Sunday, January 31, 2010

Backroom for sports in schools

This story appeared in the Eastern Times today.

Schools sports taking a backseat ... for now
By Tony Mariadass
KUCHING: The whole nation is abuzz that the Malaysian Schools Sports Council’s (MSSM) annual budget is cut from RM6 million to RM1.5 million, and that from the annual 24 sports organised at the national-level, only 13 will be held this year.
However, despite the sports fraternity and parents outcry, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Youth and Sports have not responded positively to try to reinstate all the sports dropped.
Among the 13 sports that will be organised this year by MSSM are artistic gymnastics, gymrama, golf, swimming, athletics, badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, football, tennis and hockey.
There are further exclusions in the sports - except for artistic gymnastics, gymrama, swimming and athletics. The others will not see their Under-15 category organised.
Schools sports are organised at Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 age group level.
The eleven sports given the axe include key sports in Malaysia -bowling, squash and archery. Others are table tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, softball, handball, cross country and chess.
The decision will drastically affect several sports that Sarawak excels in.
Among them are sports that have been totally omitted from the MSSM calendar this year, namely bowling, rugby and squash.
Then the exclusion of Under-15 category in football, hockey, badminton, netball, basketball and volleyball, which are popular in Sarawak, will see their development hampered.
The reason given for the drastic cut is the cutback on funds, which is across the board in all Ministries.
However, the irony is that while there is a cut in domestic grassroots sports, a whopping RM5.5 million will be spent by MSSM to organise the inaugural Asian Schools Sports in Kuala Lumpur.
One wonders, why spend on organising an Asean level championship, when at home, there is inadequate funds.
Another puzzling issue is that fact, that RM10 million was allocated by the Government for soccer development following the National Under-23 team’s success in the recent SEA Games in Laos where triumph came after a 20-year wait.
The Under-15 schools’ tournament that is very much part of development is scrapped because of lack of funds, but RM10 million is allocated for a development programme.
Could not RM5 million be allocated to the schools sports, which is the heartbeat of the future of Malaysian sports?
All these do not make sense and one wonders what the rationale of the decisions is. Physical Education and schools sports activities have of late already taken a backseat and that explains the decline of Malaysian sports in general.
With the move, it is further going to handicap Malaysian sports in the long run.  National Sports Associations (NSAs) have been approached by MSSM to organise the sports that have been axed this year, and several NSAs who have always worked closely with MSSM have already indicated that they will be organising the national championships.
One such association is the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress (MTBC) which have always been passionate about grassroots development.
However, the question is what will happen to many of the sports that were axed by MSSM at the State and district level?
Who is going to organise the events at that level? Not all the State Schools Sports Councils have the means.
Selangor Schools Sports Council (SSSC) were among the few who had said that they will continue organise sports at the State level despite the sports being dropped at the national level by MSSM .
Sarawak, probably is among the luckier states, where Sarawak State Sports Council is proactive and have always emphasised on grassroots developments.
And example is the five-year football development plan run by the Sarawak State Sports Council working closely with State Education Department.
The idea to organise Under-16 School Development League is timely now with the Under-15 soccer tournament dropped by MSSM. This programme should do better than MSSM programme, if it is run on League format over several months with matches played over weekends.
This will ensure continued training for longer periods and playing many competitive matches - which is root of development. Sarawak has undoubtedly over the years produced many top sportsmen and women and should be recognised as a sporting hub for the nation.
The fact that Sarawak has been recognised for aquatics and that world-class facilities are being built, is a stepping stone for the State to be recognised as a sporting hub.
The State-of-art aquatic centre, which is expected to be ready this year, came about after the outstanding performance of aquatics at the Laos SEA Games last month where a total of 15 gold medals was won, with swimming delivering nine and diving six.
Those in the current national aquatics squad from Sarawak are swimmer Daniel Bego and divers Bryan Nickson Lomas, Pandalela Rinong and Traisy Vivien.
Daniel was the pride of the nation when he emerged as the top male medal winner for the country, with a sensational five-gold haul.  The 20-year-old broke four Games records, including a longest existing 14-year-old mark in the 400m freestyle.
Daniel Bego, a fortnight ago also bagged the Coca Cola Olympian of the Year Award for Male athlete at the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Indoor Sports Arena in Kuala Lumpur. Daniel, the star performer in the pool with five gold medals also won the best male athlete award of the 25th edition of the Games.
The 20-year-old broke four Games records, including a longest existing 14-year-old mark in the 400m freestyle.
It was the second time that Daniel picked up the Olympian award after 2007.
Daniel and all the other swimmers are all products of grassroots development and did not emerge overnight.
Sarawak certainly has tremendous potential to hog the limelight at national and international in several sports and it will indeed be a pity if grassroots sports are neglected by MSSM.
With schools sports having taken a backseat for this year, the Sarawak State Sports Council and Sarawak Schools Sports Council should take the initiative to ensure that Sarawak sports remain relevant for the future, with their own programmes.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hornets nest stirred?

The  comment below was left by Zainal Hashim in my blog titled:
"Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports PLEASE!": 
The figures have been edited based on lasted data from the Ministry of Education website. Zainal means business and he is definitely not the lone voice out there. I allow you to make the conclusions. Read on.....

I have created a group in Facebook called "SAVE MALAYSIAN SCHOOL SPORTS AND MALAYSIAN SPORT FUTURE. Based on a posting from this Blog, there are 2,959.092 Primary School and 2,331,901 Secondary School Children in the country and it sums up to 5,445,675 school going children. Add that to one half of the parents, which would be another 2,722,832 and we will come to a grand total of 8,125,440, which is 30% of the total of 27 million population of Malaysia. Lets say that only 40% of these 8,013,815 millions have access to computer, and out of that 40% have Facebook account. Can anyone tell me the answer?????Yes………correct…the answer is 3,205,526 school going children and one half of the parent. If we can hit 500,000 members in this group by end of February, literally we would be sending signals to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports that they have failed their KPI. Isn’t KPI what our Prime Minister wants? If we manage to hit ONE MILLION members by end of February 2010, these people better empty their table and leave the Ministry. You have been voted out of your job, by the PEOPLE!To all journalist, blogger, readers of the Blog and all TRUE Malaysians, please join the group, If you do not have a Facebook account, create one but please join us!!!!

Four years down the road and still not resolved!

Taekwondo: MTA floored again


THE Malaysian Taekwondo Association (MTA) has been been dealt another blow in its bid to get reinstated as a national body.

