Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Relief and Despair

45th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup

Men Qualifying Round 3

The tussle to make the cut was the order of the evening in the final block of eight games to make the cut of 24 in the men’s section.

In the end there were six changes in the top 24 from the overnight standings, whereas in the women’s category was only one.

While overnight leader, Korea’s Choi Yong-Kyu kept his lead as promised, the battle elsewhere was hot.

But one bowler who left shattered was Philippines’ Paeng Nepomuceno , who is making his 16th appearance, who fought tooth and nail to make the cut, but missed out by a mere 3 pins when he was edged by New Zealand’s Sonny Reguerra who had a total of 4,963.

It must have been devastating Paeng for leftist were virtually shut out from this championship and yet he had found his way to be among the top 24 overnight when he was placed 22nd.

The veteran 52-year-old bowler who has the championship record of being the youngest champion when he was 19 in 1976, has also the proud record of making the most number of appearances in the final stages, stepladder and arena – nine occasions and winning on four (1976, 1980, 1992 and 1996).

Paeng had come here after losing his father on Oct 31 who was his mentor and coach, and wanted so much to do well as a tribute to his father.

But it was not to be.

Another notable southpaw who was totally shutout was Singapore’s Remy Ong who finished 47 out of a total of 87 countries. Other bowlers who were expected to make the cut but missed out include Norway’s Petter Hansen (32nd) and Australia’s Paul Trotter (41st).

However, US’s PBA bowler Walter Ray Williams Jr, who has been struggling from day one, proved that his experience as a pro was valuable in carrying him through as he finished seventh.

He is certainly back in the reckoning as the favourite to bag the title.

For Malaysia’s Zulmazran Zulkifli, he too was fluctuating from his overnight third spot and finally had to settle for fifth.

National coach, Holloway Cheah said that unlike in the women’s block earlier in the morning where the lane patterns did not change much and once the line was found, it was smooth sailing home.

“The women were not aggressive in their play and that did not change the lane patterns much. But in the men’s category, the battle for the top 24 saw bowlers really working the ball and this dried up the lanes faster and adjustments had to be made,” said Holloway.

Zulmazran agreed and said that he had to make adjustments in every lane and it was taxing.

“But I am glad that I am still among the top eight going into the second round. It is going to get even more difficult as the battle is only going to get worse to make the top eight,” said Zulmazran who hardly had much rest before he starting bowling another round of eight games for the cut of eight at 9pm.

The women also began games for the cut of eight simultaneously.

This round is expected to end at 11pm.

Tomorrow morning at 8am, the top eight bowlers will bowl another eight to make the final stages where the top 3 bowlers will qualify.

The semifinals and finals will be shown live on Astro 816 from 1pm while from 11.30am there will highlights of the championship.

Men's Third Block
Pos Bowler/Country Fed B/F 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Score Ave Total Cut
1 Choi Yong-Kyu36662762772792462281972382451986235.505652689
2 Ryan Leonard Lalisang34852792591922242482052662081881223.585366403
3 Martin Larsen35732452071932042242172481711709220.085282319
4 Michael Schmidt34132122062792472362532232101866219.965279316
5 Zulmazran Zulkifli35342152082492441932081831981698218.005232269
6 Surasak Manuwong34542392232182582211792162131767217.545221258
7 Walter Ray Williams Jr32652452362372392082981942341891214.835156193
8 Wicky Yeung33991952052222242442382132131754214.715153190
Hong Kong
9 Hussain Al Suwaidi34662202392002572111751701861658213.505124161
10 Thomas Larsen34772171751942042562231761941639213.175116153
11 Mark Kerr34362142461852032102062161941674212.925110147
12 David Canady34021682132051862302332591911685211.965087124
13 Arturs Levikins34032272241891962142041902151659210.92506299
14 Kert Truus32951922342142791902651831911748210.13504380
15 Darren Cundy32842441921922442022312392021746209.58503067
16 Mykhaylo Kalika33581671992692361921911772331664209.25502259
17 Basel Al-Anzi33392382131752252042011752491680209.13501956
18 Ryo Yamanaka33872282222501891821552051891620208.63500744
19 Gabriel Sanchez33612462372031852021781762131640208.38500138
Puerto Rico
20 Maarten Pittens32642381852462551632012032371728208.00499229
21 Choi Io Fai32952172132261822342341811971684207.46497916
22 Daniel Falconi31762322032442062542661892031797207.21497310
23 Alan Bride33582201681922042452021562221609206.9649674
24 Sonny Reguerra32762382382002101932211602271687206.7949630
New Zealand
Top 24 makes cut to next round

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