Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mat Rempits of India

 Last weekend at the popular Connaught Place, the "Mat Rempits of Delhi" took centrestage creating havoc when they had confrontation with Delhi Police for more than a hour late in the night. There were several public injured and public property damaged.
Connaught Place, is popularly known as CP (officially Rajeev Chowk) is one of the largest financial, commercial and business centers in Delhi. CP houses the headquarters of several Indian firms. Its surroundings occupy a place of pride amongst the heritage structures of the city. The Connaught Place of today is one of the most vibrant business districts of Delhi
NDTV did a special but highlighting the more organised "Mat Rempits of Delhi" who have clubs. These bikers every weekend,  risk life and limb to speed down Delhi's highways. The special examines why are motorcycle clubs so popular, and can they co-exist with a city whose traffic is notorious for being a death trap?

(View NDTV's report here)

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