The Sports Commissioner's office, in a statement yesterday, said MTA's appeal was rejected by Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek on Jan 18.
Following the MTA's suspension on March 18, 2009, an ad-hoc committee took over the former's role. It is chaired by Olympic Council of Malaysia president, Tunku Imran Tuanku Ja'afar.
The committee comprises representatives from OCM, Sports Ministry, National Sports Council, Education Ministry, MTA, Malaysian Taekwondo Federation and Malaysian Taekwondo Club Association.
As the issue remains unsolved the Sports Commissioner has decided to dissolve the ad-hoc committee. In its place, will be a pro-tem committee to be registered as a replacement body for MTA with the role of overseeing all taekwondo activities. 

This is the report which appeared in the New Straits Times today.

There was also some comments made on this blog regarding taekwondo over the last few days and have extracted part of one comment and it reads:

I want to talk about the pathethic state of affairs of Taekwando today.
Taekwando at one point was a popular sports in Malaysia and they have a very healthy program. What happened?
OCM decided that because of the warring faction between the 3 bodies or is it 4 bodies MTA,MTF,and the Clubs, OCM came in took over their affairs and tried to form an umbrella body. OCM President was the ad hoc chairman.
Let me ask you, what happened to this ad hoc committee formed by OCM? You know the answer, nothing and the Games was kicked out of SUKMA.
Let me ask you , why did OCM interferred into matters that does not concern them. Now that they have adopted a hot potato and realise that they cannot handle the situation, they decided to drop it and blame it on Taekwando.

I am sad that the issue had been dragged for so long and the one suffering are the exponents.
But officials of taekwando from MTA do not seem to be bothered about that because they are more interested about themselves and their powers.
I would like here to say that I by chance was personally involved in trying  to resolve this issue four years ago.
I am not taking any sides here, but based on my personal experience, I am merely stating my personal observations and feelings on the matter.

But several meetings with all parties concerned - MTA, Malaysian Teakwondo Federation (MTF) and Malaysian Taekwondo Club Association(MTCA)  - the consensus was reached that in the interest of the sports, that all three Associations will be dissolved and a new Association will be formed with representation of all three parties.
However, after all the agreement, when it came to the crux of the matter at a meeting with the then Sports Commissioner, Tan Sri Elyas Omar, it was back to square one - stalemate!
So what happened?
In all fairness to MTF and MTCA, they readily agreed to dissolve their Associations and join the new Association with a fair representation for their respective body.

However, one official from MTA suddenly changed his tune and was the stumbling block and the meeting ended in another stalemate!
This same official recently had agreed for MTA to be suspended and an Ad-Hoc committee to be named by the Sports Commissioner, which eventually saw Olympic Council of Malaysia president, Tunku  Tan Sri Imran  Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar, named as the ad-hoc committee chairman.
Now another scenario has emerged - the State Taekwondo Associations of Selangor, Pahang, Penang, Sarawak and Terengganu, are against the formation of the new Association.
It is learnt that there is a meeting this Friday to once and for all to find out the grouses of these States and persuade them stand down and resolve the issues at hand.
Failing which, it is learnt a group of taekwondo enthusiasts from these States who are really interested to resolve the issues of the sport, will form a new  State organisation and get themselves registered with the Sports Commissioner's Office and eventually, join the new national Taekwondo Association.

An insider in the sports said that this time around, the problems of Taekwondo will be resolved once and for all.
It is about time.
It is sincerely hoped that for the love and interest of sports, rather than personal and vested interest, everyone concerned with work together for one common cause - the interest of the sports and the athletes!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports PLEASE!

Rest assured that the 11 sports drop from the MSSM calendar and several other sports, which saw their Under-15 category being dropped, have no chance of being reinstated this year.
The Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has said more than a week ago that he has no knowledge of the cut in MSSM's annual budget from RM 6 million to RM1.5 and that 11 sports have been axed.
However, nothing has surfaced after that or any mention of him intervening to save the situation.
Then, National Sports Assocaitions (NSAs) of sports dropped by MSSM were called for a meeting by the Sports Division of the Education Ministry and asked to help out to organise the events.
However, the NSAs made an appeal so that these sports are reinstated and organised by MSSM.
Some of these NSAs officials are hoping for a reply to their request, but it could well be a wait in futile, as it is already the end of January and February will be gone before you can wink your eyelid with the Chinese New celebrations and all.

Then yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek gives his take on the situation, where he seems to have accepted the cut in monetary aid and axing of the sports as temporary measure.
(Read here what malay mail's Haresh Deol has written after meeting with the good Sports Minister after he trained out the new laid tennis court at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort, the venue for the WTA International Malaysia Open from Feb 22-28.)
One year of non activity of the respective sports dropped by MSSM, would virtually bury them for good, for come next year, they will be forgotten conveniently.
Ministry officials will be saying, if we can live without the sports for a year, we might as well drop them for good.
I really cannot understand how grassroots sports at schools can be ignored, when Malaysia is supposed to be a sporting nation with big ambitions of excelling at the highest level and that the top guns are not lifting a finger to save the situation.
If they only know the gravity of the whole situation, they will not be taking things at such leisure.
For starters, the situation has really angered the parents.
The bigger picture is that finally the grave has been dug to bury Malaysian sports once and for all. All that is left is to get the coffin and plant the final nails in!
We can have all sorts from development programmes from England, USA or Europe, but once you neglect schools sports - the base of of the pyramid to success, the nation is doomed.
We were already heading in that path with less and less priority given to Physical Education and schools sports activities over the years. 
The payback time for the sins committed for neglecting grassroots sports are already on the wall with the dwindling standards of Malaysian sports currently and now we have decided to bury Malaysian sports for good.
Let us not even talk about sports excellence. What about the health factor and sports for all.
It is really mind boggling how things have come to this stage.
Several NSAs of sports axed by MSSM have indicated that they will organise the national championships. Kudos to them!
But who is going to organise the district and state championships? Where are the funds going to come from. What has happened to the Games Fee paid by each pupil?

A few State Sports Councils who have the means had said that they will continue to organise despite no national championships.
However, with the sports scene in schools is in such a mess and no uniformity, I dread to think of what Malaysian sports will be in a few more years down the road.
I am on the verge of giving up on Malaysian sports, but my passion for it tells me, I should not throw in the towel just yet.
However, it is no secret that schools sports is heading for the cliffs and being pushed against the wall. 
Everything points to a no return point, unless someone has the sense to save it NOW!
Is it wishful thinking again?


