Saturday, July 10, 2010

No relaxing of conditions for Malaysian tourists to travel to India during Commonwealth Games

There will be no relaxing of a new rule imposed this year by Indian Immigrations for Malaysian tourist travelling to India, where they can only visit India only once in two months.
Dato' Tan Seng Sung, the Malaysian High Commissioner to India, clarified yesterday in New Delhi, that contrary to reports that the rule has been relaxed during the Commonwealth Games, it is not so.
"The rule of Malaysian tourists only allowed to travel to India once in two months is also effective during the Commonwealth Games," said Datuk Tan.
"I hope Malaysians tourists who are thinking of travelling to Delhi for the Commonwealth Games are aware that the rule has not been relaxed. If they have come to India anytime within two months of the Games, they will not be allowed to enter the country again for the Games."
Many were expecting the rule to be relaxed to encourage more visitors for the Games, but it is not to be for reasons known best to the authorities of India.

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