Monday, January 11, 2010

The plot thickens!

..........But having said all that, I still believe there is a hidden agenda behind the full-time national team.
And for the Sports Minister to be firm about a full-time national team, there is somebody in the background who has promised a big plan.
The question is, at what price. Who is this person? All things point to a foreigner. Is he someone who had dealings with the Sports Ministry and is full-time national team plan, part of settlement deal?
I really do not know. I am just throwing questions.

These are excerpts of what I had written in my Jan 6th posting under the heading: It is truly a soccer agenda? (read here)

 An hour ago, S.S. Dhaliwal in his blog under the heading: AT WHAT PRICE SIR, had some answers.

He caught up with Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the Youth and Sports Minister, just as he was about to get into his car after the press conference to announce the change of name of the Malaysian Tennis Classic 2010 to the Malaysian Open 2010 at One World Hotel this morning.

Dhaliwal fired away some questions pertaining to the national Under-23 soccer team's proposed stint in England and Europe.
Read here, what was Datuk Ahmad Shabery's reaction and answers

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Anonymous said...

It is really sad to know that now we know where all tax payers money went to after all.( after reading the other blogs) Misappropriation of peoples money .......

There is simply no transparency and accountability.........not only in the political scenario but also in the sports field.

Who to blame???? It simply reflects the teachings of principles of life that is primarily taught in the family institution and upbringing.

We have all forgotten the basic principles in life and people can smile their way through and think it is an achievement !....There is a price to pay that will eventually take place....In His Time.