Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Is this the right direction?

A video clip containing a message from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will be among Malaysia's "secret" weapons in its bid to host the 2013 International Olympic Council (IOC) Congress. (Read here)

A decision will be made tomorrow in Vancouver, Canada at the IOC Executive Board Meeting.
Personally, I have mixed feelings about this.
Yes, I agree being given the honour to host the 2013 IOC Congress will put Malaysia on the world map, there is the tourism element, will enhance Malaysia's third attempt to host a Asian Games (in 2019) and it will be good for the image of Malaysia.
However, the other side of me asks, do we need to spend so much money in the bid to host the Congress and if we get the nod, spend even more probably running into hundreds of million ringgit.
And mind you hosting the IOC Congress, is like hosting kings from the various countries in the world.
Will it not be better to spend the money on more useful things to enhance the economy of the country, improve our education and health system, help the poor, create more job opportunities, development of sports at the grassroots, provide better training and exposure for our athletes and the list can go on.
Will hosting the IOC Congress and even the Asian Games, improve our sporting standards in the country.
Do we have to host these events to see our sporting standards improve?
My gut feeling says that there is many ways to skin a cat and hosting events is certainly not the way to improve the Malaysian sports standards.
Yes, we hosted the 1998 Commonwealth Games and spent millions and even probably running into billion ringgit in total, but where is Malaysian sports today?
Yes, we are accorded at perfect host and received accolades for having organisational abilities, but where does that take our standards of Malaysian sports.
Even the accounts for the Commonwealth Games are not closed yet, if I am not mistaken.
And all the issues that raised from the hosting of Commonwealth Games from many becoming instant millionaires, the law suits etc.
Yes, the Government is behind this bid to host the IOC Congress and I suppose they know best or have abundance of extra cash to splurge.
Before this, Malaysia lost to Qatar in its bid to host the 2006 Asian Games and did not bid for the 2010 Asian Games, citing the high cost in hosting the event.
China will host the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou while South Korea will host the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon.
Malaysia, also had tried to bid for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games to be held this year, although there was clear indication that Singapore would be the preferred host.

Below are some reports and comments on previous bids and attempts to host various international events: 

"Expecting to be considered an advanced country by the year 2020, as expressed in Wawasan 2020, there was a slight expectation from the public for the capital Kuala Lumpur to host the Summer Olympics. However, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak  said Malaysia was not ready as holding the Olympic Games was a "tall order for the country" until they could become more of a sports powerhouse."

 "Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The IOC Evaluation Commission for the host city of the 125th IOC Session in 2013 made an inspection on November 19-20 of the proposed venues and facilities in Kuala Lumpur, one of the two short-listed cities bidding to host the 125th IOC Session.

The Commission was led by its Chairman, Ng Ser Miang, IOC Vice President, from Singapore. Other members of the Commission were IOC Member Willi Kaltschmitt, Thierry Springer, Director of Finance and Administration of the IOC, and Paul J. Foster, Head of Protocol, Events and Hospitality Services of the IOC.

The IOC Evaluation Commission had a meeting with representatives of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Mandarin Oriental, Traders Hotel, Tourism Malaysia, Dewan Bandaraya of Kuala Lumpur, BERNAMA, Media Prima, Malaysia Airlines and the Olympic Council of Malaysia. The members of the Evaluation Commission also inspected the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, the Mandarin Oriental and the Traders Hotel."

November 26, 1998
Malaysia's Kuala Lumpur has joined the bidding battle for the hosting of the 2008 Olympic Games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Thursday.
The IOC said in a statement that the Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports Tan Sri Muhyiddin Bin Mohd Yassin on Thursday informed the IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch that the Malaysian capital will bid to host the 2008 summer Olympic Games.
The minister said that the decision for the Kuala Lumpur bid had been taken by the Malaysian government, the statement said. The IOC added that the…

Inaugural Youth Olympics bid:
Singapore and Moscow made the final list after the elimination of Athens, Greece; Bangkok, Thailand; Turin, Italy; Debrecen, Hungary; Guatemala City; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Poznan, Poland.

"KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia is considering bidding for the 2019 Asian Games after twice being rejected for the region’s biggest multi-sports event.
The country’s Youth and Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek told local media that Kuala Lumpur also wanted to stage the 2013 International Olympic Committe (IOC) Congress.
“If Malaysia is given the opportunity to host the IOC Congress it will strengthen Kuala Lumpur’s bid for the 2019 Asian Games,” he was quoted by Malaysia’s Bernama news agency.
Malaysia previously lost out to Qatar in the bidding to host the 2006 Asian Games and pulled out of the race for 2010 due to financial reasons.
The Chinese city of Guangzhou will host next year’s Asian Games while South Korea’s Incheon stages the event in 2014. The first Asian Games was held in New Delhi in 1951."


Thosai a/l Vadai said...

none of the local Media will bother covering it, unless being forced too lar. meeting only mah....

ZainalHashim said...

