Wednesday, February 1, 1995

Varathan best bet

KUALA LUMPUR'S youth coach P. Varathan is one of the candidates to assist
coach Chow Kwai Lam for the new season.
Varathan 47, who has been actively involved at the youth level since
1985, has a string of success behind him.
Many at KLFA feel it is time Varathan got a break at the senior level.
The others being considered for the job are former KL players Rashid
Hassan and Mat Zan Mat Aris.
While Rashid and Mat Zan will be an assest because of their wide
experience as players, they have yet to be actively involved in coaching.
Kwai Lam has a high opinion of the hardworking Varathan who is a always
willing to learn and gets along well with the players and his peers.
Indications are Varathan would be Kwai Lam's pick.
The KLFA management committee on Monday deferred their decision to name
the assistant coach because they felt Kwai Lam should have a say in the
Kwai Lam said he will make his recommendation to the management
committee in the next few days.
Last season's assistant coach, Lim Kim Lian, has officially informed
KLFA he wants to be involved in youth-level coaching again.
Varathan, when told he is one of the candidates for the assistant
coach's job, said: "If Kwai Lam and the management committee want me, I am
ever willing to serve them. It is an opportunity for me to coach at a
higher level.
"Besides, Kwai Lam is an experienced coach and there is a great deal I
can learn from him," said Varathan an employee of City Hall's Health
Varathan earned an FA of Malaysia advance coaching certificate in 1984.
He attended a one-month coaching course in England in 1990 and attained
the international preliminary coaching certificate.
He could be the right choice because KL are opting for a team of
youngsters for the new season.
Varathan coached the KL Razak Cup team to three consecutive victories
from 1990 to 1992.
He was the assistant coach to Yunus Tasman with the 1993 President's Cup
Last season, Varathan assisted Rerserve League team coach Kim Lian.
He also assisted former KL coach S. Subramaniam to three FAM Cup
victories with City Hall FC.
Varathan is coaching the KL Indians in the Dunhill Bardhan Cup
tournament. KL are unbeaten after two matches.