Monday, March 1, 2010

False hopes from LTAM?

Just when I thought that the Lawn Tennis Association of Malaysia (LTAM) were ready to change their profile and move on to better things, I get news that nothing much as really changed from the scene in the last 30 years.
LTAM in the last 30 years have been embroiled in one too many controversies ranging from unfair selection process, favourtism, high-handedness of officials to the poor state of the game.
It was hoped that LTAM under the present leadership of Datuk Abdul Razak Latiff, would stay clear of controversies and concentrate on the development of the game with the hope of raising the standard of the game in the country.

However, Malaysia's perennial problem in sports - controversies - has reared its ugly head yet again.
Parent of tennis players have already started complaining about unfairness in selections, ranking systems not followed and made a mockery of, players with indiscipline still condoned by the associations and ad-hoc selection process.
There was even a case where a 24th ranked player got the nod over the No 1 ranked player for an age-group tournament.
Even the selection of coaches has been questioned and many feel the current set of coaches have not done much for the game.
There is even accusation that if players, parents or officials stand for their rights and challenge the authority, they will be penalised.
Basically, although the picture painted to the general public is that tennis in Malaysia is heading in the right direction, beneath all the claims, is that LTAM is in turmoil.
So whats new in Malaysian sports?
While the house is not in order and tennis in Malaysia sucks, we have exhibition matches being brought to Malaysia for millions of ringgit!
How this help the game, I wonder?
The only people I think that gain from these high profile exhibition matches are the promoters themselves.
To make matters worse, these matches are played to near empty Stadiums!
Sadly, this only happens in Malaysia!
It is learnt that letters from parents and coaches have already been sent to the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Council, seeking for justice.
It will be interesting to see if anything is done, or the matter just swept under the carpet!


Melissa LML said...

Hello uncle.
I am a tennis player. I agree that LTAM can do more. But I am happy that LTAM is better than before.

Parents like to complain, a lot. Every parents complain everything, but their children got no results to show.

Uncle, I remember I spar with Jawariah once. Look at her now. She is the top girl player, but her standards are not good. I wish my other friends ranked below her will get to play in tournaments even they not highly ranked.

Uncle, I realise that I can be number 1 today but it does not mean I will be number 1 when I grow up. My daddy says only results matters.

thank you.

Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Level Field, The allegations made by you is quite startling but let us do a postmortem on how OCM allow an athlete to represent Malaysia for the SEA Games.
The NSA LTAM are charged to do the selection of the athlete. In the case of tennis I think the selection is quite clear cut, you have a series of matches that you have to play and the best players or doubles or mix doubles will be selected.
LTAM will then recommend and submit these names to OCM and before the Games, the Board will sit and consider if the athletes are suitable or not to represent the country. This discretion is absolute and in netball, at Korat, I think you know that they have no business to don the National colours for the Team faired badly.
Now you state that a person ranked 24th was able to represent the country. You have to examine how can this be so? LTAM cannot be so stupid after having a National selection select the 24th player in their list to represent the country, OCM will not permit that to happen.
The only way this can happen is unless OCM or someone influential in OCM overides the selection process.Now this has happened before in other Games where the SEC Gen of OCM has ignored ranking and chose a younger couple under the justification of giving them a chance. But those who are in the know will tell you other wise.
I would like to agree with Melissa MLM that results matters, but this is not so in many sports, and it is not the fault of LTAM but the hidden hands of political engineering to upset the system

tonymariadass said...

The selection of the 24th ranked player over the 1st ranked player was not for a tournament which the OCM had jurisdiction over, like the Sea Games.
The selection was for a Under-16 tournament, where LTAM was the sole selector.

Karang Guni man said...

Read this, and then you'll understand better.

Mr. Olympism said...

Tony, If that is the case as I assume it is the Olympic family Games, I tender my apologies.
In that case then LTAM needs to be kicked and a postmortem needs to be done on the acts of LTAM.
Tony forum like Level Field is the best place to voice out Melissa's concern and in this case we need to ensure a level field in the selection.
Over to LTAM, the need to justify this. I hope the name of the athlete concern and the name of the tournament needs to be exposed. tournament

Jenn Png LTA said...

I agree with my fren Melissa. LTAM people are nice. We enjoy playing together but dun like it when parents come to NTC to gosip and complain.

All good players will win. If you dun win that means you're a lousy player.

Anonymous said...

parents complain because their child goes through the situation i dont know about your parentsmaybe they are right by saying some things
as for me i never complained about anything much
only recently when it effected my kid
and he is not a loser he is winner
he works very proved much andhas a great potential for being a good player
which he has been so i think not all parents are that dumb for complaining.if it happens to you
good luck
you and your parentswill never complain.
as for me give whats is fair and we will not complain.if everyone is like u ltam will have a great time. not everyone who loses are not good players.even great players lose so are they not good.sad to say your judgement is poor, please grow up

Anonymous said...

i think if one parent complains then no worries. 2 parent complain the something to look at, 3 parent complain then surely there is a case. i think parent have alot of this to do like raising money so that their child can play tennis. mind you that all expenses are taken care by parents. i dont think parents gossip and surely done which to complain but the arises for them to do so.

also u have to be God to win all the time. even the great roger has his bad day.

tumbs up ajitpal of nst .read your article march 10, 2010. surely the player who got the wild card from malacca lawn tennis must have felt discourage and perplexed as to why it was not given to him in KL as he was a KL player.. sounds fishy alright. ajit you are right they were unfair.
As for Davis cup trail, LTAM should have better adminstered it by setting a day when all player can play for selection. must be poor in adminstration.
maybe too much karipap and teh tarik
22,800.00 in prize money.Is this for sport excel junior or mens. i cant recall any money given out to players in juniors. Hmm maybe LTAM should show how they channel this fumds out.a print out copy pinned at the notice board will help.