Friday, February 12, 2010

Kok Chi deserves better, no matter what!

This blog was never intended to be used to character assassinate any sports officials.
The way things have developed over several postings related to Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) and Taekwondo, OCM secretary-general, Datuk Sieh Kok Chi, has been a target for criticism and at times some of the comments went a step further to attack him personally.
However, I would like to think that these comments were made in the best interest of sports and no malice or personal vendettas were linked to it.
I have posted the comments in good faith, but I must apoligise to Datuk Sieh if he has been 
embarrassed in anyway. That was certainly not my intention when I cleared the comments to be posted.
I just wanted to see a healthy discussion, in the best interest of sports.
In all fairness to Datuk Sieh, he does not deserve most of the flak leveled at him.
I have known Datuk Sieh from day one, when he was took over from Thong Poh Nyen in 1992 and even before.
Datuk Sieh is passionate about sports and has always worked for the sports.
Any other person is position would have been tempted to abuse his position for his own benefit.
However, maybe over the years, Datuk Sieh, because of his age and long-winded in his address, many are beginning to think that he is becoming irrelevant or dismiss him.
But Datuk Sieh is very rich in Malaysian sports and its culture. He is bank of wisdom when he speaks about sports. He is a respected figure worldwide in the sports fraternity.
However, just because he is getting old and may not match up to the standards of the young and upcoming sports officials, he certainly does not deserve to be dismissed rudely.
At least give him the respect for his age and wisdom.
It is very common in this world to forget all the good things done in the past and only remember the few mistakes made.
As Divine in his comment posted in this blog had said: "Kok Chi is only human. He is bound to make mistakes."
Yes, we are all human.
We are all living in glass houses and it will be foolish to throw stones at others.
Maybe, Datuk Sieh has served past his time and he should gracefully step down. I am sure he is aware of the situation and will make his announcement in due course.
But in the meantime, let us not ridicule him and forget all the services he has rendered.
And also let us not regret later with a new secretary-general, who cannot match up to Datuk Sieh.
Yes, there are many capable candidates, but it is hoped that whoever takes up the position eventually, does not abuse the seat, but takes up the seat with sports at heart.
And it is also hoped that OCM will still be a place where Ali, Ah Chong, Alagapa, Adrian and Ajitpal, can all walk into, get fair treatment and have the feeling that it is a home for Malaysians!
I am sure there will be many sending in comments saying otherwise of Datuk Sieh, but hold your horses!
One day, you might get old and someone will throw the same stones at you.
Always appreciate what has been done. If there needs to be a change, there is always a platform to bring it up and make the changes, if necessary.
I am not taking sides here, but merely respecting a veteran sports administrator who is very knowledgeable and above all passionate about sports.

Just to side track, I remember the days of Abdullah Marzuki (MSSM secretary-general), A. Vaithilingam (now Datuk, former Selangor Schools Sports Council secretary-general - right) and the late S. Balachandran (then Federal Territory Schools Sports Council secretary-general), who were doing so much work for schools sports.
The reporters then, (including me), on numerous occasions have taken them to task on several issues, where we felt that they could have done better on several matters.
Now looking back against the present sports officials in schools, these gentlemen were 100 times better, efficient, passionate and dedicated to their job.
They made what schools sports was in the 70s and 80s.
Out they went and so did schools sports!
I just hope the same will not happen to OCM.
Whatever said, OCM has been a solid body for sports in Malaysia, despite their limitations.
There are other bodies who can do much more with their means, but less said of them, the better!
Of course OCM can always raise its bar and should. Let us hope that that the new generation of officials can achieve that and not fall behind current standards.

And  as a parting shot, I agree that Datuk Naim Mohamad, the MNCF deputy president , is a good candidate to replace Datuk Sieh.

Datuk Naim is a down to earth man, with no personal agendas, who is well liked and respected by the sports fraternity.
Of course, there are many other candidates, but I am sure the delegates know best and will pick the right candidate based on merit and ability to carry out the duties.


Anonymous said...

Old is gold

Yes,as humans e tend to forget - even whatever good things our previous good leaders have done and harp on mistakes of others

There will always be that generation gap but we must remeber the world is always changing and we have to adapt to the circumstances

If we fail to change, we will suffer- of course change for the good reasons

Most good leaders will eventually plan theirexit when they feel the time is right especially when they know who will take over....when the time comes

However only God plans our exit out of this world anytime,anywhere in whatever circumstances He pleases

let us all while on earth, just give our best to the world of sports in whatever remaining capacity we are in......

Anonymous said...

humans make mistakes. godfrey sieh kok chi makes them as an art. your writtings show that you dont know much abot sports. naim is just a red herring.

tonymariadass said...

Anon8.08am....Wished you had identified yourself, for me to judge if you know sports!
But let me tell you...I know Malaysian sports well enough and have 3 decades of experience of it.
However, what I do not what to know is the politics of sports because I do not indulge in nor condone it.
Yes, I know there is a lot of politics in sports these days and that is what those who are passionate about sports, trying to get rid of.
What I am talking about is pure sports and for the love of sports.
If you are expert in sports politics, maybe you should enlighten us and put to shame all those who play the political game in sports. And please stand up and name yourself when you decide to enlighten us.
It is always easy to hurl comments hiding in a shell!

