Friday, February 19, 2010

A road map for youth soccer development?

Remember the Road Map for Malaysian Soccer that was supposed to have come up a few years ago?
Whatever happened to it? Probably the end result of that Raod Map is the current FIFA ranking of the Malaysia team!
Now there is some wind that a Road Map for Youth Soccer Development is in the offing.
And this is the bigger story. It is learnt that this Road Map will involve about RM50 million over five years!
Don't ask me if this is for real? I really do not know.
But at the rate everyone is going overboard after the Malaysian Under-23 soccer team won the Sea Games gold medal in Laos, I am not surprised at anything.
We already have plans virtually finalised with Everton FC to almost a tune of RM10 for some development programme which involves a bus going around the country!
On the other hand, a great development programme launched by a local private company which involved a Junior league for Under-12 held in the Klang Valley last year which attracted 24 teams, is finding difficulties getting sponsors.
The National Junior Community League (NJCL), which had the sanction of the FA of Malaysia last year, even had tied up with Astro and had a weekly one hour programme on the League.
With so much potential for the League to grow, FA of Malaysia for reasons best known to them, are reluctant to give sanction for this year.
The league is scheduled to start next month and with 32 teams already signed up, including two teams coming from Penang.
Astro have offered three of their stations to cover the League!
Managed by an event management company Hand Print, they are determined to go ahead with the League, which has gained so much popularity.
The word is that the Ministry of Youth and Sports, have a similar programme up their sleeves to be organised this year and that is reason FA of Malaysia is not giving the sanction to Hand Print for the NJCJ.
Instead of giving every assistance to see the NJCJ programme bloom, it is being sabotaged!
This is Malaysian soccer for you.
These soccer schools and academies, who compete in the NJCJ, are actually the ones who are keeping Malaysia soccer alive at grassroots level because schools soccer is virtually dead!
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 And to think that there are efforts to derail a good thing or see a different hand come into the picture suddenly, is indeed mysterious indeed, to say the least.
It is indeed going to be interesting to see how Hand Print get around this and continue with their good work they have started.
And even more interesting will be to see if the RM50 million Youth Development Road Map gets underway and who will be the people involved. Any guesses?


Anonymous said...

A very sad situation indeed - politics everywhere!

Vedrah said...

hey Tony,

many tried juast as many crash and burned in trying to help. They don't even want to let other succeed when they themselves don't have the slighest clue where to start. Its not only about malaysian football, IT IS THE WAY EVERYTHING WORKS IN MALAYSIA! They get an idea from others than put a spanner in it. Let someone do it, if it is successful, take it away from them. If it fail it was no skin of their back!!

Andrew Gopal said...


Perhaps Hand Print should prove a point to FAM that they could even do better without their sanction and contribution, as they now have been sidelined.

Sanction no sanction,the show got to go on Hand Print.

I am sure the boys are looking forward to the league.

You can be sure the Community League will be a success for year 2010 with the continued support of local soccer academies that have took part last year and also with then overwhelming support from parents.

Really sick and tired of associations that suppose
to be guardians instead trying to back stab and steal ideas and efforts initiated by other.