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All-Stars Youth championship is 5-star status this year

10th Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship 2009


This year’s edition of the Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship currently ongoing at the Sunway Mega Lanes, is seen as the most competitive in the ten year history of the competition.

National coach Holloway Cheah, who is the man responsible for initiation of the championship through Mega Lanes, was the first to admit that this year is going to be a keenly contested championship.

Defending champion and national elite bowler, Adrian Ang, who is going for the first ever hattrick win in the championship, himself said that the competition is going to be tough.

“It would be great if I can win three times in a row, but I know I will have to work very hard and the challenge can come from any corner,” said Adrian who has already won the title thrice – his first in 2003.

“Besides the competition from my fellow national bowlers and back-up bowlers, I will also have to contend with the foreign bowlers, especially from Korea.

“I am definitely going all out to win the title and even have skipped the Qatar Open to be here.”

Holloway said that competition is even keener especially with many of the elite back-up bowlers doing well.

“In some cases, even the youth bowlers are giving the experienced bowlers a run for the money. Then we have the foreign bowlers with the challenge led by the Koreans. It is indeed going to be an interesting finish this year,” declared Holloway.

The other national bowler who is still eligible for this Under 23 championship besides Adrian is Muhd Nur Aiman. Among the elite back-up bowlers are Zaid Izlan, Kang Bo Long and Rodson Tong and the youth bowlers who are also posing a challenge include Mohd Amirrul Ariff, Mohd Haziq Sahli and Syimir Abd Razak.

All these bowlers are currently among the top 12 in the Local Pool of bowlers to qualify for the Masters.

In the girls category, beside defending champion Sin Lin Jane, who is a member of the elite back-up squad, the others in the race for the Masters include national bowlers, Siti Safiyah (moved to 3rd spot today), Zandra Aziela (4th), Zatil Iman (6th) and Sharon Koh (7th).

The elite back-up bowlers in contention are Fatin Syazliana the overnight leader to dropped to second spot today (727), while the other is Syakira Yeoh (5th).

The national youth bowlers also have put a strong challenge and Hee Kar Yen is the surprise leader with her total of 737 while others among the top 11 are Hurul Ainul (8th), Dayang Khairunzia Dhiyan (9th) and Siti Shazwani Ahmad Suhaimi(11th).

Will Adrian be able to set a record by being the first to win the title three times in a row, will a junior bowler overshadow him, or will a foreigner win the title?

Will Lin Jane be able to defend her title in the girls’ category or will she have to surrender the title to her senior bowlers including Siti Safiyah who is eying her third title, or will a junior bowler triumph?

Indeed exciting times are ahead this week, as the scramble to make the cut for the Masters intensifies, with the foreign bowlers making their presence.

The Masters final will be on Saturday.


2000 Wu Sui Hong (Hong Kong) Christine Ong (Msia)

2001 Wu Sui Hong (Hong Kong) Yazila Razlan (Msia)

2002 Yang Nien Hua (C. Taipei) Sharon Chai (Msia)

2003 Adrian Ang (Msia) Valerie Teo (Spore)

2004 Aaron Kong (Msia) Siti Safiyah (Msia)

2005 Ben Hung (C. Taipei) Sharon Koh (Msia)

2006 Jason Belmonte (Australia) Siti Safiyah (Msia)

2007 Adrian Ang (Msia) Lee Im Young (Korea)

2008 Adrian Ang (Msia) Sin Li Jane (Msia)

Current leaders – (Day 4):


Local Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. Tengku Afnan – 770 (Ked); 2. Zaid Izlan – 765 (Elite backup); 3. Mohd Amirrul Arif – 749 (Elite Back-up)); 4. Mohd Haziq Sahli - 733 (Elite Back-up); 4. Kang Bo Long – 733 (Elite Back-up)

Overseas Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. David Candra – 719 (Indon); 2. Sam Cooley – 697 (Aus) Dion Alexandra – 689 (Aus) 4. Dhruv Sarda – 684 (India);

Mixed Pool (Top 16 qualify): 1. Fahmi Bahri – 670 – (Nat Youth); 2. Muhd Syafiq Sajeli – 669 (Swak); 3. Jonathan Ding – 658 (Nat Youth); 4. Adrian Charles Dragon – 657 – (Pen)


1.Keryn Delaney – 732 (Aus); 2. Dion Alexander – 728 (Aus); 3. Syimir Abd Razak – 675 (Nat Youth).


Local Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Hee Kar Yen – 737 (Nat Youth); 2. Fatin Syazliana – 727 (Elite Backup); 3. Siti Safiyah -706 (Msia Elite); 4. Zandra Aziela - 705 (National Elite); 5. Syakira Yeoh – 695 (Elite Backup); 6. Zatil Iman – 692 (Nat Elite);

Overseas Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Kristel Oh – 638 (Spore); 2. Marnie Britton – 586 (Aus)

Mixed Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Tengku Emanina – 636 (Elite Back-up); Jersusha Chan – 622 (Nat Youth); 3. Jacqueline Jenelee Sijore – 621 (Nat Youth); 4. Dina Nurnadia – 618;

Singles: 1. Zatil Iman – 781 (Mas); 2. Fatin Syazliana – 710 (Elite Backup); 3. Siti Shazwani Ahmad Suhaimi – 673 (Nat Backup)

BOYS GRADED (Top 32 qualify)

1. Dinie Faliq – 757 (Mcca); 2. Muhammad Azri – 721 (KL); 3. Kovaraman Hairi - 712 (Mcca); 4. Muhammad Firdaus Idris – 707(KL);

Singles: 1. Syed Mohd Hafiz – 689 (Joh); 2. Muhammad Qusyairy Amir – 674 (KL); 3. Chan Kam Fook – 651 (KL)

GIRLS GRADED (Top 16 qualify)

1.Nur Hidayah Adam – 696 (Ter); 2. Natasha Roslan - 675 (Sel); 3. Nastasya Adam – 643 (KL); 4. Nur Farah Shafiqah – 643 (USPTN Perak);

Singles: 1. Fatin Azmira Khairul Faizi – 655 (SMKGR, Perak); 2. Victoria Chin – 645 (Sgor); 3. Nur Hidayah Adam (Teren)

BOYS 15 & UNDER (Top 18 qualify)

1.Muhd Aizudeen Mustaqim – 762 (Sgor); 2. Javier Tan – 758 (Spore); 3. Jaris Goh – 678 (Spore); 4. Cheah Yung Ren – 676 (KL);

GIRLS 15 &UNDER (Top 18 qualify)

1. Natasha Roslan – 684 (Sgor); 2. Tracy See Wan Zhen – 661 (Spore); 3. Selva Nivashini – 633 (Sgor); 4. Iver Tan – 619 (Sel)

BOYS 12 & UNDER (Top 18 qualify)

1. Basil Ng – 670 (Spore); 2. Muhammad Qayyum – 645 (Pen) ; 3. Ryan Wong Tian Hong – 635 (Spore); 4. Isaac Yeo – 631 (Spore)

GIRLS 12 & UNDER (Top 18 qualify)

1.Ayra Nurjehan – 611 (Sel); 2. Nathalie Gan – 583 (Spore); 3. Rena Ng Yan Lin – 579 (Spore); 4. Nora Lyana – 553 (Sel)

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