Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Political interference in Perak FA?

There is strong indication that the hidden hand trying to make changes in the Perak FA, is politically driven.

Of late there has been strong manoeuvrings to oust incumbent president, Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Nizar Jamuludin and using the RM 5 million debt the Perak FA have, as an excuse of his inability to settle the debts.

And now with FA of Malaysia's ruling that if Perak FA does not settle wages of the players and coaches, and pay up EPF outstanding dues, they will not be allowed to compete in the new season, it has given the "hidden hands" even more reason to press for Mohd Nizar's removal.

But the irony is that the State Government have come out to say that they are prepared to help Perak FA settle their debts, but with a condition - that the President is replaced.

Should it matter who the president is, if the Perak Government sincerely wants to help Perak FA in the interest of the game and fans.

Obviously, once again it points to the direction of a political agenda.

But the truth of the matter is that Nizar cannot be blamed for the RM5 million debt because it is accumulated debt from previous management from 2006 to 2008.

Nizar, credit to him , has settled all dues for this season and despite not being the Mentri Besar of late, he has still continued to support the PFA financially to keep them debt free for this season.

He has also worked out a plan to settle outstanding EPF payments and had gone to see FA of Malaysia secretary-general, Datuk Azzuddin Ahmad recently to facilitate Perak's inclusion for the new season.

Initially, there was a move to get State Exco for Sports, Zainol Fadzi, to take over as president after a pending EGM to cast a no confidence of vote against Nizar.

Then, the wind shifted to senior vice-president Datuk Seri Abdullah Hishan, who is also the president of Taiping FA, coaxing him to take over as president.

But with no response coming from Abdullah Hishan, known for righteousness, the wind has again shifted back to Zainol to name him as the new president, if the EGM materialise.

It is reliably learnt that if an EGM is forced through, there is a strong chance that Abdullah Hishan, will resign and could be calling a press conference to make his stand.

It is learnt that the majority of the 15 districts and three communal associations are in favour for Nizar to stay on for they are pleased with the way he has run the association so far, especially with a very fair representation in the Exco where multi-racial composition is in place and there has been no discrimination over political party allegiance.

But an Exco member, who is eying for the one of the vice-president's post in the new lineup, has taken upon himself to settle subscription dues of all the affiliates, in order to gain their support for the EGM.

Should the EGM proceed and Nizar is ousted, Perak FA could be putting FA of Malaysia in hot soup. It only takes a letter from Nizar to FIFA to say that he was removed from his seat because of political differences, could see FA of Malaysia hauled up by FIFA.

But it is unlikely that FA of Malaysia will intervene in the internal affairs of Perak FA. However, if FA of Malaysia does not take a proactive role in this matter, they could be the ones facing the wrath in the end.

Further evidence that it is indeed a political move to oust Nizar is that fact that the Perak FA BGM is scheduled for next year and with just more than a month before a formal elections can be held for the affiliates to make a change of leadership - if that is what they really believe right for Perak FA - one wonders why the necessity for an EGM!

It is indeed sad for sports that such political manoeuvrings is happening.

Maybe Perak should take a cue from Kelantan as how not to allow political differences to disrupt sports. The Kelantan FA is presided by a UMNO person - Tan Sri Annuar Musa - but the opposition ruling party chief of Kelantan, MB Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, was magnanimous in declaring a public holiday after Kelantan qualified for the Malaysia Cup after 39 years.

It was suppose to be an incentive for the people of Kelantan to travel to Bukit Jalil to support their team in the final. The Kelantan government also declared that they will bear the cost of players and officials umrah package and also provide cash incentives for making the final.

Sports will be the losers if politics is allowed to seep in and dictate the running of sports associations. The sooner the issue is resolved in the interest of sports in Perak, better for sports and sports fans.

For an inside on what is happening in Perak FA read this blog: Seladang.net


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Shambolic state of Malaysian football..

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