MSSM"s budget for 2010 has been slashed from RM 6 million to RM 1.5.
As a result of this measure, ONLY 13 sports will be organised by MSSM at the national level and  they are artistic gymnastics, gymrama, golf, swimming, athletics, badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, football, tennis and hockey.
On top of that, all the sports, except for artistic gymnastics, gymrama, swimming and athletics, will not have the Under-15 age group.
Schools sports are organised at Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 age group level.
The eleven sports given the axe include sports which are key sports in Malaysia -bowling, squash and archery.  
The others axed are table tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, softball, handball, cross country and chess.
While sports are cut because of lack of funds at the MSSM level, the inaugural Asian Schools Sports is organised by MSSM to a tune of RM 5.5 million!


Among the other recommendations that was derived from the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Conference for the Strategic Plan for 2011-2016 on Saturday, was that the former must engage and have close rapport with the Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
It is not that OCM have not been doing this, but it was merely underlined in the Conference of the importance of a good relation in the best interest of sports in the country.
After all, Malaysian sports receive a great deal of funding from the Government, through their agency - the National Sports Council (NSC).
However, OCM president, Tunku Tan Sri Imran Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar, told the participants of the Conference that attempts and efforts have been made to meet Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, but the latter has not met them yet.
Ahmad Shabery assumed his portfolio as the Youth and Sports Minister on April 10, 2009. It has been nine months now and he has yet to meet OCM formally.
Understandably, Ahmad Shabery is a very busy man having to take care of both youth and sports.
He also has to fly overseas for many international meetings, Games and arranging training stints and development programmes.
Maybe, OCM does not list among his priorities in his long list of things to do in his tenure as the Sports Minister.
However, just to point out, among the objectives, role and programmes listed by OCM include:

2. Objectives of the Olympic Council of Malaysia
2.1.3 To act as the co-coordinating body for all sporting organisation in Malaysia. 

3. Role of the Olympic Council of Malaysia
3.2 Collaborate with the NSAs, government agencies, and IOC for the development and training of athletes, coaches, technical officials and sports administrators for competitive sports as well as sport for all. 

5. The Programmes of the Olympic Council of Malaysia
5.1 provide services, advice and assistance to the NSAs and to other sport organizations. 

For the record, OCM under their umbrella have 34 affiliates (National Sports Associations) and 16 NSAs who are Associate Members.

Surely engaging OCM, will give the Sports Minister an insight on the goings on with NSAs and a platform to address issues more effectively.
Not too long ago too, when Datuk Ahmad Shabery had paid a visit to the National Press Club (NPC) and met its members over dinner and had an informal discussion on Malaysian sports, he had promised to meet all Sports Editors and journalists in a fortnight's time for a forum to discuss Malaysian sports in-depth and exchange ideas to improve Malaysian sports standards. He had even instructed his Special Officer to arrange for the meeting.
I may be wrong, but I do not think that has happened either.
Yes, he met the Sportswriters Association of Malaysia members (SAM), but media personnel who met him that night at the NPC, were not present.
But to be fair to the Sports Minister, he probably has his hands full and is trying to juggle his time to hear and please everyone.
So let us all be patient!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Facts prove a majority of the NSAs have to buck up

Sports Commissioner Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof revealed some startling facts at the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) Conference on Saturday, that proved that a majority of the National Sports Associations (NSAs) did not have their house in order.

More often than not, the Sports Commissioner's Office comes under criticisms for their high handedness and not being friendly to NSAs.
However, after Datuk Nik spoke on Sunday, it must be pointed out that it has been a misconception of his office.

On the other hand, facts revealed by Datuk Nik, clearly underlined that many NSAs were either inefficient or just treated the Sports Commissioner's Office lightly.

For starters NSAs who are required under the 2nd schedule of the Sports Act to submit their annual returns, many have not been cooperative or failed to do so.

Below are the statistics:
Year         Overall %    NSAs   Affiliates  Complete returns/Not complete
2006           29.67%     44.79%        59%           70%                30%
2007           29%          48.5%          70%            61%               39%
2008           33.65%     81.3%            n/a             n/a                n/a
2009           34.04%     56.7%           44%          60%                40%

All NSAs are required to resubmit their constitutions to the Sports Commissioner's Office.
Below are the statistics of those who have complied.

Of the 34 NSAs under OCM only 5 or 14.7% have submitted their new Constitution following the guidelines set by the Commissioner's Office
This means that 29 NSAs or 85.3% have not submitted their Constitutions to the Commissioner's Office.

Datuk Nik Yusof in his address on Sunday had underlined that the Constitution is nerve or heart of any organisation.
"The mission, objectives, mechanism, rules, do and don'ts are listed in the Constitution," said Nik Yusof.
"It is the lack or non existence of all these guidelines in the respective Constitution of the NSAs that is the main course of conflicts in NSAs," he added.

Nik Yusof then revealed the number of officer bearers in NSAs and their affiliates.
The figure is as below:
              Male        Female           Total

NSAs    1,454          185                 1,639
State     7,356         1007                8,362

Nik Yusof went on to say that besides OCM who conduct training, workshops and seminars for sports management, the Sports Commissioner's Office too have their own programmes.

Below Nik Yusof listed out the number of sports personnel who have attended their programmes.
2006      2007        2008     2009     Total 

691        1075       862        743      3,371

Nik Yusof said that less than 3% of the total officer bearers have attended their courses annually.
That only means that sports officials are really not interested to be equipped with the tools and knowledge to administer professionally.

Finally, Nuk Yusof said that it is not that the Sports Commissioner's Office have taken over disputes of NSAs.
"All NSAs have their own arbitrary procedures and only when this process is exhausted that they can come to the Sports Commissioner's Office. However, we have had a few cases who come to us directly and after our investigations that cases cannot be resolved, we try to help," said Nik Yusof.
"However, from immediate effect, we will not handle any more disputes unless directed by the Sports Minister," revealed Nik Yusof.
This is the breakdown of  cases which have come to the Sports Commisioner's Office:

                          2006           2007           2007         2008
No of appeals    15                15               9                7

National             n/a                8                5                2

State                  n/a                6                4                 5

With the statistics revealed, everything points that a majority of NSAs are not properly managed and it is little surprise that we have some many nitty-gritty problems still surfacing up after so many years of NSAs being in existence.
It is also little wonder that we are not realising the true potential of our athletes, because the majority of the NSAs themselves are not properly managed, with many having personality clashes quarrels among themselves.
There is so much infighting in NSAs that they have forgot that they are there in the Associations to serve the athletes and not to promote or make gains for themselves.
When there several NSAs who managing their associations managing well and professionally, one wonders, why the rest cannot follow suit.
Above all, it is the NSAs who are governed well with hands-on, knowledgeable and innovative leaders, that keeps on producing the results in their respective sporting arena.
There is millions of ringgit being pumped into sports from the government and sponsors, the returns in achievement does not quantify and justify the amount.
While athletes should also be taken to task for their lackadaisical attitude despite being given the best, NSAs first should get their house in order, so that they gain the respect of the athletes.

