Sunday, September 25, 2011

Malaysian soccer in Dreamland!

For as long as the powers to be in soccer, the media and the fans continue to be in dreamland and hope for miracles to happen to Malaysian soccer, it is only going to see more disappointments and frustrations!
The sooner all concerned embark on a reality check and come to terms that Malaysian soccer is what the FIFA ranking states - 146th - the better for Malaysian soccer.
Statistics do not lie.
Winning the Sea Games title and Suzuki AFF Cup does not elevate Malaysian soccer overnight.
There is no shortcut to success in anything and soccer is no different.
Hard work, proper development programmes, quality youth coaches, emphasis on schools soccer, proper soccer fields readily available, strong local leagues in every district and State and above a long term plan is the only way we can dream to move up the ladder of rankings.
Stints in Indonesia and PR stints in Cardiff and QPR is not going to elevate Malaysian soccer overnight.
Japan, Korea and China are not where they today with a wave of the magic wand. They worked hard and had proper and quality development programmes over a long-term period.

And revamping the Malaysian Super League (MSL) once again is definitely not the answer.
Revamp the MSL anyway you want, but if you do not have the quality players to play in it, it will fall flat.
Lets not talk about foreign players going to lift the standard of the MSL, because it is not going to happen.
We just have to many officials in the system who have invested interest and are more interested on how they can channel business to their own companies or friends companies.
Yes, we have some young players in the national team and Under-22 team who have given us some fresh hopes, but still they are no where as compared to youth players in the Asian region.
We did not need a loss against Japan to tell us that we are way behind the Asian powers.
It is just that we do not want to accept reality and still dreaming that some miracle is going to happen and see Malaysia qualify for the Olympics and World Cup!
Dream on!
I have said it many times and am saying again. Let us target to be among the best in Asia before we look to leap frog to be among the world's best.
Maybe, we should try and get some of our players playing in the Korean, Japanese, the Chinese league or even in the Middle East.
Forget about playing in Indonesia and English league teams.
Playing in Indonesian League is not going to improve the standard of players because it is not of high quality and playing for English league teams is another dream. Just study all the restrictions and qualifications rules.
Yes, we have three players signed on loan by Slovakian side Vion FC in the Corgon Liga, maybe this move would give the boys some quality.
But we cannot hope for favours and connections to get players with teams in Europe. We need to make the cut on merit.
The last thing we need is for these players to be warming the bench, being linesmen and picking up jerseys and socks of senior players of their respective clubs.
The bottom line is that we have to go back to basics and get things right before we embark on missions.
Yes, everyone needs dreams, but it has to realistic dreams!
We had top officials in Fukuoka  to witness Japan beat Malaysia and say that Malaysian soccer is way behind.
Ask any level headed soccer fan in Malaysia, and he or she would have told you the same without having to go to Fukuoka to witness the match.
The point that has to sink into everyone is that building a team or for the matter anything, always start from the base and not from the pinnacle!
As long as we continue to do things in the reverse, we will continue to get humiliated because of our foolish and unrealistic dreams.
Millions of ringgit is being spent with the hope of reviving Malaysian soccer, but being spent at the wrong place.
Then we have foreign clubs coming to Malaysia to sell ideas and with promises to elevate Malaysian soccer overnight, but they are here basically to make money and for their PR stint.
Lets us get the right people at the right place and not marketing agents and PR companies who sell ideas to make money for themselves and have the least interest of Malaysian soccer.
Maybe if many of our ex-internationals are given an opportunity to give back something to the game, we may have something going.
But then again, the Ex-internationals themselves are not united and many are more interested promoting themselves, while some are just happy going for "playing tours" overseas.
Malaysian soccer, like many sports in Malaysia stinks to high heaven.
A major surgery is needed and many may have to make way for young blood to be infused and new ideas for Malaysian soccer to introduced, starting at the grassroots, for Malaysian soccer to stand a chance to head the right direction - up!
Will that happen - your guess is as good as mine!

FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking
Last Updated 21 Sept 2011

Ranking History

DateFIFA Ranking position
September 2011146
August 2011146
July 2011145
June 2011144
May 2011143
April 2011144
March 2011138
February 2011140
January 2011142
Malaysia average position from FIFA World Ranking creation is 120

Minimum and Maximum

Highest FIFA ranking
75 - August 1993. .
Lowest FIFA Ranking
170 - April 2008.
Best Mover
21 - April 1996
Worst mover
-23 - October 1995

Last Updated 21 Sep 2011
Next Release 19 Oct 2011
RankingZonal RankingTeamPts
Sep 11
+/- Ranking
Aug 11
+/- Pts
Aug 11
151Japan Japan9240Equal6
192Australia Australia8823Up45
293Korea Republic Korea Republic7494Up4
504Iran Iran5763Up17
735China PR China PR469-4Down5
796Uzbekistan Uzbekistan4213Up20
857Jordan Jordan4067Up58
978Qatar Qatar360-9Down-4
989Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia359-11Down-13
10010Kuwait Kuwait352-5Down11
10111Syria Syria347-4Down10
10412Bahrain Bahrain335-3Down10
10613Oman Oman319-3Down7
10914Iraq Iraq3030Equal10
11215United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates287-4Down-12
11716Thailand Thailand2743Up28
12117Korea DPR Korea DPR258-7Down-2
12918Vietnam Vietnam2090Equal0
13419Nepal Nepal1932Up0
13620Singapore Singapore188-7Down-21
13721Yemen Yemen185-4Down-13
13822Bangladesh Bangladesh1831Up1
13923Indonesia Indonesia182-8Down-25
14024Turkmenistan Turkmenistan1792Up0
14525Lebanon Lebanon16315Up57
14626Malaysia Malaysia1580Equal0
15527Hong Kong Hong Kong124-1Down-7
15728Tajikistan Tajikistan117-4Down-15
16129Palestine Palestine108-4Down-9
16230India India106-4Down-6
16230Mongolia Mongolia106-2Down0