Anonymous said...


As mentioned, a guy whom gave his heart and sould for Malaysian Sports certainly deserve better.
Always admired his passion and sincerity for sports.
I am wish him well.

Zainal Hashim said...

Most of the times, when you do things and say things that are right people hate you for pointing out their mistakes. I guess this is the reason why Abang Seih is getting all the flax!!!

Mr. Olympism said...

Zainal Hashim, I am not sure I am agreeable to your statement that Abang or Godfrey Sieh "do and says things that are right". Right from whose point of view? We accept that there are always two opposite sides to a coin. If you think that Godfrey Sieh is right by virtue that Might is right, then I have nothing to say further. The weak and the downtrodden is finished!
In the case of the "Grand Ole Man" I cannot accept someone who espouses the Olympian spirit or fair play and does the exact opposite. That hypocrisy must be flushed out. Let's be clear that there is no such thing as an Olympian Team but OCM through him can still pull a stunt and send a Team devoid of proper selection. Can you run a proper National selection ignoring the Sports Development Act? He did it and say so openly defying an Act of Parliament. These are documented.
Okay so you say he is kind to the athletes and bend backwards to send a Team, but what about those athletes who went through proper selection and were ignored. Where is Justice and Fair Play for them?
Level Field and many who commented have the milk of human kindness in them and most of all I think his seniority and his charming smile, that may perhaps led Zainal Hashim to use the term Abang Sieh. Many in the Ministry also says tak apa la, dia dah tua, bagi la chance.
If that is the view of semua nya Okay! and kita bolih tutup satu mata, I have nothing to say anymore.
I had always felt that this Blog by level field is for us to voice out what is wrong and we have to put it right.
Godfrey Sieh, if you do read this I want you to know that I have nothing personal against you, but I have big problems of what you have done in your capacity as SEC Gen of OCM.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 8.08. If you know sports, then you will know who was the instigatror in the taekwondo, golf and skating fiasco. Now, that same person is trying to instigate wushu/lion dance to figh the sc.

Everybody Goes Kunfu Fighting said...

Godfrey Sieh ? Anon 8.08 a.m. are you sure that is his name. As far as I know of Dato' Sieh the Sec Gen of OCM always introduces himself as simply Kok Chi, minus the Dato'.
He is very humble and very unassuming.
Only lately I heard he introduces himself as Donny Sieh. Please do not accuse him as the instigator of Taekeando, Golf, Skating, Wushu, Lion Dance. That is not fair at all, with his years in sports, he is an expert and an authority to comment, advice and guide all the Sports body. Be real! OCM cannot operate without Donny.
Those who fight are the stupid ones to be instigated by Donny. Be fair la anon 8.02am

rizal hashim said...

Tony, I've argued with Datuk Sieh on many occasions. To me he is a gentleman receptive to criticism. Of course being the head of the OCM secretariat, Kok Chi has had his decisions questioned and scrutinised. Rumours are abound he and a few office-bearers in OCM cannot see eye to eye but to me that's not really a problem as long as they share a common aim. Only thing, I told him to start identifying his successor and let him or her be his understudy...share his knowledge and start delegating or empowering people...also datuk sieh in a telephone conversation with me promised that the 2007-2009 was going to be his last term...this was recorded in the form of an open letter to OCM published by Malay Mail...but of course its his words against mine...anyway in the spirit of this posting, i shall not take away anything from Datuk Sieh. He has given a lot to sports and has also been part of a lot of controversies between the agencies and the NGO...not forgetting the fact Datuk sieh had the balls to take on your ex-boss Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said, as much as he did take on Azalina's predecessors...Take Care Datuk Sieh and you too Tony...

Mr. Olympism said...

Rizal Hashim, I think no one in Malaysia will take it away from Donny Sieh or is it Godfrey Sieh the credit that he did alot for Malaysian sports.What ever good he has done he is slowly but surely throwing it away.
At the OCM board meeting he patronises the other Board members and the fact that he is able to do it, who do you blame?
Lets face in Tunku needs him and the rest are just too scared to speak up. He has managed to put himself in a position that the rest of the Board members only talks behind his back but have no courage or gumption to call a spade a spade. You call it Balls!
2007 - 2009 is his last term? Well now it is 2010 and being a survivor he will remain in OCM as Sec. Gen. longer that 2010 - 2012.

Just watch!

Future Olympian said...

Aik...the loose cannon is not that loose anymore? what happened...has it been oiled and tighten already? sori for that rizal.

What ever is said about dato' sieh of him being the sec gen - the good & bad is not for us to judged...let it be on his conscience.

We have to give credit where credit is dued...even to the Olde Man of OCM. If the OCM board wants him so be it...whether they have the gumption or balls to speak out against him is their fate. They put themselves there...and nobody is forcing them to stay too.

Let's put all the flak against him to rest...whether anyone would share my sentiments or not.

If anyone here disagree...then stand against him at the next OCM's election... that's IF you have the BALLS to do that!