Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Santokh responding to treatment

Former international defender Santokh Singh is responding to treatment and is semi-conscious.

He is still in the ICU.

While earlier it was said that he went into a coma after having suffered fits, it has been clarified now that he was actually sedated to address the viral infection.

The dosages for sedation has now been reduced and he is responding.

The doctors have advised that Santokh needs complete rest and he should not be disturbed.

Family members are indeed grateful that friends have been coming to visit him, but have now requested that Santokh be given some private time to recover.

Let us continue to pray for Santokh for his speedy recovery.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

while we pray for his recovery, I think TV3 should not have captured him in ICU with the tubes etc.

Would you like to be seen in TV in that condition? What are we justifying to the public???need to provide funds for deserving athletes

Tony, there is a limit to respecting the individual and family-- unless there are other reasons for this.....we can only guess.....