this year, is dashed!
The sports were last month axed from the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) calendar for this year citing cut in funds, but was ordered to be reinstated by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the Education Minister.
Judging from Muhyiddin's reaction and answer to a question as to whether the 11 sports will be held this year, on Saturday after attending the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia award, it is as good as it is all over for the 11 sports for this year!

Muhyiddin's answer to the question was: "Things cannot happen overnight and that’s something everyone must understand.”
Agreed policies, funds, infrastructure, trained coaches and equipment, cannot happen overnight.
But to reinstate the sports, which was actually already in place?
Yes, the first term is over, the calendar has already been drawn up, there is not much time left, the money has not be released, etc, etc.
We knew all that was coming and it is now confirmed..
The affected sports are bowling, squash, archery, table tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, softball, handball, cross country and chess.
But don't worry everything will be in place next year!
All primary and secondary schoolchildren will be required to take up at least one sports.
Specially trained coaches would teach sports in schools and it will no longer be an elective co-curricular activity.
The children will earn credits for their participation.
Annual sports allocation for the 10,000 schools nationwide will be increased.
Good infrastructure, equipment and curriculum for sports will be in place.
Hail 2011 for schools sports!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time to walk the talk!

It was excellent to hear Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin say that greater emphasis will be paid to schools sports, at the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM)-100Plus 2009 Athlete of the Year Award ceremony yesterday.
All he said in his speech was relevant, a boost for schools sports. (Read here)
But some of the things he said like having teachers trained specially for sports, was also said when he first become Education Minister and DPM last year.

Funds have also been allocated sports in schools and instructions given by him, to reinstate the 11 schools sports in the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) calendar, which was earlier axed.
However, it is important for all his instructions to be carried out with immediate effect and utmost urgency.
Otherwise, he will be made to look bad by the ineffectiveness of his officers or the red-tape system which causes the delay.
It is the hoped that an officer or director, which Muhiyiddin said that will be appointed to the Arts, Sports and Co-Curriculum Division of the Education Ministry, will be the one who will play the role to ensure that all directives are carried out.

 AZIZUL'S AWARD....Selamiah Yong, the mother of cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang, holding the SAM-100PLUS Athlete of the Year trophy and mock cheque after receiving theaward from Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (right). STARPIX

Meanwhile, congratulations to cyclist Azizul Hasni Awang in being named the Athlete of the Year Award for his feat to win the 200m sprint silver medal in the World Championships in Poland and Kerrin gold in the World Cup IV in Beijing last year.
However, I was disturbed by Azizul's mother, Selamiah Yong's comment on TV3 after having received the award and RM10,000 on behalf of Azizul from the DPM.
Azizul,was unable to attend the ceremony due to his preparation in Melbourne for next month's World Championships in Copenhagen.
Puan Selamiah in her acknowledgment had said: "I am very happy for Azizul to be recognised by this award by SAM, especially so as a Malay athlete."
Whatever happened to 1Malaysia and did it matter which race the athlete who won the award was?
It is performance by an athlete as a Malaysian that matters!
Prof Dr Alex Delikan had spoken recently of Malaysian society being polarized.
Here is a clear example of that at the highest level of sports in Malaysia.
In any case, Azizul, you are a deserving winner and congrats!

Friday, February 19, 2010

A road map for youth soccer development?

