Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking for a backdoor to the World Cup!

Haresh Deol was partially right when he said that I was frustrated when he wrote in his blog Foul (Read here).
Actually I was disappointed, angry and embarrassed , how Malaysian sports can stoop so low!
The Bernama report below says that Malaysia is to discuss with Indonesia in hosting World Cup. The Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said a special desk will be set up to work out details with his counterpart Ministry in Indonesia to host the World Cup.
I am very sure that FIFA is not going to be fooled by this attempt. Even Korea and Japan, with their excellent soccer setup and standards had to fight tooth and nail to host the World.
Malaysia and Indonesia are nowhere close to the footballing standards or the administration of the game as compared to that of  Korea and Japan.
Yes, Malaysia maybe excellent hosts and have the infrastructure, but that is where the full stop is.
Malaysia hosted the Youth World Cup in 1997, but what an embarrassment it was for the Malaysian team!
This is Malaysian sports - putting the cart before the horse!
Millions of ringgit is going to be spent setting up the "special desk" and in the end all the money will go down the drain. It would be better to put these millions of ringgit in setting Malaysian soccer on the right path, win the Asian titles and then think of hosting the World Cup.
Or has the powers to be in sports resigned to the fact that the Malaysian soccer team will NEVER ever qualify for the World Cup and the only way to play in the world's highest level soccer tournament is to go through the backdoor!
FIFA will certainly be amused by this! Just remember that Indonesia's plan to host the World Cup in 2022 was unsuccessful as its nomination was REJECTED by the world football body, FIFA.
I remember when Malaysian wanted to bid host the Youth Olympics Games (to be hosted by Singapore next month) and despite being told by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) that Singapore has been earmarked to host the inaugural Games and it will be a futile exercise, a eleventh hour hastily done bid was put up and huge money went into the drain and the pockets of some who had invested interest!
Let us get realistic and get our act together, before we start dreaming of the impossible and burn away the taxpayers money!

Malaysia To Discuss With Indonesia In Hosting World Cup
PUTRAJAYA, July 13 (Bernama) -- Malaysia and Indonesia will discuss the possibility of jointly hosting the World Cup football in future and will set up a special desk in their respective country to work out the details.
Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said the special desk would be set up in his ministry and the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sports.
"It's not impossible to host not only the World Cup but also other suitable (championships) and can be considered," he told reporters after holding a bilateral discussion with the Indonesian Youth and Sports Minister, Dr Ardi Malaranggeng, here Tuesday.
Dr Ardi is here to attend the two-day programme 'Titian Muhibah' beginning Tuesday.
Earlier, Indonesia's plan to host the World Cup 2022 was unsuccessful as its nomination was rejected by the world football body, FIFA.
FIFA will announce the successful host for the 2022 World Cup on Dec 10.
Various interesting events are being held in conjunction with the 'Titian Muhibah' programme Wednesday including friendly tennis and futsal matches between Ahmad Shabery's team and Dr Ardi's at the National Sports Council in Bukit Jalil.

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