Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hornets nest stirred?

The  comment below was left by Zainal Hashim in my blog titled:
"Someone SAVE Malaysian Schools' Sports PLEASE!": 
The figures have been edited based on lasted data from the Ministry of Education website. Zainal means business and he is definitely not the lone voice out there. I allow you to make the conclusions. Read on.....

I have created a group in Facebook called "SAVE MALAYSIAN SCHOOL SPORTS AND MALAYSIAN SPORT FUTURE. Based on a posting from this Blog, there are 2,959.092 Primary School and 2,331,901 Secondary School Children in the country and it sums up to 5,445,675 school going children. Add that to one half of the parents, which would be another 2,722,832 and we will come to a grand total of 8,125,440, which is 30% of the total of 27 million population of Malaysia. Lets say that only 40% of these 8,013,815 millions have access to computer, and out of that 40% have Facebook account. Can anyone tell me the answer?????Yes………correct…the answer is 3,205,526 school going children and one half of the parent. If we can hit 500,000 members in this group by end of February, literally we would be sending signals to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports that they have failed their KPI. Isn’t KPI what our Prime Minister wants? If we manage to hit ONE MILLION members by end of February 2010, these people better empty their table and leave the Ministry. You have been voted out of your job, by the PEOPLE!To all journalist, blogger, readers of the Blog and all TRUE Malaysians, please join the group, If you do not have a Facebook account, create one but please join us!!!!


Anonymous said...

YAB Tan Sri, I am shocked at the decision of MSSM to cut down sports for economic reasons! Please reconsider the decision. This actions by officials contradicts Tan Sri's assurance of sports reaching the grassroots of Malaysia through sports. My heart cries after serving as sec of the 1st ever National Inter School Under-13 Football tournament in 1957 to celebrate Merdeka and retiring as Chairman of ASEAN SSC Tech Comm in May 1989 amongst numerous other posts. Those days MSSM gave much importance to views of sports trs and experts. Many whom I contacted now pleaded ignorance, Pls Tan Sri, having known you for decades Iam sure you would put things right - Datuk A.Vaithilingam sms to our Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister (A.S. Dhaliwal -forwarded sms from Datuk)

Anonymous said...

Economic reasons? Shocking. In our time, MSSM was administered by active and interested officials/teachers for the love of the sport. Today, the officials work for personal glory- K.Chandrashekran ex Sec Geb MSS (A.S. Dhaliwal received this reply)

Anonymous said...

Respond from Tan Sri - "Not my decision.M equally mad." from Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister - Datuk A.Vaithilingam (A.S . Dhaliwal received this sms from datuk)

Zainal Hashim said...

My response on the response by Tan Sri

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! The last nail hammered????

tehsham said...

"Not my decision" Guess who is higher auhtority than the Minister????
'M equally mad' is one thing...action PLEASE, ractify what is wrong!!!!

Menglembu said...

Have you read this?

I'm disgusted by such actions!

Anonymous said...

alamak, read the malay mail today and what big spenders the education ministry is. as usual all the stuff cost a few hundred percent more expensive than market value. millions spent to resurface playing turf but end of day is unplayable. Standard operating procedure for malaysian government performance.

but this time corruption has really struck home, and this time the innocent children will pay for it.

If only the people who fight whole-heartedly on the "allah' issue will fight as hard against corruption, then maybe we got hope but seems like after fighting for 'Allah', they got no energy left to fight against corruption.....Also too bad no cows are involved, otherwise MACC will surely get involved quickly.

When the children suffer because of corruption, u know Malaysia is on the way down, no way back and i dont care what KPI they use. Unless MACC is given free reign to do their job, the politicians and cronies will rob this country blind, and we will turn into the south east asian "Nigeria".

Malaysia boleh!

Zainal Hashim said...


Please help us by leading all your journalist friends, sports-writter friends,and all your electronic media friends to join the Facebook group. Here is the link...

You will need to have a Facebook account to join.

Thank you so much Tony

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