Saturday, February 6, 2010

Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF)

 Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF)
Level 4, National Aquatic Centre, Bukit Jalil Sports Complex, Bukit Jalil,
57700 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Email: Fax : 603 - 56343112
Media Release
Formation of a Protem Committee for
Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) as a National Taekwondo body.
Date : 5thth February 2010.
The Protem Committee of Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) wishes to announce its formation as a national body to look after the affairs of taekwondo WTF in Malaysia by a virtue of a Ministerial Directive and appointment letters issued via the Sports Commisioners Office dated 4th February 2010. The task to form this National body was entrusted to Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar with his first hand experience in the affairs of Taekwondo WTF while in his Chairmanship of the now dissolved MTA Ad Hoc Committee.
The Terms of Reference for this new Protem Committee is as follows in its original Bahasa Malaysia text for its accuracy.
1. Untuk menubuhkan sebuah badan taekwondo baru dan akan berdaftar dengan pejabat ini.
2. Mempelawa semua persatuan taekwondo peringkat negeri dan kelab - kelab taekwondo untuk menyertai badan sukan baru tersebut.
3. Memastikan satu mesyuarat agung tahunan diadakan dalam tempoh tidak melebihi 12 bulan dari tarikh ia didaftarkan.
4. Memastikan bahawa perlembagaan persatuan peringkat negeri yang menyertai badan sukan taekwondo yang baru ini adalah selari dengan perlembagaannya di mana satu negeri hanya mempunyai satu wakil sahaja.
5. Menjalankan semua urusan berkaitan taewkondo WTF bagi sukan taekwondo di Malaysia.
6. Menjaga kebajikan dan status atlet untuk mewakili negara di dalam kejohanan taekwondo
The officers appointed into the Protem Committee by letter issued by the Sports Commisioner’s Office dated 4th February 2010 and subsequently elected into the various positions at the Meeting are :
Chairman Y.A.M. Tunku Tan Sri Imran Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Jaafar
Deputy Chairman Dato‟ Roy Rajasingam.
Secretary Datuk Samson David Maman
Treasurer Mr KM Rajenderan
Technical Chairman Grandmaster Mr Song Yoong Khin
Committee Members
Y. Bhg Datuk Mohamad Nazim Bin Tun Abdul Razak
Mr Chee Hock Choong
Grandmaster Leow Cheng Koon
Grandmaster Chin Mee Keong
Also to be appointed into the Committee for their invaluable advice are:-
En. Jalaludin Bin Othman of Kementerian Pendidikan
Tuan Haji Jalil Bin Hj Abdullah of MSN
Puan Hjh. Che Zaharah Bt. Abdul Hamid of KBS
All appointments of Protem Committee Members are in their personal capacity as they have the necessary expertise and knowledge on matters affecting this sport.
The tenure of the Protem Committee wil be for 12 months but the Chairman with the support of his Protem Committee Members hopes to resolve all matters within 3 to 4 months before an Inaugral AGM can be held to elect Office Bearers to administer the Association. The revised open Constitution created by the previous MTA Ad Hoc Committee for National Association and State affiliates will be adopted by Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) with minor amendments.
The Chairman also wishes to announce that MTCA and MTF has reaffirmed its decision to disband as national bodies representing Taekwondo WTF members in Malaysia. The MTF will do so on the 19th March 2010 and the MTCA on the 4th March at 6pm in support of Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF).
The Chairman wishes to notify that ATM and MASUM will be encouraged to affiliate with Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) as the Sports Commissioner has given it exemption from registration with the SC‟s Office to maintain its status. All Clubs and states seeking affiliation to Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF) must be registered with the Sports Commisioners Office.
The Chairman Tunku Imran and the protem Committee wishes to thank the States and Taekwondo Clubs for the numerous congratulatory messages received on its formation .He said ” It augurs well for a new beginning after more than 5 years of turmoil this sport has gone through. He has stated his wish to see all parties coming
together to help rebuild Taekwondo (WTF) in Malaysia and expresses his thanks to the former MTA States of Perlis, Perak, Malacca and Negeri Sembilan as well as the MTF States of Kedah, Sabah, Sarawak, Johore and Putrajaya for their faxed letters of support. The MTF States of Sabah and Johore were previously affiliated to MTA. Kuala Lumpur under Mr Ho Kam Phaw “has also expressed support in principle for the initiative but will hold its State meeting soon to endorse its decision before issuing its written consent.”
The Chairman reiterated „It not too late for anyone to join in but please do it as early as possible as taekwondo classes and many taekwondo Instructors have already been affected nationwide in this new school calendar year of 2010. The continued upheavals within taekwondo WTF must come to an end and this change will be the catalyst for it. The Constitution is open free and fair to enable members to determine their future and their destiny. We are only interim Administrators” 

