Monday, November 16, 2009

The race is on for the QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup title

45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

The battle for the 45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup rolls off this morning at the Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC) and indeed a battle is in store.

After the official practice yesterday, the bowlers declared that the MIBC was a great centre and with the lane conditions laid for high games, it was smiles all round.

“The conditions are easy and high games will be the order of the day,” declared national coach Holloway Cheah.

“It looks like many bowlers will have a chance to win the championship and this means we have to be at our best with minimum mistakes and consistency.”

Holloway’s view was shared by veteran bowling writer for 50 years, Keith Hale, from Bowling Journal, who has covered more than 20 Bowling World Cup tournaments.

“Normally in Bowling World Cup tournament there are about eight to ten bowlers who will stand out and are in the race for the title. But here, I feel that at least 20 bowlers will be vying for top honours here,” said Hale.

“I believe this will be the most exciting tournament I will be covering and I am really looking forward to it.”

Malaysia’s Zulmazran Zulkilfi, too agreed that it was easy and high scoring lanes and competition will come from all corners.

However, he was concerned about the change of patterns from lane to lane.

“This centre is still new and the lanes are not settled. The lane pattern despite the being the same laid in all lanes, it is different in each pair of lanes,” said Zulmazran.

“I had to make adjustments in every pair of lane. I just hope it will be more settled when the tournament starts.”

Zulmazran was also concerned with many slow bowlers and who are players who are not up to par could cause more problems with them throwing all over the place.

“This will further complicate the lane conditions.

“But I have come prepared with equipment to handle the situations and with coach

Holloway to give me advice, I am confident that I will be able to overcome the problem.”

Indeed, besides the top bowlers who will be in the race for the title, there could be outsiders appearing.

Southpaws too could have an advantage, as they will be bowling in areas, which are not congested.

Among the known contenders in the men’s category include Canada’s Michael Schmidt who won in 2005 in Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Walter Ray Williams Jr from the USA, a pro bowler with a record 45 PBA titles to his name, will certainly start as favorite.

Others include Paul Trotter of Australia, Ryan Leonard Lalisang of Indonesia, Petter Hansen from Norway, Martin Larsen, Singapore’s Remy Ong a lefthander, Philippines veteran bowler, Paeng Nepomunceno and of course Malaysia’s Zulmazran.

The women’s category will be no less competitive. Australia’s Ann Maree Putney, champion in St Petersburg in 2007, finished second to Singapore’s Jasmine Yeung-Nathan last year, will definitely start as favourite.

Other strong contenders include Zara Giles who came third last year, Germany’s Tina Hulsch who finished 3rd in 2007, Liza del Rosario from the Philippines who was 2nd in 2001 and Indonesia’s Putty Insavilla Armein who made the quarter final in Caracas in 2006.

Then there is Laura Rhoney from Scotland who finished fourth in 2006 and won the high game trophy with a 300 and Helen Johnsson from Sweden who has competed on five occasions and made the quarterfinals each time.

Indeed a treat for bowling enthusiast is on the cards.


Total number of countries: 89

Total number of countries for Men’s category: 87

Total number of countries for Women’s category: 66

Youngest participant: Petra Stankova (12 years old)

Oldest Participant: Marijan Valecic (Crotia) 65 years-old

Birthday Girl Yesterday: Caitriona Mulhall (19 years old)

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