Friday, February 26, 2010

Is there future for Malaysian sports?

Sports is the simplest thing in life and it is suppose to  be fun and pure.
However in recent times, sports has become so complicated, that it is now equated with politics.
Sports is stress these days. A Malaysian veteran sports official recently remarked that sports is a good thing, but when someone gets involved in it, it makes people bad!
Malaysian sports without doubt is following the trend, as there is heavy politics in sports, squabbles, jealousy, back stabbing, greediness, corrupt practices, selfishness and above all, no fair play at all.
What prompted me to blog on this matter was when a conversation with another veteran sports official about an association which I had the highest respect for and wished that other sports associations will emulate them.
But little did I realise that beneath all that goodness, the ugly side still existed in an association which I held in high esteem all this while.
This association is a case of a sports which rose from zero to hero.
Thanks to a great leader who had so much passion for the sports, a true professional, a no nonsense personnel and who did so much for the sports, the association attained the high standards in such a short time.
One would not have imagined that this sports association, would be suddenly making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.
This sport had attained world-class standard and is a respected worldwide.
Their officials under this able leader, were equally professional and worked towards one common goal - to see the sports become a winner. Yes, these officials had power - the power to work. They were the servants to the association.
There were no personal glories or agendas sought by these officials.
However, when an association is doing well in the sports, financially sound, gets all the publicity and moves into the high profile area, it attracts many people who come to not only share the limelight, but with the interest to get something in return and with agendas.
To make matters worse, the players who have who have been nurtured to became world class players, become prima donnas overnight, challenge authority, team comradeship is thrown out of the window and players' power rule rears its ugly head.
That is the last thing an association with such creditable needs, but it happened.
Officials who have dedicated themselves to work for the association in the name of sports, are accused of all sorts of things, other officials join in fracas to capitalise on situations and it is chaos in the association.
The image of the association and officials are tarnished among the world fraternity overnight and to add spice to the drama, media reports are not factual, sides are taken and everything which took years to build, is in ashes.
Then we have bodies who are suppose to be neutral and aid sports associations, taking sides and playing Godfathers, to add further confusion to the sport.
Attempts to salvage whatever is possible in the name of sports by a leader who a gentleman of the highest order, is not given the due respect.
I really cannot come to terms that this association had been dragged through mud, despite being among the best managed bodies.
This piece of news, really has shattered whatever little hope I had for Malaysian sports.
Sports has become a vicious circle and has left me asking myself, what chance do other lesser sports and sports who are still struggling to find their footing, have?
It is indeed a sad day for Malaysian sports and with each passing day, the true spirit and pureness of sports is lost, as it sinks further into turmoil and controversy.
Whether even divine intervention can save Malaysian sports is a big question mark now!


Mr. Olympism said...

Aw Level Field, Do not be too sad, politics is abound in every organisation be it sporting or otherwise. What you are bemoaning is nothing new and I hope you do not be or feel too dejected of the situation.
You have your Blog Level Field, this is an opportunity to highlight the injustice and unfairness. I have seen you shooting those who comment in your Blog if you feel the remarks made is uncalled for. As the moderator you defended as well as you give just as good as you take.
Look at Loose Canon, commenting on the state of affairs of Taekwando. Finally I think and feel Rizal Hashim is expressing his frustration in the manner Taekwando has been treated by the SC and OCM.
Naw! Level Field, do not give up or feel down, be brave and put right what is not right. You have the courage of a Lion and the tenacity of the Tiger.
Look at OCM today, just look at the structure, look at the Board of OCM and in particular look at the SEC Gen of OCM age 71 and the nonsense that he has created. Ask yourself are they doing what they are supposed to do? You know that as far as OCM is concerned the de facto power is the Sec Gen. How did he become so powerful in the first place? The answer is that OCM does not have an effective Board and the President , I am sorry to say is led by the nose by this Sec. Gen.
Enough said , do not despair, we are behind you and respect your ideal to seek a level field in the world of sports.

Anonymous said...

Wow...a very good piece from you thus far about the state of sports in Malaysia.

