Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now Security Threat Looms Over CWG

Security issues in India has always been of utmost importance and every measure and to the minute details, has been taken to make the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games the safest possible Games.
Infact, the Games is fast being dubbed as the "  Warfare Games"   with the stringent measures taken, which will definitely turn  out into a "  Nuisance Games"   for athletes, officials, media and visitors, as they will be subject to stringency security measures.
Scenes of armed police personnel everyone including in the Stadiums is going to be a common scene.
It could end with the athletes and officials to the Games, only seeing the airport, Games Village and their Competition venues because any hopes of seeing the sights of Delhi could well go up in smoke. The security forces will certainly not want to take any risks allowing their visitors going to visit sights or shopping during the Games.
In anycase, they will be fully stretched for additional security manpower available to escort athletes and officials for sightseeing or shopping.
The Malaysian netball team who were in Delhi this month for the 7th Asian Youth Championship at the Thayagraja Sports Complex - used as a Test Event for the Commonwealth Games, were subject to similar stringent measures.
The team and officials stayed at a hotel and were not even allowed to step out of the hotel to do light warm-ups in the mornings.
There was no sightseeing or shopping arranged for them and thanks to Ramble Oxley, the secretary-general of the Lawn Bowl Association of Malaysia - a foreign hire from Malaysia to assist the CWG Organising Committee - who arranged for a bus to take the girls out on their rest day.
When team manager YB Soraya Yaacob, told the organisers that they have arranged to go for sightseeing and shopping, the organisers initially did not permit the team to leave their hotel.
But after much argument and persuasion, the organisers finally agreed, but not before giving full escort for the bus and four armed Police personnel accompanying the team in the bus and when shopping.The team was given VVIP treatment while they went shopping with the security personnel providing a cordon and clearing public around then weaving weapons!
The security will certainly cannot provide such assistance during the Games with the large number of participants and officials.
Dedicated secured lanes have been established and put in place for participants of the Games and their transport cannot deviate from these routes.
So be prepared for the most "Secured Games"! And in all fairness to the Organsing Committee they cannot afford to compromise on security or take any chances.

And Saturday's report in the local television station - Headlines Today  that according to intelligence inputs, about 15 kgs of RDX has already been smuggled into India to carry out attacks, certainly is going to further hype up security.

And below is a report on security from Press Trust of India:

CWG security: Delhi Police procuring armoured vehicles

Amid fears that terrorists might try to target the Commonwealth Games, Delhi Police is procuring armoured vehicles and will be forming a special commando force to ensure that the mega sporting event passes off without any trouble.
Gearing up to the challenge of protecting sportspersons of 71 countries, the Delhi Police is making elaborate arrangements for the event to be held from October 3 to 14.
"We will be getting three armoured cars. Delhi will be the first city in the country to use such vehicles in policing," Police Commissioner Y S Dadwal told PTI in an interview.
"These vehicles will be moving around the city and (sometimes) stationed at venues," he said.
The vehicles, each carrying 30 commandos, would be deployed to tackle eventualities like terror strikes.
One batch of such commandos is ready while two batches are undergoing special training.
Besides, the city police is procuring high-end gadgets and equipment.
Its personnel are also being specially trained in frisking, search operations and screening baggage through X-Ray machines. Special training on enhancing communication skills and behavioural patterns are also being imparted.
"The force will have a special commando force which will keep a hawk-eye vigil over the city," Dadwal said.
Apart from around 80,000 Delhi Police personnel, over 17,500 paramilitary personnel, 3,000 specialised commandos and 100 anti-sabotage check teams will be deployed across the city.
"There will be elaborate security arrangements for the Games. We have got Quick Reaction Teams, commandos and snippers to secure the event as well as the city," Dadwal said.
When asked about Punjab Police claiming that Sikh militants may target the Games, the Commissioner said he was "not aware" of any threat to the event. "No. I have no information (about Punjab Police alert)," Dadwal said.
To a question whether the delay in completion of Games-related projects was compromising security preparedness, he said all venues will be ready on time and he did not envisage any problem in this regard.
"We know the stadia and the surrounding areas. We know the city very well. So securing them or other areas will not be a problem," the city police chief said.
"As a preventive measure we have asked schools and colleges to remain closed during opening and closing ceremonies," Dadwal said.
Asked whether he envisages any coordination problems with paramilitary forces which are also being drawn for security measures, he answered in the negative and said all the forces will work under his command and control.

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