Friday, February 26, 2010

Malaysian sports mentality!

I was shocked to read today's NST report on the national Under-21 soccer team's woes with the cold weather. 
The heading of the story was: Chilly weather conditions could affect players in Slovakia (read here)
What did the players and coach Azraai Koh expect? Hot, sunny, humid weather?
The reason the team is in Slovakia if for the experience - be it playing against tough opponents, adverse weather conditions, alien food, robust play, culture shock and the list goes on.
If the team expected hot sunny weather, nasi-lemak and roti canai , they might as well as trained in Perlis!
This is Malaysian sports mentality for you. Complain about everything and give thousands of excuses.
Malaysian sportsmen are simply a pampered lot.
Ever wondered how all the other professional players from different parts of the world, cope when they play away from their home?
Basically, it is all about sacrifices and goals. 
To many it is matter of survival and they stick it out no matter whatever conditions and succeed, because of their strong mentality, the need to survive to have a better living and their personal ambition to achieve high goals.
The message to the Malaysian Under-21 soccer players is simply - either stick it out there and return as men, or pack you bags immediately to return home and don't ever play soccer in your life!
It is sickening to hear tales like these.
There are many out there who would give a leg and arm to be in Slovakia and here we have this bunch who are talking about the cold weather.
So much for our dreams to see Malaysian players playing in Europe!

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Anonymous said...

This was the same story we heard when our senior hockey team went to Invercargill .

It was all excuses till " the Big Ones " and Tv3 crew arrived and you can guess the rest.......this is supposedly "celebrity drama" for a reason

We hope for a better tomorrow for Malaysian Sports