It is still early in 2010. Let us all who love sports and want to keep it pure, stand up and be counted to make a difference this year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

DPM is UNAWARE of 11 sports excluded in the MSSM calendar this year!

The Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, is NOT aware of the cut of 11 sports from the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) annual 24 sports calendar they organise at national level for Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18.
This was disclosed by Tunku Tan Sri Imran Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar in his closing address at the one-day Olympic Council of Malaysia's (OCM) Conference, to determine OCM's strategic plan for 2011-2016,  yesterday evening at the Wisma OCM.
The sports fraternity have been shocked with news of the cut of annual national level sports to be organised because of the annual budget cut from RM 6 million to RM 1.5.

Tunku Imran a firm believer of grassroots development, had naturally expressed his disappointment of the exclusion of 11 sports and the cut of annual budget, to the DPM when he was the guest of honour at the Olympian Night on Jan 16, at the Wisma OCM.
"When I mentioned about the cut of sports in schools, he was totally surprised," revealed Tunku Imran yesterday.
Tunku said Muhyiddin's response was: "How can that be. Here I am talking about making sports a policy in schools and here they have cut the number of sports organsied in schools. I am not aware of this."
So who is this person who is more powerful than Muhyiddin to have taken the decisions without even consultation or briefing the Education Minister?

Just to recap, the 13 sports which will be organised are artistic gymnastics, gymrama, golf, swimming, athletics, badminton, netball, basketball, volleyball, sepak takraw, football, tennis and hockey. On top of that, all the sports, except for artistic gymnastics, gimrama, swimming and athletics, will not have the Under-15 age group.
The eleven sports given the axe include sports which key sports in Malaysia -bowling, squash and archery.  
The others axed are table tennis, rugby, cricket, sailing, softball, handball, cross country and chess.
I somewhat had a hunch that Muhyiddin was not aware of what was going on in MSSM. In my earlier blog, I had asked:
 So what is happening. Why all the denials? Is the Minister of Education, the Deputy Prime Minister himself, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, aware of the situation.
Muhyiddin last month had said that he want to make sports a policy in school. In June he had said that more teachers specialised in sports will be trained and placed in schools.
(read here)

So will heads roll? Will all the sports be organised now? I really do not know.
However, Malaysian Cricket Association, secretary-general, Sivanandan Chinnadurai, who was a panel member at the OCM Conference, said that he had attended a meeting called by the Ministry of Education last week with regards to the cut in number of sports organised and an appeal was made for all sports to be organised.
"The various sports associations called for the meeting had appealed for all 24 sports to be organised and they have told us that they will get back to us," said Sivanandan.
"Let us wait for their reply."
It is a wonder that Sivaandan actually has hope that a reply is forthcoming. When? The school term has already began and the sports calendar is already in motion.
The only hope is for Muhyiddin to put his foot down and get everything back as status quo.
Will that happen?
Your guess is as good as mine!

OCM's Strategic Plan for 2011-2016

IT was hilarious at times, ridiculous at other times and then shocking, but finally some sense was made out of the Olympic Council of Malaysia's one-day Conference to get feedback from National Sports Associations (NSAs) and relevant parties, to draft a Strategic Plan for 2011-2016. 
That at a Conference which had a clear objective on the cards, so many of them were off topic and were discussing funding issues and housekeeping matters, was indeed hilarious, ridiculous and shocking.

Several were taking a dig at the Media for not giving the coverage for their respective sports, while some blamed the media for their shortcomings.
Others were blaming sponsors for not giving enough to them not being able to carry out their activities.
Many were asking for funds from the Government and OCM to run their association and activities.

Then, we had someone take to task their leaders of their associations, when they were the very ones who had brought them in!

They simply failed to look at themselves in the mirror and ask what they can do to better themselves and give the sports, instead of using the sports for their own individual gains.

However, things were put into perspective in afternoon session when panelist, a former teacher, Sports Ministry official, soccer coach and administrator, Datuk Peter Velappan and Malaysia Lawn Bowl Federation's, secretary-general, Ramble Dallan Rice-Oxley, between them, showed what the strategic plan should be for OCM.
While Peter spoke in detail about grassroots development and how OCM should take charge of its affiliates, Ramble, spoke of how a well run association with proper vision and mission in place and professional administration and governance, success can be achieved, even if their sports is not the popular sports.

Basically, after listening to what several sports officials spoke in the morning, it was clearly evident that many sports associations do not have a clue how to manage their associations and were just waiting for handouts to carry out their activities.
It was also evident that many associations all started to build their houses from the pinnacle and not from the base.
Of course, there were some associations who have established themselves with proper management and governance. But the majority needed to get their houses in order.
To make matters worse, many National Sports Associations failed to attend the Conference. Then, in the afternoon session, from the filled hall in the morning, it was two-third empty.
That alone underlines the seriousness of many sports associations and what they are capable of doing for Malaysian sports.
Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, last week when he attended the Olympian Night, had said that OCM have to take charge and mean business with the NSAs. Muhyiddin was spot-on.
OCM has to start being cruel to be kind to NSAs if they are to do Malaysian sports a favour.
OCM president, Tunku Tan Sri Imran Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar, summarised the day's session well and listed out the areas which will be their Strategic Plan for 2011-2016.
It is just hoped that this Plan, after being discussed further and passed by the OCM Board, does not remain in the shelves of OCM, but is carried out to make an impact.
It is time to walk the talk.

