Friday, December 4, 2009

Hardly surprised with FAM's decision

Am I surprised that the States and clubs who were earlier threatened by the FA of Malaysia to be left out of the 2010 Malaysian League, are all back in action?

Well, I thought FAM had finally decided to stand firm and make some tough decisions, not popular decisions.

Am I wrong? I really do not know. I do not want to question the honesty of the FA of Malaysia. But something is not right that all the teams have sorted out their financial problems at the eleventh hour. Or is it the Malaysian mentality of leaving it to the eleventh hour to address situations.

I honestly hope that everything is in order and no compromises were made.

Or is it the State FA powers have once again reared its ugly head.

Only FA of Malaysia can answer that.

Let us just hope for the sake of Malaysian soccer, that everything was done above board and professionally.

Just read these postings again. Maybe the answer lies herein.

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