Saturday, January 23, 2010

OCM's Strategic Plan for 2011-2016

IT was hilarious at times, ridiculous at other times and then shocking, but finally some sense was made out of the Olympic Council of Malaysia's one-day Conference to get feedback from National Sports Associations (NSAs) and relevant parties, to draft a Strategic Plan for 2011-2016. 
That at a Conference which had a clear objective on the cards, so many of them were off topic and were discussing funding issues and housekeeping matters, was indeed hilarious, ridiculous and shocking.

Several were taking a dig at the Media for not giving the coverage for their respective sports, while some blamed the media for their shortcomings.
Others were blaming sponsors for not giving enough to them not being able to carry out their activities.
Many were asking for funds from the Government and OCM to run their association and activities.

Then, we had someone take to task their leaders of their associations, when they were the very ones who had brought them in!

They simply failed to look at themselves in the mirror and ask what they can do to better themselves and give the sports, instead of using the sports for their own individual gains.

However, things were put into perspective in afternoon session when panelist, a former teacher, Sports Ministry official, soccer coach and administrator, Datuk Peter Velappan and Malaysia Lawn Bowl Federation's, secretary-general, Ramble Dallan Rice-Oxley, between them, showed what the strategic plan should be for OCM.
While Peter spoke in detail about grassroots development and how OCM should take charge of its affiliates, Ramble, spoke of how a well run association with proper vision and mission in place and professional administration and governance, success can be achieved, even if their sports is not the popular sports.

Basically, after listening to what several sports officials spoke in the morning, it was clearly evident that many sports associations do not have a clue how to manage their associations and were just waiting for handouts to carry out their activities.
It was also evident that many associations all started to build their houses from the pinnacle and not from the base.
Of course, there were some associations who have established themselves with proper management and governance. But the majority needed to get their houses in order.
To make matters worse, many National Sports Associations failed to attend the Conference. Then, in the afternoon session, from the filled hall in the morning, it was two-third empty.
That alone underlines the seriousness of many sports associations and what they are capable of doing for Malaysian sports.
Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, last week when he attended the Olympian Night, had said that OCM have to take charge and mean business with the NSAs. Muhyiddin was spot-on.
OCM has to start being cruel to be kind to NSAs if they are to do Malaysian sports a favour.
OCM president, Tunku Tan Sri Imran Almarhum Tuanku Ja'afar, summarised the day's session well and listed out the areas which will be their Strategic Plan for 2011-2016.
It is just hoped that this Plan, after being discussed further and passed by the OCM Board, does not remain in the shelves of OCM, but is carried out to make an impact.
It is time to walk the talk.

Whatever said and done, it was very evident from the Conference, that the majority of the NSAs have a great deal to be blamed for the current state of Malaysian sports.
The truth may hurt, but Sports Commissioner, Datuk Nik Mahmud Nik Yusof's revelation just before the close of the Conference, clearly underlined that the majority of  NSAs were far from ready, to be running sports in the country.
Tunku Imran's reaction to Datuk Nik's revelation was: "This is shocking. I never knew that NSAs were weak and complacent."
What did Datuk Nik reveal?
It is indeed shocking and it will be posted in my next posting.

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Ms.MOM said...

Level field, I must congratulate you on the spot on analysis whereby you piled the blame mainly on the NSA on the state of sports today in Malaysia. You are indeed right that most have no inkling or for that matter have a blue print on the directions it is taking.
I want to talk about the pathethic state of affairs of Taekwando today.
Taekwando at one point was a popular sports in Malaysia and they have a very healthy program. What happened?
OCM decided that because of the warring faction between the 3 bodies or is it 4 bodies MTA,MTF,and the Clubs, OCM came in took over their affairs and tried to form an umbrella body. OCM President was the ad hoc chairman.
Let me ask you, what happened to this ad hoc committee formed by OCM? You know the answer, nothing and the Games was kicked out of SUKMA.
Let me ask you , why did OCM interferred into matters that does not concern them. Now that they have adopted a hot potato and realise that they cannot handle the situation, they decided to drop it and blame it on Taekwando.
Can I add that OCM is also one of the culprits that also need to take a share of the blame. I can name many but OCM conduct makes the NSA what it is today. Speaking of funds, who spoils them, OCM are the one. In last year election, all the cronies of OCM got voted in . Did you notice the timing of the funds disbursed to the NSA, just before the election? What does it says.
You tell me any0ne in the NSA dare to speak up against OCM.? You see it is the structure of OCM that once in, you are safe until you die in office or retire.
What is that OLD man still doing there in OCM? He has passed his shelf life and is making a nuisance of himself with the NSA.