As many non-sport associations personnel or self-interest event managers lay claim to sport events...the trully pure sport associations are being left out. Many of these friendlies have come a calling to associations with goodies & advices to assist them in running their events to put them in the international scene without understanding the finer print of associations hierarchy of line communication, without which they might get the say association banned or suspended due to their overzealousness of holding the event for them.

Politics aside, many of the sport officials who once has passion to see their sport thru have seen better days, as many are replaced by younger & hotter bloodied officials who goes out at length to make a mark for their respective beloved sports. But that's slow going in almost all NSAs. Hopefully abeit internal politics, the NSAs would change for the better to admit these younger officials to their fold to bring back the glory days to their respective sport associations.

Stand aside with honour & don't get booted out with disgrace as time doesn't wait for anyone. The future of sports is in your hands...and if u hold-on too tight you might kill it.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is proven that LTAM is not doing enough to produce high level competition players. Just look at the National No. 1. For decades it has been Selvam. Then as Selvam got older and retired now it is Yew Meng. Even Yew Meng has been around for a long time and i believe it is even from Selvam's time. Where are the new No 1's that LTAM has groomed and produced within the last 10 years ?

I totally agree with Melissa that results must speak. No point being a tin kosong. Those who dont have top results no need to make any noise. Prove yourself first. But who are the ones being treated unfairly ? They must be screaming "unfair" probably bcos they have results to show.

Mr Tony,
you may be wrong over the case 24th ranked player given to play in an age-group tournament. It must be for a much bigger stage than an age group tournament because anyone can play in it. Could it be for the Malaysian Open ATP last year because there was so much hoo haa form parents. After some checking on the Malaysian Open website on qualifying results and national ranking list at that time, it can easily be confirmed.

It is very valuable exposure and should it not be for LTAM to use the best descretion to honour all the top ranked juniors who have worked hard and must be focused in playing serious tennis. Coz, otherwise they will not be at the top. Should give them the exposure and help them build confidence and self- belief that one day they can participate in such events with great results. A path should be created for them to enter world class tennis and this opportunity is part of the path. I am sure none of them could have caused any upset in the tournament because it is the first time it is held here and they are not up to them mark yet. But make good of the opportunity and help them prepare for the future years of the same tournament. It will be held here for another 4 years i think. There must be a good plan in place to groom this same group as long as they are disciplined an committed to continue into the followings years. Otherwise how do we make good to our local tennis advantage when we hold world class tournaments here ? We save money for not having to travel to tournaments far and wide so make the best you can here and to top it off, we have home ground advantage.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment earlier. Not only no progress in Men's tennis but also for women. The recent Fed Cup, had to call up a retired player who still performed above all the other team mates. What is wrong with the junior women players ? Jawariah who is supposed to hold the best performance fell very short. If it were not up to KHoo Chin Bee, it would have been worse. Chin Bee saved the day.

Speaking of that,I was eager to watch KIMIko Date and Sania Mirza. I came everyday to watch all the teams prepare and train for their matches i was dumbfounded. All the teams came very complete with all the trainers and equipment and very united. They trained diligently together, 2 sessions a day. Japan, New Zealand and even India. Team Malaysia were hardly seen and even if they were training, the team was not complete most of the time. The only one seen preparing daily prior to the tournament was Chin Bee.In fact on first day of training, the coach had not arrived and the players were waiting and had to borrow ball for practice. Why aren't they taking advantage it is on home ground. Knowing in advance it will be held right here in kL, Malaysian team should be the most prepared but they looked the most pathetic for ill preparation ;lack of unity. Chin Bee should have been called up 6 months earlier and she could have improved on speed and everything else. We save money for them not having to travel out so why not put it to more resourceful use in preparing them well with proper training. The atmosphere in the Tennis Centre was like a mini Japan with many supporters. Why I was cheering for Kimiko too. No than i am not loyal to malaysia but the players did not show the spirit except Chin Bee. The Japanese spirit , unity and sheer determination against odds - Kimiko Date their 40 year old come back player delivered.

I read recently in a newspaper article, that local tennis players are not seizing and delivering in the Malaysian Futures. How are they supposed to deliver ? Out of thin air ? Is there a comprehensive and highly charged program, designed to produce professional players ? Do we have high caliber trainers and advanced technology to prepare players ? Do we have a strict training that upholds discipline and commitment from players? World class tournaments here generate money.