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Nivashini shines

10th Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship 2009


The Sunway Mega Lanes must surely be a happy hunting bowling centre for Girls 15 and Under Masters champion, S. Nivashini, in the Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship.

Yesterday’s win was the third time Nivashini finished among the top three in the last ten days in the centre.

The Form Three SMK Seafield student won the SportsUnite, Maggi and Sunway Mega Lanes women’s graded doubles called U R My Sis, partnering fellow teammate, Natasha Roslan, the Sunday before.

Then last Wednesday, in the Nine Pin Tap, which was the prelude to the All-Stars, Nivashini, finished second behind national youth bowler Hee Kar Yen.

And yesterday morning, Nivashini emerged champion in the 15&Under category pipping Johor’s Sharifah Nur Fatimah by a mere seven pins with her score of 1673 from eight games.

(FROM LEFT): Sharifah Nur Fatimah (MAS), S. Nivashini (MAS); Stacy Lian (SIN); Holloway Cheah

Nivashini, even went to score her highest game in her three and half years of bowling, when she fired a 270 in her second game. Her other lines were 205, 183, 201, 161, 227, 215 and 211 for an average of 209.13.

Nivashini said that indeed this has been a very lucky ten days for her.

“I have not won anything the whole year and all of sudden, I emerge tops in two events and runner-up in one,” said Nivashini who picked up the sports when she joined the bowling club in her primary school – SRK SS 19.

Nivashini has been competing in the SportsExcel Bowling circuit for the last two years, only competed in three legs as she was preparing for her PMR examinations.

“I was disappointed when I failed to make the Grand Finals this year from my points in three legs, but my win here certainly has made up for my disappointment,” said Nivashini who finished fifth in the SportsExcel Grand finals the year before.

Nivashini’s mother, Thilaga who was at hand to give her moral support said that her daughter has done well considering she only picked up the sports three years ago and was elated that she picked up three honours in ten days.

“I will be getting my PMR results on Dec 28 and I hope I will get good results to make it a memorable year end,” said Nivashini who uses a 14.2 pound ball and is a hook bowler.

“The win today has certainly boosted my confidence, as there were many good bowlers competing. I am looking forward to use this win as a launching pad for better things in the coming years,” said Nivashini who is also bowling in the Graded Masters category and is currently placed 13 (top 16 qualify for the Masters)

Singapore who had 12 bowlers out of 18 bowlers in the final, finished highest on third spot through Tracy See Wan Zhen who had a total of 1640.

However, in the boys’ final, the Singaporeans dominated with a 1-2 finish through Jaris Goh (1733) and Ryan Wee (1727).

A third Singaporean, Alexandar Tan Kee Hock had to share honours with Kuala Lumpur’s Qalif Adnor who tied with 1684.

The qualifiers for the Boys and Girls Graded continue till tomorrow (Thursday) before the finals is held on Friday, whereas the Boys and Girls Open will continue until Friday night, before the Masters is held on Saturday.

Yesterday saw most of the foreign bowlers from Korea, Australia, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Holland, Indonesia, India, Germany and Hong Kong take the lanes for their qualifiers.

National bowler, Esther Cheah, who bowled a perfect 300 in her singles on Monday afternoon, attempted her first Masters qualifier block late last night.


BOYS 15 & Under Masters:

1. Jaris Goh (Spore) - 1733; 2. Ryan Wee(Spore) – 1727; 3. Alexandar Tan Kee Hock (Spore) & Qalif Adnor (KL) – 1684.

GIRLS 15 & Under Masters:

1. S. Nivashini (Sel) – 1673; 2. Sharifah Nur Fatimah (Joh) – 1666; 3. Stacy Lian (Spore) – 1640.



Local Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. Tengku Afnan(Ked) – 770; 2. Zaid Izlan (Elite Backup) – 765; 3. Mohd Amirrul Afif (Nat Youth) - 749; Aris Ardila (Nat Youth) – 733

Overseas Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. Sam Cooley (Aus) – 769; 2. Dion Alexander (Aus) – 736; 3. David Candra (Indon) – 719; 4. Badin. L. (Thai) – 715

Mixed Pool (Top 16 qualify): 1. Rodzon Tong (Elite Backup) – 682; 2. Muhammad Firdaus Idris (KL) – 679; 4. Khairul Daiz Din (Joh) – 679

Defending Champion: Adrian David

Singles: 1. Keryn Delaney (Aus) – 732; 2. Dion Alexander (Aus) – 728;; 3. Zaid Izlan (Elite Backup) - 694


Local Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Hee Kar Yen (Nat Youth) – 737; 2. Fatin Syazliana (Elite Backup) – 727; 3. Siti Shazwani Ahmad Suhami (Nat Youth) – 715; 4. Siti Safiyah Amirah

Overseas Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1, Kristel Oh (Spore) – 680; 2. Wendy Kok (Hol) – 648; 3. Marnie Britton (Aus) – 642; 4. Clara Lau (Spore) – 596.

Mixed Pool (Top 11 qualify): Dayang Khairuniza Dhiyana (Nat Youth) – 667; 2. Cheryl Cheong Oui (KL) – 648; 3. Tengku Emanina (Elite Backup) – 646; 4. Syaidatul Afifah (Pk) – 626

Defending champion: Sin Li Jane

Singles: 1. Esther Cheah (Nat Elite) – 803; 2. Zatil Iman (Nat Elite) – 781; 3. Fatin Syazliana (Elite Backup) – 710


(Top 32 qualify): 1. Dinnie Faliq (Mcca) – 757; 2. Kevin Reinhart (Ind) – 727; 3. Muhammad Azri (KL) – 721; 4. Muhd Aizudeen Mustaqim (Sel) – 716; 5. Kovarman Hairi (Mcca) – 712; 6. Muhammad Firdaus Idris (KL) – 712

Singles: Syed Mohd Hafiz Syed Hussein (Joh) – 689; 2. Muhammad Qusyairy Amir (KL) – 674; 3. Raja Mohd Faris (Sel) – 660


(Top 16 qualify): 1. Nur Hidayah Adam (Ter) – 696; 2. Natasha Roslan (Sel) – 675; 3. Hanan Fateha (KL) – 670; 4. Dayang Aida Natasha (Swak) – 661; 6. Nur Farah Shafiqah (Pk) – 643

Singles: 1. Fatin Azmira Khairul Faizi (Pk) – 655; 2. Natasha Roslan (Sel) – 653; 3. Victoria Chin (Sel) – 645

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