Issued by:
Datuk Samson Maman
Hon Secretary


Mr. Olympism. said...

Dear Level Field, This move by the SC is the best possible move for Taekwando. Now we see that the SC are still the best body to solve the matter because under the ACt they have this power and not OCM.

The new body Taekwando Malaysia (WTF)I suppose means that the International Federation (IF) WTF would have recognised this new body as the new NSA for Taekwando. With that all is not lost. everyone who are keen to practise Taekwando will have to join Taekwando Malaysia WTF. The other International Body like GTF and ITF having its representative in Malaysia have to close down.

This formula will work because the body that are united are all breakaway group from the previous MTA practising the same style.

To the rest who are pessismistic I say let us see how it goes for a year or so or at least until the next AGM.

All the best to Taekwando, lets wait and see. We cannot call this a success until the coming AGM.

I do hope there are no further court actions in Taekwando and I am fglad that Mr.KP Ho has learned his lesson well.

Everybody Goes Kunfu Fighting said...

There is a lesson to be learn from this Taekwando episode. That is you do not and should not mess around with the authorities and in this case the Sports Commissioner.
It is a bad idea in matters of sport to get the courts involved seeking for decloaration, specific performances, injunctions and what have you. The reason is these people who insist on resolving the matter in courts have mi8ssed the plot altogether. What makest a Sportsmen? The underlying factor that makes one a sportsmenis their conduct. The behaviour of a gentlemen, fairplay , integrity , honesty and the spirit that is all good in the participation in Sports. When these grop of Taekiwando chaps started action against the parties, that was the death knell of the MTA. Many International Federation in resolving sports matters have their internal mechanism to arbitrate and the main body for Sports Arbitration is in Switzerland. It is arbitration not litigation!
Reading the statement of Ho Kham Paw, there is still this tone of defiance that you can detect. Please, the Sports Commissioner has already decided, what else do you want ? So if your members are not agreeable what are you going to do, take up an action against the SC like what you did years ago? You chaps never learn and if a body is going to throw in the spanner, I say just chop them off and send him packing.
I support this new body Taekwando Malaysia WTF. This is subject to always that the Intertaional Body has given its blessings and all future Taekwando activities follows the rules of the International Federation and the Sports Development Act.
To the Sports Commissioner, I say congratulations in acting wisely and getting this new body recognised, to Level Field thank you for raising this issue in your Blog.
To the other Taekwando body like ITF and GTF, can you just pack your bags and leave the Malaysian shores. The instructors and students of these bodiies might as well change camps now.
As to OCM just do not meddle into the affairs on matters that you are not familiar with. There are a couple of personalities like Dato Roy and Tunku Imran, just do your job that you are tasked to do, no more mediation and please tell your old Sec Gen to keep out.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful move by all concerned. We the Instructors salute you on behalf of the parents and the kids. We are not interested in the legal suits, the dramas or the politics, we just want to do our thing, promote taekwondo wtf and decide for ourselves. Why was this not implemented earlier as we had to endure 5 years of confusion. Ban all those greedy officials who think the courts is the answer.

Everybody goes Kungfu fighting said...

