Monday, December 14, 2009

Esther's magical Christmas 300

Esther Cheah barely five hours after a tiring 36 hours flight from Nebraska, USA, fire the magical 300m in the singles event at the 10th Milo International Juniors All-Stars Bowling championship at the Sunway Mega Lane this afternoon.

The 23-year-old Esther who will be completing her degree in psychology in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next year, who returned home for her Christmas holidays, bowled the perfect game in her second of three games.

In her first game, she fired 247. In her third game, after having a disastrous two open frames, she bucked up to strike home for a 256 score and 803 for three games to lead in the singles. Fellow national bowler, Zatil Iman who was the overnight leader has now dropped to second spot with her score of 781, while national back-up bowler, Fatin Syazliana is third with 710 pinfalls.

However, there was a moment of doubt whether Esther’s 300 was legitimate because the fault line light came on.

Esther raised her hand did not move from her position after releasing the ball, while the ball she threw brought down all ten pins.

The lane marshall after checking and confirming that Esther had not crossed the fault line, she was declared to have achieved a perfect game.

“I was shocked when the fault line came on and I had the presence of mind not to move and call the lane Marshall. In addition, seeing the ball I threw strike, my heart was in mouth. But I knew that I had not faulted and was relieved when the lane marshall confirmed it,” said a delighted Esther who had the presence of her father Holloway Cheah and her mother Joy.

“This is only my second perfect game since I started bowling at the national youth level eight years ago,” said Esther who fired her first perfect game in the Sinai Open in Egypt in 2004.

“It is indeed a great way to come back home and I hope I will do equally well in the Masters qualifying,” said Esther who picked up the day’s RM1, 000 for her perfect feat.

Esther is the second bowler in the championship to bowl a perfect game after elite back-up bowler, Kang Bo Long, who achieved the feat on the first day of the championship last Wednesday night.

Esther will be bowling back-to-back championships, for immediately after the All-Stars here, she will be heading to Penang to compete in the Penang Pesta International championship.

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