Remember the Road Map for Malaysian Soccer that was supposed to have come up a few years ago?
Whatever happened to it? Probably the end result of that Raod Map is the current FIFA ranking of the Malaysia team!
Now there is some wind that a Road Map for Youth Soccer Development is in the offing.
And this is the bigger story. It is learnt that this Road Map will involve about RM50 million over five years!
Don't ask me if this is for real? I really do not know.
But at the rate everyone is going overboard after the Malaysian Under-23 soccer team won the Sea Games gold medal in Laos, I am not surprised at anything.
We already have plans virtually finalised with Everton FC to almost a tune of RM10 for some development programme which involves a bus going around the country!
On the other hand, a great development programme launched by a local private company which involved a Junior league for Under-12 held in the Klang Valley last year which attracted 24 teams, is finding difficulties getting sponsors.
The National Junior Community League (NJCL), which had the sanction of the FA of Malaysia last year, even had tied up with Astro and had a weekly one hour programme on the League.
With so much potential for the League to grow, FA of Malaysia for reasons best known to them, are reluctant to give sanction for this year.
The league is scheduled to start next month and with 32 teams already signed up, including two teams coming from Penang.
Astro have offered three of their stations to cover the League!
Managed by an event management company Hand Print, they are determined to go ahead with the League, which has gained so much popularity.
The word is that the Ministry of Youth and Sports, have a similar programme up their sleeves to be organised this year and that is reason FA of Malaysia is not giving the sanction to Hand Print for the NJCJ.
Instead of giving every assistance to see the NJCJ programme bloom, it is being sabotaged!
This is Malaysian soccer for you.
These soccer schools and academies, who compete in the NJCJ, are actually the ones who are keeping Malaysia soccer alive at grassroots level because schools soccer is virtually dead!
(Read here)
 And to think that there are efforts to derail a good thing or see a different hand come into the picture suddenly, is indeed mysterious indeed, to say the least.
It is indeed going to be interesting to see how Hand Print get around this and continue with their good work they have started.
And even more interesting will be to see if the RM50 million Youth Development Road Map gets underway and who will be the people involved. Any guesses?

Top Class Tennis At A Steal!

Malaysian tennis fans are in for treat and missing the Malaysian Open Women Tennis 2010 at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian And Country Resort, would be a crying shame.
The Media were taken on a tour of the venue yesterday morning as last minute finishing touches were being put in for the event which starts with the qualifying rounds on Saturday.
Indeed, it is going to be a treat to see tennis being played in a totally different environment - not behind the four walls of a Stadium, but at a club concept scenario.
It reminded me of the days when the Malaysian Squash Open was played at the Lake Club, where it gave a friendly and personal atmosphere.
There will be three courts - the Centre Court and two match courts. The Centre court can accommodate 2,100 spectators, whereas the match courts will take in 154 spectators.
What is going to be spectacular is one end of the courts has a hill as background with trees.
It certainly looks like tennis is being played in the woods!
Bukit Kiara Equestrian And Country Resort nestled within a 70 acres of lush greenery with its extensive facilities will certainly provide both the players and fans, a home away from home atmosphere.
Carbon Media Management Sdn Bhd - the organiser and promoter of the event - have been working overtime to see the event run without any hitches and in providing both the players and fans a treat.
Indications after the tour was that, they have done a great job and the event will certainly be one to be remembered.
Unlike, most tennis events organised recently, which cost a bomb to get a glimpse of the action and which certainly looked more like money making events, the Malaysian Open Women Tennis 2010, sanctioned by the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM)
Carbon Media have not only got sanction from LTAM, but are paying a substantial sanction fee, which they will be working together with LTAM to utlise for development of tennis in Malaysia.
Besides, the development programme which will be in place through this championship, Carbon are also working in other areas which will be beneficial to LTAM with long term initiatives.
The Malaysian Open will be the Malaysian leg of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour.
Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort will be transformed into a Games Village for the duration of the championship where fans will get to meet the players during the daily autograph session which will be held across the course of the week, as well as participate in a number of fun interactive activities lined up by the sponsors and organisers.
With tickets priced from as little as RM14 with access to both Match Court one (1) and two (2) and from RM24 per day for center court, fans cannot ask for more.
It will little surprise to see many families make it a family outting!
With a fantastic player lineup such as two time Medibank International winner Elena Dementieva, Sabine Lisicki and the success of both Li Na and Zheng Jie making it into the semi-finals of the Australian Open, fans will be assured of top quality matches.
Other players who will feature in The Malaysian Open include:
o Sabine Lisicki (GER) – Champion of 2009 Charleston (Family Circle Cup)
o Melinda Czink (HUN) - Champion 2009 Qu├ębec City (Challenge Bell)
o Magdalena Rybarikova (SVK) – Champion 2009 Birmingham (AEGON Classic)
o Jelena Dokic (AUS) - Grand Slam QF at 2009 Australian Open
o Sania Mirza (IND) - Doubles Champion Grand Slam 2009 Australian Open (w/Bhupathi)
o Kimiko Date Krumm (JPN) - Champion 2009 Seoul (Hansol Korea Open)
o Tamarine Tanasugarn (THA) - Champion 2009 S-Hertogenbosch (Ordina Open)
Others who have confirmed include:

Alisa Kleybanova, Olga Govortsova, Sybille Bammer, Urszula Radwanska, Tatjana Malek, Alberta Brianti, Stefanie Voegele, Marina Erakovic, Akgul Amanmuradova, Chan Yung-Jan, Alla Kudryavtseva, Chang Kai-Chen, Anastasia Rodionova, and Ayumi Morita.