What is this IOC thingy? Dun know maaa! Are all these ideas about fronting and playing host to all these sports big gun gonna do us Malaysian and Malaysian sportsin particular, any good? Do we need to be known as great host, great conference etc....etc...? I dun think so, when our own backyard is in such a mess!

Let us forget about hosting any sports metings/conference or hosting the Asian Games. Lets ENSURE that we provide our athletes trainng and requirements. Let us establish a clear sound and regimented Grassroot Sport Program. Lets get much more of our Malaysian sportsman to world standard before we should ever think of wasting taxpayers money in hostings these meetings and sports meet!

Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Level Field,
Before we even think of hosting the 2013 IOC Congress in Kuala LUmpur, I think we have to take an honest look at Sports in Malaysia. Forget about the astronomical costs first but let us ask a fundamental question on what Malaysia hope to achieve in hosting this IOC Congress.
Tourism and tourist dollars? Look this is a Congress not the Games, those IOC members with their family may attend , what is the attraction to the Tourist in this Congress? No I seriously doubt it is tourism.
Putting Malaysia on the world map? We are already a famous nation through the world over the SodomyII , A-word issue, Church & Mosque burning issues. I feel there is no need to publicise Malaysia anymore.

Will Malaysian sports have a super boost by having IOC top guns in Malaysia? I doubt that.
Look at Malaysian Sports and Sports bodies running sports in Malaysia. A small issue like the Taekwando problem took 5 years to resolve, NSC is also not spared, 2 water chalet were not accounted for until the Auditor General office pointed this out, then what about the RM 22,000,000 plus expenses for 2006 that "raised eye brow" of the Malaysian public.
Look at OCM, how is it being managed? Honestly it is run by that Grand old Emperor and not the Board and he have so much powers that the Malaysian sports scene is very much influenced by this man alone.
Come on, clean your house and get your act together first before you are going to spurge good money to just do a PR exercise in the country.

Future Olympian said...

When we can't even have any proper football fdields for our children to play on or MOE slashing their funds for co-curricullum / sports activities for a chance to host a Games...we are becoming a pathetic sporting country who are kidding or put it plainly kicking our ass for a cheap thrill at the rakyat's tax-expenses.

Without a true care for grassroots sports development and none-commited NSAs in managing their charges or sports (many officials juz interested to go for free Games trips)...the real sports are going down the drain.

Clean our backyard...have committed sports officials (dedicated & passionate about it - young or old) who can develop their sport and bring it at par to the previous glory days...then phps can we host any major international games...until then we are juz throwing our hard-earned money down the drain.

Anonymous said...

Must be KPI- Malaysia Boleh!

Able to organize functions at world class standard or international standing.

Then we stand Tall & Magnificent!!!

At grassroot level- all of us know the reality

celebrity status at the expense of reality status

after all we will soon be paying our taxes.....

Go with the flow- tomorrow we may not know......we soon will hit the floor ...... and then we are out the door!!!!

Everybody goes Kungfu fighting said...

You know who will mati, mati and go out to make sure we hosts the 2013 IOC Congress in Kuala Lumpur? OCM la , this is their opportunity to show to the world that they can host a world class event. I am sure the organisation will be undertaken by OCM and Ministry of Youth & Sports. Tourism will also be involved, but the one that will take the lead will be OCM.
Okay this is with the backing of the Government and if the Government says do it, then let them do it.
Can I suggest this to Tourism and OCM, look Mr Sec.Gen of OCM, this is going to be your last Hurrah! Make it memorable for Malaysia , OCM is along Jalan Hang Jebat, the LRT station to OCM is Hang Tuah. Can you in the welcoming of the delegates dress up to the Tee in a Hang Tuah costume with head dress and a kris and all.
I promise you, that you will look sensational in it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Level field, The secret weapon OCM is presenting is the Video Clip by the PM. Now it seems that the OCM delegations are led by Beng Choo, Tunku Imran and the Grand Old Emperor of OCM.
I can understand Beng Choo and Tunku Imran , but why that Grand Ole Emperor? What can he contribute to the presentation? Look we do not want to give the impression that Malaysia does not have any younger people to run OCM. Not that I am against any senior citizens, but this chap is a menance to Malaysian sports. He may bomb our chances.
Everybody Goes Kungfu Fighting suggestion is a joke of course but on a serious note , that old man should stick to his Dancing in the OCM dancing club.

Zainal Hashim said...

GREAT NEWS............WE LOST!!!!

I am so happy that we do not need to waste more of the Taxpayers money.

However I feel so SAD that so much money had been wasted for something that do not bring any real value to the nation. Money spent could have gone more miles in developing our schoolchildren and youth to acheive greater heights in their sporting capabilities!

NOW train and develop our Under-15 agegroup school going children to excel and be fully trained and mentally strong for Beijing 2014!

OCM, MSN, ISN, MOE Buck-up get down to the drawing board NOW and start planning a GOOD and VIABLE plan!!!