Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Michael's take

Michael wrote in response to my blog: The knives are out!
Indeed an interesting read and one who knows soccer. If only we have more people like him around, Malaysian football will certainly be heading in the right direction.
Here is what Michael had to say:


The knives should be directed at FAM for not developing Malaysian football and leaving it stagnant for the past few decades while global football progressed. Datuk Rajagobal may have his faults in the 2nd leg but the main fault lies with FAM for so many reasons. Just take a look at this video and its 2nd part to see how Spain implemented its plans for its national junior, youth and senior squads. 9 major trophies in 15 years is the result of long term plans and playing football the Spanish way and working closely with clubs and academies.

FAM has failed Malaysian football big time. They have failed to provide leadership, vision and support to state and club football. Yes, our Malaysian team won the AFF Suzuki Cup and SEA Games the last 2 years but as you can see against Singapore, there was no progress in the way the team played. The players displayed naivety and lack of composure, awareness and intelligence in the match. In short, Malaysian football have lots to do to catch up with our regional counterparts.

Currently, there are numerous private football academies churning out good youth footballers between the ages of 12 to 18 in Malaysia. However, these academies do not generally come under the umbrella of the state and club sides. What is FAM doing with regards to providing the link between these academies and the state and club sides? What support and direction is FAM giving to these academies? Is FAM interested at all to help youth footballers with good potential progress to the next level? At these academies, most of the initiatives come from the academy owners and coaches to develop themselves, to attend coaching courses, etc. What is FAM doing to meet them halfway other than to provide the coaching courses and selecting certain players to represent the country in age-group tournaments?

The success of Spanish football is for all to see and copy. Other European countries are visiting the Spanish football confederation to learn from them. Yet, our FAM is sitting on their lazy buttocks and not doing all they can to raise the standard of Malaysian football. And for this, they should be the first ones to go. A long time ago.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The knives are out!

So what is new with the developments after Malaysia failed to qualify for the Group rounds of the pre-World Cup competition.
Fans and critics are out for Datuk K. Rajagobal's blood and accusing him of many things he failed to do.
Some are even asking for his resignations. Some feel that the best players were not fielded. Hundred and one reasons from all and sundry has been flooding in Facebook and blogs.
Whether all these questions and criticisms are vented out because of disappointment, frustrations or hidden agendas, is a question only those who have been posting and talking about can say.
Whatever it is, I am not at all surprised because I had predicted the scenario even before the match and after the Malaysian team qualified for the match against Singapore by the skin of their teeth.
Read the three articles before to understand what I am talking about. -
I rest my case.