The tickets are extremely affordable! Regular season ticket only costs you RM328!

You can get your tickets via TicketPro outlets or via their ticketing hotline +603 7880 7999 or website.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sawarak the sports hub

S’wak on road to excellence

KUCHING: If only the other states’ sports councils and state governments in the country can emulate Sarawak, Malaysian sports will be placed on a firm footing for the future.
Sarawak is the one State that just do not sit round waiting for handouts from the Federal Government. It initiated many sports programmes on their own.
Yes, they do get assistance from the Federal Government through the National Sports Council’s branch in Kuching, but it is the action-orientated and foresight of the State Sports Council headed by the Minister of the Social Development and Urbanisation Ministry, Dato Sri William Mawan, that has put sports programmes for Sarawak in place.
However, Sarawak’s sport prowess is not recent. Sarawak produced top level athletes as early as the 60s when Kuda Ditta became the first Sarawak-born athlete to qualify for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. Sarawak’s real prowess actually made its mark starting from the late 80s.
Much credit of Sarawak’s rise can be attributed to the hosting of Sukma for the first time here in 2002.
I was there personally as a guest of the Sarawak Sports Council for the pre-Games tour and I covered the Games eventually.
Sarawak emerged as Sukma champions for the first time that year and it was no surprise seeing all the work they had put into the preparation. It was one of the best Games organised and Sarawak raised the bar for the rest to emulate.
The Games also saw sports facilities in the State being improved tremendously. It was an essential ingredient for sports to grow.
Not only had Sarawak emerge as overall champions, but they did better by continuing with their commitment towards excellence in sports, especially at the youth level.
It cannot be denied that the setting up of the Sarawak State Sports Council under the National Sports Council Malaysia Act 1971, Schedule ll (amendments) 1979 which was officially established on October 10th 1985 by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, was what set Sarawak sports in motion.
Among the Sarawak athletes who have done the State proud include the likes of Salomon Ismanto, Bujang Taha, Ballang Lasung, Gladys Chai, Albert Blassan, William Yeo and Suhali Yusuf.
Sarawak’s next generation of athletes emerged with the likes of Jong Nyan Chong, Jessica Lau. Lee Chiew Ha, Suhari Salem, Mazlan Wahid, Shafie Ali, Jackson Ting, and Jonathan Lim.
Among the more famous names to emerge in recent times include Watson Nyambek and Sapok Biki.
Watson has the proud record of having broken the national record for the 100m in 10.46 seconds set by Datuk Dr Mani Jegathesan, when he clocked 10.33s, while Sapok did the nation proud by becoming the first Malaysian ever to win a gold medal in boxing at the Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur in 1998.
Without doubt, Sarawak has an abundance of talent. The question is: who has the task of spotting these talents and nurturing them into international athletes.
Sarawak is certainly not sitting around doing nothing and hoping for talent to emerge.
They have always given sports priority and work hard at it with constant updating in systems, strategies, knowledge and improving sports facilities.
Having realised their initial vision to become a sports powerhouse by 2010, they are now embarking on the journey to the next level to become even more prominent by 2020.
The most recent effort is the appointment of the Australian Business Centre (ABC) as consultants for the State’s Sports Development Master Plan Study in their efforts to become a national and regional sports powerhouse by 2020.
The project involves formulating a comprehensive long-term strategic plan for the State immediately running up to 2020.
More importantly, the State has realised that the move to the next level requires a professional setup and management.
The development programme will involve 40 sports associations and that is a huge task at hand. It will be two prong-attack where besides strengthening the potential high performance sports and looking into proper management, maintenance, promotion and marketing of all existing Stadias and sporting facilities, the future is given equal emphasis with greater grassroots programes and participation, especially at schools.
Private sectors and non-governmental bodies will also be roped in for the State agenda and their involvement, especially in sponsorships will play a key role in the extent of the success of this vision.
Already sports like tenpin bowling and soccer have good programmes in place.
While a national training centre has been set up here for ten-pin bowling, with former national bowler, Jackson Ting in-charge, the Sarawak Football Association, have recently launched a long-term development programme involving schools.
Soccer also has former soccer coach and manager, Alan Vest, from Australia coming regularly as a part-time technical director, to conduct coaching courses to upgrade the level of coaches and impart the latest knowledge on the game.
Diving will also have a Centre of Excellence in place later this year and this recognition of Sarawak’s prowess in the sport.
In the past, Sarawak in their eagerness to upgrade sports in the State, have made some mistakes in engaging the wrong people, but they are certainly wiser and moving in the right direction now.
Other states had better watch out for Sarawak. It is already making an impact at national level in various sports.
The underlying factor in Sarawak’s success story is that they always have long-term plans and have more often than not, got the right people to chart their upward trend.
Sarawak certainly has the right attitude for sports and their persistence to excel, will certainly be seeing many more athletes from the Land of the Hornbills soar to greater heights and do the State and nation proud.

