Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So much for priority of sports in the nation

The Higher Education Ministry does not see the need or relevance of setting up a Sports University.

Their argument is that eight Universities have already been identified as sports centres of excellence for netball, rugby, soccer, cricket, rowing, taekwondo, golf and swimming. (Read here)

So what is wrong with having a University dedicated purely for sports and centralising all sports in one University?

Will it not mean specialisation and a more concerted effort being taken towards the uplifting of the standard of sports in the country?

Will it not mean that sportsmen and women can look forward to a university dedicated to them to pursue their higher education, with probably a more relaxed guideline to get their degrees and emphasis on sports?

Will it not mean a means of employment for specialised sports personnel be it professors, coaches, trainers, physiotherapist etc?

Will it not mean being able to lure the best brains in sports to lecture or coach in the various fields of sports?

Will it not mean that sports science will be taken to the next level with a University dedicated to sports to do research in the various sports fields.

Universities have been for far too long been regarded as the "Graveyard of sports" and would not a Sports University change all that?

If it is important to have sports schools at the lower age-group, why is not relevant to have a Sports University.

Taking about Education Tourism, would a Sports University here in Malaysia, not be an attractive idea?

Another case of having great ideas but not prepared to take it all the way.

If financial implications is another reason for not having a Sports University, then it will be a case of penny wise, pound foolish.

Good luck to Malaysian sports! We will continue to bask in Sea Games glories!


Anonymous said...


I feel a child must be trained in a holistic manner and I tend to agree that we do have the so called" centres of excellence" for certain sports.

A sports university is of course a good idea but even with Bukit Jalil and Isn/Msn, we have seen the behaviour of athletes on field and off field. What more with a Sports University.

As a parent, Sports is but part of the grooming of a child to face the world in his/her later years. Sports is not the " Real world"- the children must be taught at the public Universities how to socialise with other Non- sports interested students- that will make them a better individual.

Having a sports university- has other implications besides finance:

Selection criteria is subjected to abuse/misuse

Injuries in athletes and non-performance athletes- will they have to leave the university? How will it affect them psychologically and worse still the parents

Most elite sports is male dominated- will it mean a male dominated university? What is the social implications and effects in a coed university - WE JUST NEVER KNOW.....till we come to the bridge

Most major competitions fall during major government examintions. Where does it put this Sports university. It definitely has different implications to the public - who always have misconceptions about athletes ( All meat and no b.....)

Most parents want to see their chidren mature gracefully and able to support themselves independently later on as well as look after them in their twilight age. Then only can the Nation improve her health and wealth and not be dependent on foreign skills and labour.

This Sports University- is it going to be a CELEBRITY UNIVERSITY?
Some parents are going to feel the aftermath when children behave like Hollywood stars.

Tony, it is happening today among our elite athletes.... people are not aware....... they think they are 5 STARS celebrities.

People like you and me and others who work dedicatedly , with integrity and contribute to the nation are the stars for Malaysia. We do not get the publicity nor incentives but God rewards us in His time.

Tony, it is just my opinion- I am looking at creating a child with Body , Mind , spirit and character for Parents, for God and for the nation..

Mister G said...

UITM for football! They only admit Malay students and foreigners. How does a talented non-Malay Malaysian footballer get in????????.

Anonymous said...

The Satu Malaysia concept is on the lips of Malaysians only.the actual implemention----- God only knows..... Heaven is the only place where ONE MALAYSIA is actually practiced.

Talented Non-Malays Malaysians- when reality hits us , we must not hit the wall....please do not waste time on sports. God has blessed our children with other talents.

Our eyes see, our ears hear but let our hearts be pure and our tongues refrain from any comments- it is a Malaysia Boleh! We know the reality. Merry Christmas!