Tuesday, December 29, 1992

Mani says goodbye on a winning note (The Malay Mail)

SHARP-MALAY MAIL ended the season on a winning note by beating Maybank 1-0
in the Kuala Lumpur FA Presidents Cup final at KLFA Stadium yesterday,
reports Chan Wai Kong.
Maybank's downfall was caused by an own goal in the 40th minute by
defender Mohamed Riyad Sheikh Ali.
It came just after Sharp-MM had muffed their best chance of the match
when a neat 1-2 play saw striker Hasnor Khairuddin firing tamely, his shot
parried by Maybank keeper Zuhaimi Dawi.
But Sharp-MM players continued to pressure the Maybank defence, and
Riyad, in his haste, sent his clearance the wrong way, bundling the ball
into his own net.
Sharp-MM had to endure a fierce onslaught by Maybank in the closing
stages of the match but Maybank squandered five chances, including an open
goal when Riyad misfired.
Maybank did most of the attacking and looked very much in control but
Sharp-MM took their chances well.
Sharp-MM coach Tony Mariadass said: "The victory today is a consolation
for our loss of the KL Dunhill League title this year."
Last year, Sharp-MM won the Dunhill League. "This year, we still managed
to collect a trophy," he added.
Maybank coach Ujang Ibrahim said Sharp-MM goalkeeper M. Pavalamani
played a sterling role in their teams success.
"Pavalamani played a good game. He was influential in defence. We lost
(1-0) to Sharp-MM in the Dunhill League earlier and he saved two sure
goals," he added.
But Ujang said Maybank missed at least 10 chances. "In the first half,
we had at least five chances. We were confident of winning the match."
For former international Pavalamani, it was his last match for Sharp-MM
yesterday after four years. He will play for Sabah next year.

Monday, December 28, 1992

Mani's last hurrah (The Malay Mail)

FORMER international goalkeeper M. Pavalamani today plays his last match
for Sharp-Malay Mail in the KLFA President Cup final against Maybank at
Kuala Lumpur FA Stadium.
Pavalamani will miss the KL League as he has signed a one-year contract
with the Sabah FA to play for their Semi-pro league team next year.
Pavalamani, who played for KL in the 1989 Malaysia Cup, has been with
the Sharp-MM team for four years.
He helped Sharp-MM to the KL Dunhill League title last year and to the
final of the inaugural Philippines Cup in Manila.
Today's final between Sharp-MM and Maybank will bring the curtain down
on 1992 Kuala Lumpur soccer season.
Though Sharp-MM edged Maybank 1-0 in the KL Dunhill League, a close
match is expected.
The Maybank team have good training facilities at their giant sports
complex in Bangi while Sharp-MM do not have their own ground.