Whatever said and done, it was very evident from the Conference, that the majority of the NSAs have a great deal to be blamed for the current state of Malaysian sports.
The truth may hurt, but Sports Commissioner, Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof's revelation just before the close of the Conference, clearly underlined that the majority of  NSAs were far from ready, to be running sports in the country.
Tunku Imran's reaction to Datuk Nik's revelation was: "This is shocking. I never knew that NSAs were weak and complacent."
What did Datuk Nik reveal?
It is indeed shocking and it will be posted in my next posting.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two year wait for a title ends for Aaron and Li Jane

Penang’s Aaron Kong and Perak’s Sin Li Jane won the Men and Ladies Open Masters title respectively at the 34th Canon Malaysian National Bowling championship at the Sunway Megalanes last night.

  It was night where the top seeds of the match play finals and defending champions of both the Men and Ladies category fell aside.
Even before the match play was rolled off where the top eight bowlers after the final rounds of the Masters final qualified after playing ten games, Ladies defending champion, Siti Safiyah Amirah failed to make the cut when she finished tenth out the 12 bowlers in the final rounds.
Then as the top seed qualifiers for the match play – Men’s Adrian Ang and Ladies’ Sharon Koh – lost out in the semifinals, it was left to Men’s defending  champion, Muhd Syafiq Ridhwan Abdul Malek to carry the challenge.
But Syafiq, a member of the Elite national team,  also was felled when fellow national bowler, Aaron beat him in the final over two games – 204-163 and 202-182.

In the Ladies final, 18-year-old Li Jane from Perak and a member of the National Back-up Elite, had to bring out her best to beat Penang’s Fatin Syazliana, also member of the National Back-up Elite, squad over three games.
Fatin set the pace with a first game victory over Li Jane with a 246-218 game, before the latter came back to defeat Fatin in a close match of 229-207.
The decider was nerve wrecking in the first few frames, before Li Jane pulled away to win 215-175.
Aaron won RM 7,000 for his win, while Li Jane picked up RM3,000. Syafiq collected RM3,000 while Fatin pocketed RM1,500.
In the Men's semifinals, Aaron who qualified for the Masters as the sixth seed, had defeated fellow Penangite, fellow national bowler and top seed, Adrian Ang  186-216; 227-239.
In the other semifinals, Syafiq had to draw into his reserved to defeat fourth seed Kelvin Keong 224-188; 184-202; 243-200.
In the Ladies semifinals  Li Jane who was the second seed had also to bowl a deciding game to defeat fourth seed Wendy Chai 236-203; 214-222; 237-189.
In the other semifinals, Fatin also had to go into the deciding game to defeat top seed Sharon Koh 173-168-; 260-212; 224-213. 
For both Aaron and Li Jane, an individual title was long over due – two years to be exact.
Aaron won his last title in 2008 at the World Youth championship in  Orlando, USA, where he won the Masters and team title.
As for Li Jane, she last won in 2008 too at the 4th Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championship in Belfast, Ireland, where she won the singles and Masters title and the Milo Junior All-Stars title.

“I have been fed up of being just a team bowler and not being able to win an individual title since 2008. But more importantly, I wanted to really do well here and start my New Year on a good note, because I want to make the team for the Men's World Championship in Germany and Asian Games in China,” said Aaron of what motivated him to rise to the occasion.
“The competition in the national team is keen and if I was not going to win individual titles, then I could be facing the axe for these two important championships," said the 24-year-old lanky Aaron.

“I am glad that I have won the National title and hope that it is the beginning of better things for me this year."
Li Jane on the other hand, was simply overwhelmed by her victory.
“This is simply great. It has been a long time since I won and just want to cherish this moment,” said Li Jane who had qualified for the Masters last year too as the top seed, but lost in the semifinals.
“The win is even meaningful because I had to bowl against many top national bowlers and have made it to the top.
“However, I am not going to get carried away with this victory because the competition is very keen and anyone of the bowlers can win a title anytime.
“I just want to use this victory to boost my morale and work even harder to do well in other tournaments.”
Indeed the result was a surprise to many as many of the top national men and women bowlers dropped out in the process.
However, it is healthy for the sports, as everyone is kept on their toes and there is no room for complacency. Besides the emergence of new and young talent further is a plus point for the sports.

(1st Seed) Adrian Ang bt (8) Kang Bo Long – 215-180; 193-189

(2nd Seed) Mohd Syafiq Rahman bt (7) Muhd Nur Aiman 212-151; 202-173
(3rd Seed) Zulmazaran Zulkifli lost to (6) Aaron Kong 204-214; 180-269
(4th Seed) Mohammed Zaim lost to (5) Kelvin Keong 213-260;212-222
(1st Seed) Adrian Ang lost to (6) Aaron Kong  186-216; 227-239
(2nd Seed) Mohd Syafiq Ridhwan  beat (5) Kelvin Keong 224-188; 184-202; 243-200
(1st Seed) Mohd Syafiq Ridhwan  lost to (6) Aaron Kong  165-204; 182-202

Champion: Aaron Kong (National Elite team – Penang)

(1st Seed) Sharon Koh bt (8) Yap Wi Yin 289-191; 279-216
(2nd Seed) Sin Li Jane bt (7) Zatil Iman 185-162;195-180
(3rd Seed) Nur Syakirah Yeoh lost to (6) Fatin Syazliana 223-188; 189-224; 213-248
(4th Seed) Zandra Aziela lost to (5) Wendy Chai 191-203; 228-207; 200-204
(1st Seed) Sharon Koh lost to (6) Fatin  Syazliana 168-173; 260-212; 213-224
(2nd Seed) Sin Li Jane beat (4) Wendy Chai  236-203; 214-222; 237-189
(2nd Seed) Sin Li Jane beat (6) Fatin Syazliana 218-246; 229-207; 215-175

Champion: Sin Li Jane (National Back-up Elite – Perak)

All pictures for Interstate and National championship by Terence Yaw using Canon EOS 450D

Patience pay dividends for Aris and Kar Yen

Patience and persistence was the key word in both the Boys and Girls Open Masters winners, Sarawak’s Aris Ardila Santosoh  and Kuala Lumpur’s Hee Kar Yen.

Aris member of the national youth team, finally earned Sarawak’s first gold medal in the week after the State could only win four silvers and three bronze in the Interstate championship.
Aris’ winning effort saw him score 2675 over 12 games for an average of 222, while second placed, another national youth bowler, Mohd Haziq had a total of 2570, while Johor’s Chan Wei Seng and Sarawak’s Chong Jun Foo tied for third with their total of 2499 to finish.

