Monday, January 11, 2010

Zulmazran sizzles

Selangor's national bowler, Zulmazran Zulkfli, was flying high this evening at the Sunway Mega Lanes, as he set the lanes ablaze with three records en-route to winning the Men's Singles title in the 23rd Interstate Bowling Championship.
Zulmazran who turned 26 last Nov 20, was in awesome form to win the title with a high average of 269.5 from his six lines of 298, 279, 237, 278, 277 and 248.

He clearly sounded his intention to do well in the event, when he in his very first game, he came close to a perfect game, but to be denied with 2 standing pins.
His 298 from saw him break the one game record of 278, set jointly by Selangor's Richard Phua in 1989 and Penang's Azizan Hanif in 1992.
His three-game total of 814 broke the record of 737 set by fellow teammate from Penang, Adrian Ang,  last year.

In addition, his final total of 1,617, broke the six-game record of 1409, set by another fellow national bowler, Selangor's Alex Liew, last year too.
To indeed make it a memorable night for Zulmazran, it was his first singles gold medal in his five appearances and the six-game total was his highest in his 12 years career.
Finishing behind Zulmazran for the silver medal, was a surprise from Kedah's Ahmad Muaz Fishol (left), who had a total of 1,407.
The 17-year-old student from SM Khir Johari in Sungei Petani, who picked up the sports five years ago, outshined many of the national and back-up bowlers.
The SportsExcel Gp final runners-up last year who had won circuits in Penang, Johor and Negri Sembilan, came fresh from winning the Milo Ranking finals in Penang.
The bronze medal winner was national back-up bowler from Penang, Khoo Beng Hai (right), who had a total of 1405. 

 Zulmazran's first reaction when approached after his feat was: "If only I had bowled this way in the Bowling World Cup in Melaka."
Zulmazran failed to make the stepladders in Melaka and was letdown by not having high games.
So what did Zulmazran do differently today?
"At the end of every year, I analyse my year's performance and look at ways to improve.
"When I returned for national training, I changed a few things. Among them was a softer release, reading the first 15 feet and my hand movement in deliver.
 "I used to bulk aggressively and while it won me some tournaments, it did not work all the time.

"With a softer release, I would see how my ball reacted in the first 15 feet and make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, with my power throw, I can only see my ball after the 15 metre mark."
Zulmazran said that he is a great fan of American pro bowler, Wes Malott, whom he had met and bowled with twice in the US and once in Korea.
"It was from him that I learnt how to make the adjustments after talking to him and watching him bowl."
Zulmazran said that he now hopes that he will be able to continue with his good form in the championship and the National championship.
"One day's good performance is not good enough. I have to repeat this performance over and over. It will be only than I will be satisfied with my performance."
That is Zulmazran. One keeps his feet firm on the lanes, sets high standards and continues to strive hard to better his performance.

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