Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zul and Siti are optimistic for Bowling World Cup

It was mixed reactions for Malaysia's representatives, Zulmazran Zulkifli and Siti Amirah Safiyah Abdul Rahman, to the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup, after their first taste of the venue for the championship in Melaka last Tuesday.

Zulmazran and Siti spent two hours practicing at the lanes of the brand new 52-lane (split-house) Melaka International Bowling Centre last Tuesday.

While they generally gave the thumbs-up to the centre, the duo had some reservations too.

However, both agreed that the lanes were easy to play and strike friendly.

“It is a great centre and the lane conditions were easy. Although the actual lane conditions were not laid out when we practiced, normally the Bowling World Cup competition lane conditions are generally easy, as the organisers what to see many strikes and make the event fair for all,” said Zulmazran.

“But therein lies my concern. If the lane conditions are easy, it will be a open field with anyone having a chance to win the title. However, if the lane conditions are tough, only a few will be in the running.

“Under the circumstances, I will have to keep a lookout out any bowler who does well on the day and keep close to him.”

Zulmazran, also informed the centre owners to cover up the glass panel next to lane 1 and 2, as the visibility of activities outside might distract anyone bowling on the lanes.

The owners have assured Zulmazran that the situation will be addressed.

“Right now I am all focused for the tournament and I am looking forward to making the top eight first and then take it from there,” said Zulmazran who turns 26 one day after the final on Nov 20.

Siti, on the other hand, was a little concerned about the centre which she considered it small.

“While it has 52 lanes, it is a split house, which means the length of the centre only has 26 lanes,” explained Siti.

“I am quite used to playing in big centres and some how I feel cramped up in the centre. My concern is also for the fans that might crowd the centre and the heat from the fans might see the change in room temperature in the centre, which will in turn affect the lane conditions. Then there is also concern for the fans being to close to the area of play,” said Siti who turns 19 on the opening day of the tournament on Nov 14.

“But that is only a minor concern and I am sure the organisers will look into it. Generally. I am comfortable with the centre and the lanes. I am looking forward to a good outing in the tournament.”

The bowlers will only go to Melaka on Nov 13, when the actually lane conditions will be laid and participants can have their unofficial practice for two days – Nov 13 and 14.

The official practice is on Nov 15 in the morning before the Opening Ceremony and Welcome Dinner in the evening. The tournament rolls off on Nov 16.

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