Wednesday, February 24, 2010

UKRC gets recognition to organise course

Ulu Klang Recreation Club (UKRC) has been given the recognition and endorsement by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and National Olympic Academy, to be the first club in Malaysia to be allowed to conduct the Basic Sports Administration Course (BSAC) on behalf of National Olympic Academy. 





DATE : 25th MARCH – 28th MARCH 2010

A.      What is the Basic Sports Administration Course?

The Basic Sports Administration Course is designed to assist volunteers who work in sports organizations to improve, operate and manage their sports organization efficiently and effectively.

B.     Aims of Course

·        To inculcate professionalism in sports management among sports administrators
·        To enable sports administrators run their organization efficiently and effectively
·        To equip sports personnel with critical administration skills
·        To enhance organizational skills in managing sports events

C.     Course Content

The Basic Sports Administration Course consists of eight modules covering the following topics:-

·         The Olympic Movement
·         Government & Sports
·         Value & Ethics in Sport - Fairplay
·         Governance of a Sports Organization
·         Meetings
·         Budget & Money Management
·         Source of Revenue
·         Communication

The main content for the modules will be derived from the book, “Sports Administration Manual”. This book provides the primary content for the learning experience and is the framework for delivery of the course. The materials presented are taken from Olympic Sport Organizations throughout the world and represent a balance of sport management theory and practical examples, providing a rich and extensive database of applied materials. The use 
of the book as the standard referral text will enable participants to identify what is and is not appropriate for their organizations and learn how to specifically apply the information to improve their organizations.

A.      Course Strategy

The course strategy is participant-centred and the methodology will be participative, interactive and experiential in nature. Participants will be involved in making short presentations of the modules, discussions of the content, group work and sharing of experiences.

B.     Course Schedule

The course will be conducted for a period of four days from 25th March – 28th March 2010.

C.     Course Venue

Ulu Klang Recreation Club
No. 2, Jalan Pelangi
Kuala Ampang
68000 Ampang
Selangor Darul Ehsan

D.     Certification

Participations must attend 100% of the sessions for all eight modules. For each module, participants are required to make a presentation based on the topic of the module.

Participants who fulfill all the requirements of the course will be awarded a Basic Sports Administration Certificate by the Olympic Council Of Malaysia certified by the International Olympic Committee.

H.     Facilitators

The BSAC programme will be managed by a qualified Programme Director certified by Olympic Solidarity and OCM. Facilitators who are qualified and experienced selected from the Sports Institutes, sports organizations and other related institutions will conduct the sessions.

I.    For Further Information

Please contact Mr. Ng Weng Soon of UKRC at +6019 3203365 or email

J.      Organizing Committee

Advisor                              : Y.Bhg. Prof. Dato’ Dr. Zakaria Ahmad

NOA Director                     : Dr. Tan Siew Eng
National Course Director  : Mr. Andrew Gopal

Facilitators                         : Y.Bhg. Dato’ Sieh Kok Chi
: Ms. Moira Tan Siew See
: Mr. Wan Yew Leong
                                          : Mr. Stanley Charles Louis
                                          : Mr. Suhardi Alias
                                          : Mr. Dan Leong Theng Choon

Invited External Consultant     : Mr. Aloysius Lee Fook Kwang

Secretariat                         : Mr. Lee Paw Koi
                                          : Mr. Jeffrey Lau
                                          : Mr. Yap Wei Pun
                                          : Mr. Chan Kar Yee
                                          : Mr. Mohd Parweez
                                          : Mr. Ng Weng Soon
                                          : Mr. Seow Kok Min
                                          : Mr. Phua Chee Wah



Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Level Field,

This course is so good and I feel that those chaps managing the NSA must cooperate by attending this course.
My only reservations is the presences of Dato Sieh Kok Chi as as one of the facilitators of this course. Seriously, Dato Sieh is a man with a wealth of experience in Sports, but I have serious doubts of his credentials in practicing the Olympism or Olympian spirit. Many has question his integrity and sincerity as a person.
With so much nonsense going on in OCM afainst him, getting Dato Sieh to be a facilitator is akin to having a wolf preaching to a bunch of lambs the virtue of being a vegetarian. In short " cakap bukan serupa bikin". If he is removed as a facilitator I am sure many will attend the course.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Olympism I think you have missed the mark altogether, after so long you see no one dare to touch DSKC or go against him. Now don't you think he have got the qualifications to be a facilitator to teach them , how to remain in your post where no one can remove you. Man he will make lamb chops to all those who attend the course.
Go Dato Sieh! Go!

Non-sports enthusias said...

Well truth be known. The National Olympic Academy is spreading its wings under the new (or I might say 2nd term administrators, Ms Moira Tan tutalage) after the booting of a Mr.Chua.

The program would be good for those who attend it, as many would have the necessary credientials to facilitate it (from NSC & SSC, Private Sports Assoc, former media strongman & of course the man who fought the State government & won the ukrc ground himself).

The external consultant himself is a man of vast experiences in sports.

Who else would uses these much of experiences in sports & gullible ppl to manuveor and tell the NSAs that he should and MUST remain in OCM for another term (as similar to his sidekick/s) to finish what he started on proxy by his sidekick.

Benefit of doubt to them for they might even try to take over the Sports Ministry themselves in response to what is happening in MSSM.

All the best to those who attend the course.