Monday, July 26, 2010

Security at its height

 Mobile phones may be jammed at CWG venues
Press Trust of India
 Security agencies are mulling the option of installing mobile phone jammers at Commonwealth Games venues to thwart any possible terror strike.

Sources said the step is being considered in view of the threat to the fortnight-long sporting extravaganza from terrorist groups which may try to use mobile phones to trigger explosives as they have done on several occasions in the past.
There has been no credible threat so far but the government is taking every pre-emptive precaution, sources said.
Each of the 13 competition venues for the Commonwealth Games will have a three-tier security ring and special arrangements will be made to transport the athletes to and from the Games Village with helicopters carrying commando snipers keeping an eye on the convoys below.
This is to prevent a repeat of the Lahore attack of March 2009 in which militants shot at and injured Sri Lankan cricketers touring Pakistan.
To ensure fleet security, each of the 574 vehicles used for ferrying athletes across the city will have to undergo a mandatory anti-sabotage clearance every morning before athletes board it.
The Government has already sanctioned Rs 330 crore for procurement of high-tech weapons and gadgets, armoured vehicles, close circuit television cameras, metal detectors, bomb disposal equipment and protective gear for chemical and biological attacks.
Over 10,000 athletes from 71 countries, and 5 lakh spectators are expected in Delhi for the Commonwealth Games between October 3 and 14.

Level-Field says: Wonder how is the Media going to operate! Anyway, the Media had better be prepared for a harrowing time here in Delhi! It is going to be a nightmare from entry to venues, distances to walk before reaching Media centres at the venues, numerous checks, banned items - even coins!, transportation, you name it, you will have problems. Patience and tolerance will be tested to the maximum here and be prepared for flare-ups! And now the jamming of hand phones!  Have tried my best to make things better and easier for the Media here, but it looks impossible, although some issues have been resolved or being look into. So please come with a very, very open mind and tons of patience and tolerance!

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