Keep up the good work, Sarawak. Then you will definitely be an example for many states to emulate!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Was in the best interest of sports for China to have been considered for the Youth Olympic Games?

Datuk Sieh Kok Chi below gives his personal views on the selection of Nanjing (China) as the host of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games in 2014:
"At the 122nd International Olympic Council Session on February 10th at the Westin Hotel in Vancouver, the IOC members selected Nanjing (China) over Poznan (Poland) to be the host of the 2nd Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2014, by 47 votes against 42 votes. 

The 1st YOG will be held in Singapore from 14th to 26th August this year. 
After the decision on the Host City for the 125th IOC Session in 2013 which was done in the afternoon after the selecting of Nanjing, many IOC members consoled YAM Tunku Tan Sri Imran ibni Almarhum Tuanku Ja’afar, by saying that Kuala Lumpur’s bid and presentation was outstanding, but unfortunately because Nanjing won the bid to host the 2nd YOG in 2014, it was difficult for the IOC to award both important IOC events to Asia.
(Note:Buenos Aires won the right to host the 125th IOC Session in 2013 over Kuala Lumpur, by 58 votes to 31 votes.)
The logic of the above decision was reasonable and acceptable.  What was difficult to accept was why the 2nd YOG was awarded to Nanjing in the first place. The IOC principle of distributing and sharing prestigious events to every country is very fair and noble.   In addition, one of the basic concepts of the Youth Olympic Games was to allow smaller countries, which have never hosted and would probably have zero chance of hosting the Olympic Games, the opportunity to host YOG.
The award of the 1st Youth Olympic Games to Singapore, gave hopes to smaller countries that they too would have the opportunities to host YOG, by not having to compete against large and powerful sports nations, such as the USA, China, Germany, Great Britain, etc. 
The selection of Nanjing has killed the dreams of the smaller developing countries of ever hosting any Olympic Games, including the Youth Olympic Games.  China has just successfully hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and will be hosting the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou and the Universiade in Shenshen in 2011.  
The 2nd YOG in 2014 in Nanjing, would mean 4 of the world’s biggest and most prestigious Games would be held in China within a period of 7 years (2008 to 2014).  China being a very large and strong country, has at least 10 cities, if not more, which can host any of the Games in the world, from the smallest to the largest at any time.  
Would this be the trend in the future?"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sports Schools Produce Athletes or Nurture Top Athletes?