For Kar Yen, it was her first individual title since she won the Malaysian Open youth title two years ago, which earned her place in the National Youth team.
Kar Yen won the title with a total score of 2632, while Negri Sembilan’s Hurul Ainul Abdul Razak was second with 2604, while Adlin Nadhirah also from Negri was placed third with her total of 2555.

As for Aris, who had won RM50,000 for his perfect game in the All-Stars International Junior championship last month, winning the gold medal yesterday was filled with mixed feelings for him.
“I am very glad that I finally have won Sarawak the elusive gold medal after a week’s competition,” said Aris.
“It is also great to have won finally in my fifth competition in a month,” said Aris who finished third in the All Stars Junior and then competed in the All Star Classics, Penang Pesta and the Interstate.
In the Interstate, Aris won silver in the doubles.
“But at the same time I am sad that I had failed to make the cut for the Men Open in the national championship. I wanted so much to make the cut and bowl against all the elite bowlers, for it will be a valuable experience for me and to gauge where I stand against them.
“I suppose I will just have to wait for another opportunity,” said Aris who has a bright chance of a promotion from the national-youth squad to the back-up squad.
On his performance yesterday, Aris thanked national bowler, Zulmazran Zuliklfi who guided him and gave him moral support.
Kar Yen on the other hand, was simply delighted with her victory because it ended a two-year wait.
“When I joined the National Youth team after my Malaysian Open Youth category victory, I changed my game in many ways to bowl better under coach Allan Chia,” said Kar Yen who will turn 19 on Oct 4.
“Many things were new to me and it took time for me to readjust. Sometime, it got frustrating not being able to win anything, but I persisted to train even harder.
“I am glad that finally all my hardwork has paid dividends after some many close calls,” said the Pre-University student of Bukit Jalil Sports School.
Kar Yen now hopes to win an international title if she gets an opportunity to compete.
Meanwhile, Selangor’s 15-year Muhamad Aizudeen Mustaqim who had failed to win any medals in the Interstate and then failed to make the Youth Masters, decided to bowl in the Men’s Graded Masters and won it.
He had 2157 to beat Negri Sembilan’s Noor Afizal Azizan who had 2143 and former national bowler from Selangor, Azidi Ameran who had a total of 2113.
In the Ladies Graded, Kuala Lumpur’s Nur UmirahAbdul Raduan who won the Interstate Girls doubles and silver in the All-events, went win her second gold medal this week with her 2130 score.
Selangor’s Natasha Roslan finished second with her total of 2038, while KL’s Sukma trainee, Yap Wi Yin, was third with 2000.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Shahidan has every right to question!

This time around, I have to agree with multi-sports associations' president, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim.
He has taken the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the government, for having announced that a RM10 million grant will be given to the soccer development fund.
The fund was set up following the national Under-23 soccer team's Sea Games achievement in Laos, after a 20 years drought.
Shahidan, who is the president of the Amateur Swimming Union of Malaysia (ASUM) and the Malaysian Amateur Athletics Union (MAAU), saw the two sports contribute 21 of the 40 gold medals won at the Laos Sea Games.
ASUM contributed 15 gold medals - nine in swimming and six from diving, MAAU had six gold medals to their name.

Shahidan's question is simple: "If soccer for one gold medal were given RM10 million, what about swimming and athletics?"(Read the Bernama report here) 
After swimming's feat in Laos, it was said that Sabah will be made the centre of excellence for swimming, but one wonders what is happening to that? Why no announcements?
But Shahidan should not be surprised.
When the very grassroots development at the schools is overlooked, did he think that they will make the right decisions to promote sports in the country to make Malaysia a sporting nation which everyone is talking about?
The Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) who organise 24 national events saw their annual budget cut from RM 6 million to RM1.5 million and will see only 13 sports organised this year, with several having to forgo the Under-15 championship.
But no effort is being made to look for additional funds to top up the MSSM kitty, but RM10 million for the development of one sports super cedes the development of 24 sports.
It is learnt that the Sports, Arts and Co-curriculum department in the Education Ministry is calling for a meeting of all National Sports Associations of the 24 sports organised by MSSM on Tuesday.
However, it was stated clearly that only 13 sports will be organised by MSSM.
So why are all the NSAs being called?
The word is that they are hoping that the NSAs will organise the sports which have been dropped.
Good move and engaging the NSAs should have been done longtime ago.
At times when several NSAs attempted to work hand-in-hand with MSSM, there were many restrictions imposed on them, that they decided to stay out.
Now that MSSM is in trouble, it looks like MSSM is turning to the NSAs.
But my questions is how many NSAs have the means and are capable enough to take on another responsibility.
However it must be said that there are some associations who are more than capable on taking on the responsibilities, while some already have been working closely with the schools and these are the associations who have excellent development programmes in place and are the ones who are excellent at both junior and senior level. 
But then again, there are many NSAs who do not even have their own house in order.
But for the sake of sports, maybe even these NSAs who are having troubles of their own, should this time around, move into the schools, to start afresh from the grassroots to give it a grand kick start.
It will be interesting to see the outcome of the meeting on Tuesday and what part Malaysian schools sports take.
Here's hoping that commonsense will prevail among all and GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT will be the WINNER for the future of Malaysian sports!

Elena at her best for Malaysian Open

Malaysian tennis enthusiasts will get to see  Russia's Elena Dementieva at her best, while her rivals will have to be wary of her at the Malaysian leg of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, the Malaysian Open Malaysian Open from Feb 22-28 at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Resort.
This will definitely be the case after Dementieva won the Medibank International Sydney 2010.
Dementieva, the defending champion of the Sydney event, beat world number one Serena Williams, with her iconic aggressive tennis and in handy fashion 6-3, 6-2 in the final for her 15th WTA Tour title.
Dementieva, Gold Medalist at Beijing Olympics 2008, will be playing at this year’s Malaysian Open together with other WTA Tour players which include

o                   Li Na (CHN) – China’s No. 1
o                   Sabine Lisicki (GER) – Champion of 2009 Charleston (Family Circle Cup)
o                   Jie Zheng (CHN) – Semifinalist 2008 Wimbledon
o                   Melinda Czink (HUN) - Champion 2009 Québec City (Challenge Bell)
o                   Magdalena Rybarikova (SVK) – Champion 2009 Birmingham (AEGON Classic)
o                   Jelena Dokic (AUS) - Grand Slam QF at 2009 Australian Open
o                   Sania Mirza (IND) - Doubles Champion Grand Slam 2009 Australian Open (w/Bhupathi)
o                   Kimiko Date Krumm (JPN) - Champion 2009 Seoul (Hansol Korea Open)
o                   Tamarine Tanasugarn (THA) - Champion 2009 S-Hertogenbosch (Ordina Open)

