Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good news for Taekwondo Malaysia?

This piece of news was sent to this blog under the name "Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF)": :
Good news for all Taekwondo fans. Take a peek at the WTF website at and under heading of members, Taekwondo Malaysia (WTF), does that mean the WTF has recognised Taekwondo Malaysia and in record short time too.

Member National Associations Country (Yer of Affiliation) = 43 Members
Afghanistan (1993) Bahrain (1977) Bangladesh (1999)
Bhutan (1985) Brunei Darussalam (1973) Cambodia (1995)
China (1995) Chinese Taipei (1974) Hong Kong (1978)
India (1979) Indonesia (1975) Iran (1975)
Iraq (1984) Japan (1981) Jordan (1979)
Kazakhstan (1993) Korea (1973) Kuwait Judo & Taekwondo Federa... (1977)
Kyrgyzstan (1993) Laos (1996) Lebanon (1978)
Macao (2002) Malaysia (1975) Mongolia (1991)
Myanmar (1990) Nepal (1983) Oman (2010)
Pakistan (1977) Palestine (1989) Philippines (1973)
Qatar (1977) Saudi Arabia (1977) Singapore (1975)
Sri Lanka (1983) Syria (2000) Tajikistan (1995)
Thailand (1975) Timor-Leste (2009) Turkmenistan (2000)
United Arab Emirates (1994) Uzbekistan (1992) Vietnam (1989)
Yemen (1988)


Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Level Field, I have said before and I am saying it now, when the SC decided to make its move and finish off MTA there are two criteria he needs to satisfy.
First to make sure that the International Federation will recognised the new body. Dato Nik, the SC is a wise man, if he were to recognised a body that have no international affiliation, what are our athletes going to do? How are they going to represent Malaysia in the Olympic Family Games like SEA Games and the Asian Games? The technical rules are all govern by the the International Federation WTF. Did you not guess it when the name Taekwando Malaysia (WTF)? It means it is endorsed and accepted by the IF already. To Dato Nik and your team " Syabas" a nice move to save the sport.
The other crtiteria is our Sports Development Act. Look at Section 34, it says very clearly that any Championships you have to follow the rules of the IF and use the officials accepted by IF. Now think, can Dato Nik or would Dato Nik dare to breach Section 34 of our Act of Parliament?
From this move, onwards, you can tell Dato Sieh Kok Chi the Sec Gen of OCM that hence forth, there won't be such think as sending an Olympian Team. Ask the Old Man where in the OCM constitution that allows OCM to send an Olympian Team. What is this Olympian Team and how are they selected? You mean you don't know? Then you must be sleeping. To be sent to the Games as an official or an athlete all you need is to " Bodek" the old man and god knows what not. Why not do an audit on the selection process and ask Old Man how he select the officials and the athletes? You know the word "Bodek' is a classic word and dig deeper you may even see the true picture and it is called " Corruption". Just like the Water Chalet, story, MACC skim the surface and you find nothing but go deeper you will find the Rot.
I know my friend Rizal Hashim and many have accused me of being a coward writing under the blanket of anonimity. Yes I am still a coward for if he knows me my sport will be habis la.
Old Man bashing perhaps but again judge me by what I write. Hammer me if you think I am being unfair to the old man, but the plight and also the blight that the NSA are suffering is on account of the Grand Old Man. That translated downwards affect our Malaysian sports.
Give him a gold watch as "Everybody Goes Kungfu Fighting" says and throw him a party and then I can tell you many will be there not only to see him go , but make sure he does not turn back.

Divine said...

Okay Mr. Olympism you have made your point quite clearly but must you be so hard on the Sec Gen of OCM. You have to understand that he has been there for many years dedicating his life to Sports in the Malaysian scene.
OCM will not be what it is today with their own building an a healthy financial balance in the Bank is to a large extend the Sec Gen's doing.
Okay he may have fallen and made a few mistakes at time, but really can you show me a man who is totally free from prejudices and bias?
Acknowledge the fact that he is human, he makes mistakes and being a silent reader who follows sports , I noticed that you are particularly critical when OCM and The Sec Gen are involved.
Much as I cannot fault what you have said but as a sportsman, can I appeal the human side of you to perhaps understand and forgive the "Grand Old Man" of OCM.
Dato Sieh, if you read this Blog, perhaps you should consider stepping down, i think the writings are already on the wall.