I am puzzled by a Bernama  report today, (read here), with the heading, Bandar Penawar Sports School A Goldmine To Produce National Athletes.
My understanding of the Bukit Jalil Sports School and Bandar Penawar Sports School, is that the best schoolboy\ and girl athletes for the various sports from schools all over the country, are picked and enrolled to the schools.
Of course, students who think they are good in sports, too can apply, but whether they get a place, is another story entirely.
So, when the best athletes enter the schools at various age levels, how can the school administration claim that they produced the athletes.
Mind you, both the Sports Schools do not have Primary Schools!
To produce means to spot talent from a young age and train them to become top athletes.
However, what the Sports Schools does is to take athletes who are already doing well in their respective sports and nurturing them further by providing better training facilities, coaching and exposure.
Yes, the Sports Schools play their part in developing the athletes to become national athletes, but to take credit that they produced the athletes, is robbing credit from the schools and teachers who spotted them and put them on the path to glory.
It is little wonder that many teachers are not interested in coaching athletes, because more often that not, others take credit for the athletes they had produced.
It is a case of Lembu punya susu, tapt Sapi dapat nama!
Have a heart for the schools and teachers who actually spotted these talent and gave them the foundation.
Maybe it is about time that the Sports Schools give back some form of compensation either in form of sports equipment or cash rewards to schools and teachers, so that they can continue to be the talent scouts for the Sports Schools.
Bandar Penawar Sports School's principal Wan Ibrahim Wan Chik, had said in the Bernama report, that the Media does not report the his school's achievement.
If a School like his - whose job is to nurture top athletes - feels that way, how will the schools and teachers who were actually responsible for there athletes, feel?
Let us give credit to where it is due first, before seeking personal glory! 

Friday, February 12, 2010


Other highlights:
#45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup stories
#Personality: Fatin Syazliana Adi Nasution
# Events: 10th Milo International Junior All Stars/ All Stars Classic/ 37th Penang Pesta International Bowling Championship/Bowling in Singapore/ Milo Shalin Cup/ Piala Remaja Milo Ranking Master Bowling Grand Finals/34th Canon Malaysian National Championship/15th Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling Championship
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SAM Awards 2009 on Feb 20th

The SAM Awards 2009 Ceremony will be held on the 20th February 2010, starting at 10.30am at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya.
The Honourable Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, will be the Guest of Honour for the ceremony.
F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd through the '100Plus ' brand, are the main sponsors for the event.

Excerpts from the Press Release:

"Datuk Lee Chong Wei and Datuk Nicol David, top ranked in their respective sports in the world, have emerged as the front-runners for the SAM-100Plus Awards 2009 which will take place at a leading hotel here on February 20.
Chong Wei and Nicol are among six nominees shortlisted by the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia (SAM).
Other nominees included Malaysian Kierin king and newly crowned world champion, Mohd Azizulhasni Awang (cycling), Daniel Bego (aquatics), Pandelela Rinong & Leong Mun Yee (diving) and women's badminton team which emerged victorious at the recent SEA Games in Laos.
The Athlete of the Year Award will take home RM10,000 in prize money and a trophy.
SAM Members will also be rewarded for their invaluable work. They stand to win a total of RM40,000 in cash prizes for the SAM-KBS Media Awards of which there are a total of seven categories.
The seven categories are for i) best news report - print, ii) commentary, print, iii) best news report - electronic, iv) commentary, electronic, v) special report - print & electronic and vi) photography.
The Overall Award winner - who is chosen from the winners of the six categories - will take home RM7,000 in cash and a trophy. Winner of each of the six categories will receive RM3,000 and a trophy.
All five shortlisted entries from each of the six categories will receive RM500 and a momento.'

Kok Chi deserves better, no matter what!