Mr. Keld Kristiansen, Executive Chairman of Carbon Media Management Sdn Bhd, the organiser and promoter of the Malaysian Open 2010 said, “We would like to congratulate Elena on her second straight women’s title at the Medibank International. The preparations for the Malaysian Open 2010 are on schedule and I believe that all spectators and guests to the event will have an enjoyable experience which includes watching and meeting Elena and her fellow WTA Tour players.”
Datuk Abdul Razak Latiff, the President of the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM), said, “This is indeed great news for the Malaysian fans and the event. We hope that everyone will come to the event next month to meet Elena and show her the true Malaysian hospitality that we are known for.
Member of the Board of Directors of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour, Mr. Kevin Livesey said,
“We’re delighted that Elena is in such good form and we hope that Elena will continue like that during the Australian Open. We look forward to seeing her at the Malaysian Open next month”.
 The Malaysian Open 2010 will not feature some of WTA Tour’s most popular and current stars, and the next generation of champions.
 Tickets are now available through TicketPro outlets or via their ticketing hotline +603 7880 7999 or website

Diana waves her magic wand

The pins are falling as if Nur Diana Hussin has a magic wand to make it happen.
 On Thursday, close to midnight, Kuala Lumpur’s Nur Diana, fired the first perfect game in both the Interstate and currently going on Malaysian National championship, in her Girls Open qualifying block for the Masters.
 In the Interstate championship that ended on Wednesday, Nur Diana had bagged the three gold medals in the singles, doubles and All-events.
 Although, Nur Diana, had already qualified for the Open Masters automatically as Girls Open All-Events, she had bowled in the qualifiers as part of her practice for the final today.
 It was in her third game of the four games that she fired the magical 300. She earlier had lines of 239, 238 and after the 300, she probably was overwhelmed by the feat and fired a 191 in her final game for a 968 total and an average of 242. The total stands as the highest in the Girls Open qualifier.
 “I am totally shocked to have fired the 300. It is my first 300 since I started bowling four years ago,” said a delighted Nur Diana who will turn 19 on Aug 22.
 “It just all happened. I had strikes after strikes and the next thing I knew, I had achieved my career first 300,” said Nur Diana who won the Canon Legria FS200 Cam Recorder, which was the Perfect Game Award.

 “I am still trying to bring myself to believe that I have fired a 300. This is all happening too fast. In the Interstate I won three gold medals and now the perfect game.”
Will Nur Diana make it a memorable outing by bagging the Girls Open Master title too today?
“The pressure is on me now, but I am just going to take one game at time and hope for the best. If I am in the race for the title, then it will be great. But I intend to be among the top finishers because my national youth place is at stake.”
Nur Diana explained that she had not been performing well last year as a National Youth squad member and she was on the chopping block for this year.
 She had to perform in the Interstate to earn a place to play in the roll-off on tomorrow to try keeping her place for 2010.
“It was that prospect that saw me buck up and perform to keep my place. I am glad that I did well and hope I w. Another good performance tomorrow (today), will certainly put me in a good position and that’s what I intend to do,” said the college student of Advanced Management and Technology Centre (Pusat Technologi dan Urusan Lanjutan) in Shah Alam.
Nur Diana this morning will have for company in the race for the title, her fellow national youth teammates from last year, KL’s Hee Kar Yen, Sarawak’s Jacqueline Jenelee and Dayang Khairuniza, Perlis Hurul Ainul Abd Razak and Negri Sembilan’s Adlin Nadhirah.
She will also face competition from KL’s Radin Nur Najwa Arifah, who is currently leading in the qualifiers with her 911, as Nur Diana is an automatic qualifier.
Then there is Nurfidza Amran from Sarawak – the Girls Graded Masters runner-up - who is eighth placed in the 16 qualifiers.
An interesting battle is indeed on the cards this morning.

In the Boys Open Masters final, Sabah’s Mohammad Ozzer Othaman, who the doubles and All-events and a silver in the singles, will definitely start as favourite to wrest the title and put himself in line for a roll-off for a place in the National Youth squad.
He will have to contend for the title with last year’s National Youth bowlers like Syimir Abdul Razak, Khoo Beng Khai, Muhammad Amirrul Afif, Aris Ardila, Faliq Aimran and Jonathan Chan.
It is a tough field and with youngsters like Melaka’s Jason Syow and SportsExcel GP winner Chong Jun Foo all lined up, indications are that it will be an open race.

Haziq wins his first tournament

Kuala Lumpur’s Muhammad Haziq Izamudin, was on cloud nine after winning the 34th Malaysian National Championship Milo Boys Graded Masters final, as it was his first taste of victory.
Haziq, who only turns 16 on June 19, has been bowling for three years, had come close to victories twice last year in the Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) national bowling championship when he finished fourth in the doubles and runner-up in the team event.
“This is simply great. I have never tasted victory before and it is a great feeling to have won today,” said the elated SMK Alam Megah Form Four student.
Haziq (second from left) bowled 2090 pinfalls with an average of 209 to win the title. Sarawak’s Daniel Tan (left) finished second 22 pins behind Haziq, Muhammad Faizal (second from right besides MTBC secretary-general Sidney Tung) finished third with 1911.

Haziq besides the Milo hamper and trophy, also picked up cash voucher of RM1,000 for his effort.
Haziq said he picked up the sports from his father and was sent for supervised coach under the Sunway Mega Lanes development programme under Ricky Un.
Melaka’s rising talent, Jason Syow, too had come from the same programme and coach.
“It was a little frustrating last year in the MSSM when I failed to win a event,” said the well built Haziq who stands 1.79kg in a frame of 90kg.
“But I did not lose hope because I was still new to the sports and persisted to train hard. I am glad that it finally paid off today.
“This win is indeed a morale booster for me to train even harder and win more championships. I do not want to be one tournament wonder,” said Haziq who had lines of 192, 289, 201, 154, 146, 163, 277, 232, 222,and 214.
Asked what did he do differently yesterday to win the title, he simply replied: “I did not do anything different. I was highly motivated by the presence of my whole family – my parents and my three siblings.
In the Girls Graded, Selangor’s Nurain Fatin Abdul Rashid (second from left), emerged as another new talent in the sports.