Anon 11.48 PM the 5 years you had to endure is an accumulation of wrong moves by many parties. When there is a problem you look at who is empowered to resolve the matter, the answer is, you look at the Sports Development Act, the provisions are all there to give the SC powers to act.
A group of goons from Taekwando and a smart ass lawyer decided to sue everyone on sight killed it all.
Then OCM came into the picture, and made people angry and they later were tasked to form that ad hoc committee where they messed it up big time. The catalyst that stirred more anger and hatred is the manner the OCM grand old man handled things. He was not impartial, he took sides. That is where OCM loses credibility.
Look forward to Taekwando Malaysia MTA, this is the only formular. Many may not be happy but heck there is no such thing as absolute happi8ness.Good luck!

Anonymous said...

dear tony m, ioc member tunku imran and his pal r. rathanasingam failed when they were in charge of the ad-hoc committe to revamp taekwondo. now they have been appointed to fail again. its not the sport, its the people.

Anonymous said...

I dont think Tunku failed at the MTA Ad Hoc Committee. He in fact spent so much time to get a draft agreed between all the factions and presented the draft to us on the 24th October at the OCM Hall. What he did not expect was the MTA States to pull a fast one and turn against them after expressing assurances of support earlier. It did not help that Raja Taharuddin a Karate expert also mid way during the session blurted out that he was against the decisions of the Ad Hoc Committee causing all to rally behind Raja Taharuddin. Nobody asked why a Karate expert was meddling in Taekwondo sports. It was a shock to everyone on his actions but it could have been a calculated powerplay to grandstand in a last ditch effort to cling to power, but Why Karate I dont understand, maybe too many shots to the head.

Well the OCM and the authorities have finally decided to put their foot down and act decisively. That we hope will be the trend in future as Sports is in dumps in this country. Its no surprise as the OCM Secretary also has a vested interest in keeping friends to count on like a certain Mamba on the side.

Mr. Olympism said...

Anon 5.42pm I respect your views but I have to humbly disagree with your observation that OCM is not at fault. True OCM was tasked to do the job to bring the parties together to solve thwe problem, the vehicle used is the Ad Hoc committee. True that Tunku Imran with Roy Raja singham did a draft and put in alot of work to broker a peace deal.
You see Anon, the whole thing is the issue of credibility and power. Does OCM have the power to mediate or arbitrate in a matter where the feuding parties does not respect OCM, because of bias of OCM. Grand Old Man is not only bias but very openly critise the State especially that hot shot lawyer KPHO, who only aggraveted the whole thing.
My point is this, to arbitrate and mediate, the parties MUST by agreement agree to be bind themselves to the decision of the mediating party. If there are no such agreement by the feuding parties why act as mediator in the first place. Why OCM, they have 2 legal eagles Roy and Beng Choo, these 2 should have told Tunku to lay the rules first. Instead they make an annoucement they are BIG brother and all feuding parties come to them and tell BIG Brother their problems. In the first place who are OCM? They are nothing but a glorified Registry to send our boys to the Games. You see OCM and how they control the NSA are power hungry, they flash their authority like if you do not listen to me you die. But many sports body out there including their NSA find OCM over bearing corrup and that Grand OLd man interferring.
Be fair to Tunku and Roy, they are coming in not as OCM but independent parties to lead this new body, Grand Old Emperor is not there so itshould be okay.
This time if the KP HO and the boys want to take up legal action, I say chop them off taekwando and send them into oblivion. I feel in Sports you loses if you have to resort to court action. On the SEC Gen og OCM wghat can we say, he has out lived his shelf life that no one dares to remove him. So you chaps will have to suffer on and on until he eventually goes.
That is why I am so insistant that OCM has failed badly and the main cause of Taekwando problems.
Now with this move by SC, say what you want as long as SC have the blessing of the IF World Taekwando Federation, that is it. Case closed, all the rules in the Olympic Family Games follows WTF rules and Section 34 of the SDA says they follow rules of IF. I rest my case.

Rain Man said...

Ans I thought WTF , was WORLD TAEKWANDO FEDERATION, but in reality it is What The ****.

Anonymous said...

Good news for all Taekwondo fans. Take a peek at the WTF website at and under heading of members, Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF), does that mean the WTF has recognised Taekwondo Malaysia and in record short time too.