This blog was never intended to be used to character assassinate any sports officials.
The way things have developed over several postings related to Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and Taekwondo, OCM secretary-general, Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, has been a target for criticism and at times some of the comments went a step further to attack him personally.
However, I would like to think that these comments were made in the best interest of sports and no malice or personal vendettas were linked to it.
I have posted the comments in good faith, but I must apoligise to Datuk Sieh if he has been 
embarrassed in anyway. That was certainly not my intention when I cleared the comments to be posted.
I just wanted to see a healthy discussion, in the best interest of sports.
In all fairness to Datuk Sieh, he does not deserve most of the flak leveled at him.
I have known Datuk Sieh from day one, when he was took over from Thong Poh Nyen in 1992 and even before.
Datuk Sieh is passionate about sports and has always worked for the sports.
Any other person is position would have been tempted to abuse his position for his own benefit.
However, maybe over the years, Datuk Sieh, because of his age and long-winded in his address, many are beginning to think that he is becoming irrelevant or dismiss him.
But Datuk Sieh is very rich in Malaysian sports and its culture. He is bank of wisdom when he speaks about sports. He is a respected figure worldwide in the sports fraternity.
However, just because he is getting old and may not match up to the standards of the young and upcoming sports officials, he certainly does not deserve to be dismissed rudely.
At least give him the respect for his age and wisdom.
It is very common in this world to forget all the good things done in the past and only remember the few mistakes made.
As Divine in his comment posted in this blog had said: "Kok Chi is only human. He is bound to make mistakes."
Yes, we are all human.
We are all living in glass houses and it will be foolish to throw stones at others.
Maybe, Datuk Sieh has served past his time and he should gracefully step down. I am sure he is aware of the situation and will make his announcement in due course.
But in the meantime, let us not ridicule him and forget all the services he has rendered.
And also let us not regret later with a new secretary-general, who cannot match up to Datuk Sieh.
Yes, there are many capable candidates, but it is hoped that whoever takes up the position eventually, does not abuse the seat, but takes up the seat with sports at heart.
And it is also hoped that OCM will still be a place where Ali, Ah Chong, Alagapa, Adrian and Ajitpal, can all walk into, get fair treatment and have the feeling that it is a home for Malaysians!
I am sure there will be many sending in comments saying otherwise of Datuk Sieh, but hold your horses!
One day, you might get old and someone will throw the same stones at you.
Always appreciate what has been done. If there needs to be a change, there is always a platform to bring it up and make the changes, if necessary.
I am not taking sides here, but merely respecting a veteran sports administrator who is very knowledgeable and above all passionate about sports.

Just to side track, I remember the days of Abdullah Marzuki (MSSM secretary-general), A. Vaithilingam (now Datuk, former Selangor Schools Sports Council secretary-general - right) and the late S. Balachandran (then Federal Territory Schools Sports Council secretary-general), who were doing so much work for schools sports.
The reporters then, (including me), on numerous occasions have taken them to task on several issues, where we felt that they could have done better on several matters.
Now looking back against the present sports officials in schools, these gentlemen were 100 times better, efficient, passionate and dedicated to their job.
They made what schools sports was in the 70s and 80s.
Out they went and so did schools sports!
I just hope the same will not happen to OCM.
Whatever said, OCM has been a solid body for sports in Malaysia, despite their limitations.
There are other bodies who can do much more with their means, but less said of them, the better!
Of course OCM can always raise its bar and should. Let us hope that that the new generation of officials can achieve that and not fall behind current standards.

And  as a parting shot, I agree that Datuk Naim Mohamad, the MNCF deputy president , is a good candidate to replace Datuk Sieh.

Datuk Naim is a down to earth man, with no personal agendas, who is well liked and respected by the sports fraternity.
Of course, there are many other candidates, but I am sure the delegates know best and will pick the right candidate based on merit and ability to carry out the duties.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news for Taekwondo Malaysia?

This piece of news was sent to this blog under the name "Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF)": :
Good news for all Taekwondo fans. Take a peek at the WTF website at and under heading of members, Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF), does that mean the WTF has recognised Taekwondo Malaysia and in record short time too.

Member National Associations Country (Yer of Affiliation) = 43 Members
Afghanistan (1993) Bahrain (1977) Bangladesh (1999)
Bhutan (1985) Brunei Darussalam (1973) Cambodia (1995)
China (1995) Chinese Taipei (1974) Hong Kong (1978)
India (1979) Indonesia (1975) Iran (1975)
Iraq (1984) Japan (1981) Jordan (1979)
Kazakhstan (1993) Korea (1973) Kuwait Judo & Taekwondo Federa... (1977)
Kyrgyzstan (1993) Laos (1996) Lebanon (1978)
Macao (2002) Malaysia (1975) Mongolia (1991)
Myanmar (1990) Nepal (1983) Oman (2010)
Pakistan (1977) Palestine (1989) Philippines (1973)
Qatar (1977) Saudi Arabia (1977) Singapore (1975)
Sri Lanka (1983) Syria (2000) Tajikistan (1995)
Thailand (1975) Timor-Leste (2009) Turkmenistan (2000)
United Arab Emirates (1994) Uzbekistan (1992) Vietnam (1989)
Yemen (1988)