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Kim Chee Power!

Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling Championship 2009
Day 10

Korea’s Kim Sun Woo was still smiling and his spirits up despite having missed pocketing RM50,000 for a perfect game by one pin and being pipped to first spot in the Boys Graded Masters final in Milo International Junior All-Stars Bowling at the Sunway Mega Lanes yesterday.

The 22-year-old undergraduate from UIDUK University from Kyung Buk city despite throwing a solid pocket ball saw pin 10 wobbling but failed to fall in his game 7 out the ten games bowled in the final.

Kim was the leader then and kept his position until game nine. However, in the final game, Kim saw fellow Korean, Choi Tae Seung pip him by 30 pins with his total pinfall of 2,403 to emerge champion to win RM 10,000. Kim had to settle for RM 4,000 only.

Nevertheless, Kim was hardly ruffled by the twist of luck and preferred to look on the brighter side saying that either he will try to make amends in the Boys Open finals today or All-Stars Classics, which is an Open event tomorrow, and Monday.

“The pressure got the better of me. With all the crowd rooting for me and the fact that I would win RM 50,000 for a final strike, saw my heart beating very fast,” said the ever-smiling Kim through an interpreter.

“I threw a good pocket shot, but I suppose luck was not with me and not fated to win the RM50,000.

“It was a costly miss, but life has to go on. I cannot brood over it. I have the Boys Open and Classics Open to bowl and I will just try to do better there,” said Kim with his positive approach.

(From Left) Runner-up, Kim Sun Woo (KOR), Champion, Choi Tae Seung (KOR) and third placed Jason Syow (MAS)

While the Koreans finish 1-2, Malacca’s 15-year-old Jason Syow Huay Tik saved the blushes for Malaysia, when he finished third with his 2,262.

The pint-sized Jason from Malacca High School, was among the three Malacca bowlers who had competed in this tournament with their parents assistance. The other two were Dinie Faliq and Kovaman Hairi.

However, the newly opened Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC) has come forward to support the three bowlers to subsidise subsiding their lane fees for training and training.

The trio did not have a coach and were only guided by their parents.

Indeed a remarkable feat and Jason’s performance has certainly opened the eyes of many of the talent they have and MIBC are the first to come forward to assist.

In the Girls Graded finals, it was an all-Korean affair with them taking the top five spots.

Kim Kyung Sil won the title to win RM4, 000, while second placed Kang Soo Jim won RM2,000 and Kim Yeo Jin third to win RM1,000

Korean affair....(from Left) 2nd placed, Kang Soo Jim (KOR), champion, Kim Kyung Sil (KOR) and third placed Kim Yeo Jin (KOR)

The highest finish by a Malaysian was Victoria Chin from Selangor who finished sixth with her total of 1969.

The Open Boys and Girls final will be bowled today with the winner for Boys winning RM30, 000 and the Girls winner taking home RM17,000

Adrian Ang the defending champion will be going for the feat to become the first bowler to win the title thrice in a row, while the Girls defending champion is Sin Lin Jane.

The qualifiers for the Masters went on to early this morning where 44 qualified for the Boys category and 36 qualified for the Girls category.

On Thursday night, another two bowlers bowled perfect games and shared the day’s RM1, 000 for the magical 300.

The two were national youth bowler, Khoo Beng Khai and Australia’s Sam Cooley.

In addition, yesterday afternoon, Singapore’s Gregory Gan achieved another perfect game.

Till yesterday afternoon, seven perfect games have been achieved since the tournament started last Wednesday.

The first to achieve the feat was National elite bowler, Kang Bo Long on the first day of the competition, followed by Esther Cheah on Monday and Korea’s Woo Sang Young on Wednesday.

CURRENT LEADERS (at time of print):


Local Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. Tengku Afnan(Ked) – 770; 2. Zaid Izlan (Elite Backup) – 765; 3.Yusuf Abd Raof (KL) – 751; 4. Mohd Amirrul Afif (Nat Youth) - 749; 5.Aris Ardila (Nat Youth) – 733; 6. Mohd Haziq Shali (Nat Youth) – 733; 7.Kang Bo Long (Elite Backup) - 733

Overseas Pool (Top 12 qualify): 1. Sam Cooley (Aus) – 809; 2. Gregory Gan (Spore) – 807; 3. Jonathan Ang (Spore) – 769; 4. Kim Jong Wook (Kor) – 764; 5. David Candra (Indon) – 759; 6. Tay Kun Long (Spore) – 748; 7. Keith Saw (Spore) – 747.

Mixed Pool (Top 16 qualify): 1. Jang Hong Jun (Korea) – 725; 2. Choi Bok Eum (Kor) – 724; 3. Young Dae In (Kor) – 723; 4. Aldeen Ang (Spore) – 722; 5. Badin L (Thai) – 719; 6. Leo Tse (HK) – 717; 7. Thomas Lee (Spore) – 716

Defending Champion: Adrian David

Singles: 1. Ng Taic Pin (Spore) – 757; 2. Keith Saw (Spore) – 740; 3. Keryn Delaney (Aus) – 732;


Local Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Zatil Iman (Nat Elite) – 798; 2. Hee Kar Yen (Nat Youth) – 737; 3. Esther Cheah (Nat Elite) – 737; 4. Dayang Khairuniza Dhiyana (nat Youth) – 730; 5. Fatin Syazliana (Elite Backup) – 727; 6. Siti Shazwani Ahmad Suhami (Nat Youth) – 715; 7. Siti Safiyah Amrirah (Nat Elite) – 706;

Overseas Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1, Shin Bo Hyun (Kor) – 776); 2. Shayna Ng (Spore) – 741; 3. Jo Hyun Jung (Kor) – 726; 4.Tannya Roumimper (Indon) – 720; 5. Amanda Ng (Spore) – 712; 6. Tazn Yan Ling (Spore) – 709; 7. Jeon Eun Hee (Korea) – 709;

Mixed Pool (Top 11 qualify): 1. Adlin Nadhirah (Nat Youth) – 687; 2. Wan Nur Atiqqa (Johor) – 684; 3. Sharon Koh (Nat Elite) – 681; 4. Kristle Oh ( Spore) – 680; 5.Enseilia Goh (Spore) – 676; 6. Lim Hea Young (Kor) – 674; 7. Hurul Ainul (Nat Youth) – 670;

Defending champion: Sin Li Jane

Singles: 1. Esther Cheah (Nat Elite) – 803; 2. Zatil Iman (Nat Elite) – 781; 3. Jeon Eun Hee – 735

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