Nurain edged Sarawak’s Nurafidza Amran (left) by a mere nine pins with her total of 1964. Another Sarawakian, Dayang Aida (second from right), finished third with her 1879.

While Nurain who won RM1,000 cash voucher besides the Milo hamper and trophy was elated, for Nurafidza it was a case of being so close yet so far.
Nuradidza had finished third in the Girls Doubles and All-events and runners-up in the team event in the interstate championship.
Sarawak, who certainly are an emerging force in the sports had failed to win a gold medal and had to settle for four silvers and three bronze in the Interstate.
Nurain, the national youth bowler, on the other hand, who did not compete in the Interstate, won the gold medal in her first attempt.
Last year, the Form Five student of SM Sek 27 Shah Alam, had won two gold medals  (singles and team) in the MSSM championship and three gold medals (singles, doubles and masters) in the Sukan Selangor.
Nurain who will be turning 17 on March 15, is currently in training with the Selangor Sukma team and hopes to make the team.
Nurain certainly has the talent and if she keeps up her good work and keeps her feet firm on the ground, we will definitely be hearing more of her.

Youngster Jason keeps knocking at the pins!

Jason Syow Huay Tik was in the limelight again yesterday evening at the Sunway Pyramid Mega Lanes, when he won the High Game Award for the day in the Malaysian National Bowling Championship’ Masters qualifying stages.
The 13-year-old lad from Melaka was bowling in the Boys Open category when in his second game he fired a 289, in the Boys Open Masters qualifier.
He had ten strikes in a row, but in the eleventh saw a pin standing before he spared it for 289.
 Jason who only took up the sports two years ago and is seen a bright talent for the future, first rose to prominence on Monday when he won the Boys Singles in the Interstate championship when competing in the Under-21 category.

En route to his singles gold, Jason in his third game had 11 strikes in a row before in the final a stubborn single pin refused to fall and he had to settle for 299.
Jason, then went on to pick up a medal in all the remaining three events – a silver in the doubles partnering M Syafiq Hashim and a bronze each in the Team and All-events.
On Sunday after the opening ceremony of the Interstate championship, Jason had also won the Peter Yap Memorial Boys singles title for Under-14.
“I am still chasing my first ever 300,” said Jason who was naturally disappointed.
“It was so near and yet eluded me. But I am sure I will achieve it. Maybe I will be third time lucky” said the Form Two High School student
“I am still young and maybe not experienced enough to calm my nerves at crucial moments like this. But I am learning and hope to get better with each competition,” said Jason who won a Canon Powershot Digital camera for the Day’s Hi Game.
Jason is currently placed 12th in Boys Open Category with his total of 907. The top 17 qualify for the Masters final in this category.
The camera sponsored by Canon has been available since Monday for the National championship qualifying rounds.
The previous days winners are, Mohammad Ozzer (the All-Events winner) from Sabah with his Hi-Game of 279 on Monday, Kuala Lumpur’s Syimir Abdul Razak who has won it twice, first on Tuesday with his 278 and yesterday for his 279 and Ooi Chin Bing from Labuan on Wednesday with his Hi-game of 277.
The qualifiers for the Boys and Girls Graded Masters ended last night and the finals will be this morning.
As for the Men’s Open, Women’s Open, Men’s Graded and Women’s Graded, qualifiers will go on until tomorrow night and the finals on Saturday.
Defending champions of the Men and Women Open – Muhd Syafiq Ridhwan and Siti Safiyah Amriah qualify automatically for the Masters final, while the Interstate All-events men and women’s gold medalist also get an automatic berth.
While Zulmazran Zulkifli qualifies for the men’s winner, Siti Safiyah who won the women’s All-Events who had already qualified as the defending champion, will see her place taken up by the will the eleventh qualifier.
A total 16 men bowlers will bowl in the Men’s Masters – the defending champion,. All-events winner and 14 qualifiers – while for the Women’s category, 10 will compete – the defending champion, All-Events winner and 10 qualifiers.
All-events champions of the Boys and Girls Open will also gain automatic spots and 17 and 11 qualifiers respectively. The All-events winners are Sabah’s Ozzer Othaman and Nur Diana Hussin from KL.

Current Leaders (Top 5):
Men’s Open:
  1. Mat Salleh (Ole-Ole Superbowl) 1006; 2. Muhd Nur Aiman (Joh) – 964; 3. Syimir Abdul Razak (Nat Youth) – 939; 4. Fahmi Bahri Sulaiman (Nat Youth) – 924; 5. Aaron Kong (National) – 924
Boy’s Open:
  1. Syimir Abdul Razak (Nat Youth) – 973; 2. Chong Jun Foo (Swak) – 921; 3. Qalif Adnor Adam (KL) – 920; 4. Tan Chien Nan (Sab) – 920; 5. Johnathan Ding (Swak) – 918
Men’s Graded:
  1. Mohd Shafiq (Mel) – 968; Azidi Ameran (Sel) – 954; 3. Adrian Charles Dragon (Pen) – 882; 4. Mohd Riduan Saidin – 881; 5. Michael Ooi – 863
Boy’s Graded:
  1. Daniel Tan (Swak) – 944; 2. Tan Chye Chern – 875; 3. Nazrim Noordin – 866; 4. Mohamad Danial Mohd Azhar (Pen) – 863; 5. Julian Yan (SMK Seafield) – 846
Ladies Open:
1. Fatin Syazliana (Nat back-up) – 987; 2. Sharon Koh (Nat) – 977; 3. Zandra Aziela (Nat) – 918; 4. Zatil Iman (Nat) – 870; 5. Sin Li Jane (Back-up) 866
Girls Open:
1.Hee Kar Yen (Nat Youth) – 894;  2. Jacqueline Jenelee (NY) – 872; 3. Dayang Khairuniza (Swak) – 852; 4. Nurafidza Amran (Swak)– 844; 5. Lim Hsu Zen (NS) – 830

Girls Graded:
1.Nurafida Amran (Swak) – 900; 2. Nur Amira Irdeena (Joh) – 855; 3. Nur Amirah Auni Azman (Pen) – 817; 4. Jackelyn Ng (Swak) – 817; 5. Dayang Aida (Swak) 807
Ladies Graded:
1.Nur Hidayah Mohd Nurdin (NS) – 809; 2. Caroline Chien Chin Yi (Swak) – 792; 3. Wong Mei Yuan (KL) – 797; 4. Nadiah Wagiman (Swak) – 774; 5. Nurfadeena Aznel (Ked) – 773.