Friday, January 28, 2000

Over to you, Mr Minister! (27/01/2000 - The Malay Mail)

Publication : MM
Date : 27/01/2000
Headline : Over to you, Mr Minister!

DATUK Hishammuddin Hussein must surely be considering the timing of his
appointment as Youth and Sports Minister.
His appointment was in early December and he replaced Tan Sri Muhyiddin
The controversy that has now shaken the bowling fraternity will be an
acid test of his calibre. How he handles the crisis will not only be
watched by sporting circles but also scrutinised by his political
Fourteen national bowlers resigned after issuing an ultimatum to the
Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress that national coach, Sid Allen, be
Neither impressed nor amused, MTBC accepted the resignations and issued
the bowlers with their own ultimatum - apologise publicly if they ever
want to bowl for the country again.
Hishammuddin is expected to meet MTBC president Datuk Dr P. S. Nathan
and the 14 bowlers separately today.
Hishammuddin is unsure if the decision by MTBC is the best solution
though he understands the reasons behind it. But he is more concerned
about the interest of the sport and the nation.
He is, however, expected to direct the bowlers to return to the fold.
Hishammuddin has to strike a fine balance when he does make a decision.
On one hand, the grouses by the bowlers may be genuine but on the other,
he could open a can of worms if he allows "player power".
He cannot be seen to undermine national associations either.
The next few days will be crucial.
There are indications that the National Sports Council (NSC) and Sports
Ministry officials have leaned in favour of the bowlers.
There are suggestions that if one man - Allen - is the problem, then he
should be the one to go. But the question is - will justice be served?
Removing Allen will be the simple way out, not necessarily the right one.
We are all governed by rules and regulations. Just because a few people
take to the streets does not make their cause a noble one.
If authority bows to pressure, the end results would be anarchy and
Your move, Mr Minister!