Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will NSAs ever reject Government funding?

The Indian Olympics Association (IOA) is seriously contemplating to stop accepting government funding and have received majority support from their national associations in their general assembly on Tuesday.
Of course, a few smaller associations said that they still needed the funding.
One of the main reasons for wanting to reject the government funds was as the autonomy of IOA.
Infact,a letter from the IOA secretary-general, Randhir Singh has been dispatched to the Sports Ministry to that effect dated March 31.
India Olympic Association secretary-general, Randhir Singh, has written a letter dated March 31, incidentally the last day of financial year 2009-10, to the government informing that the body would no longer need funding from it.
"As the autonomy of the National Olympic Committee of India - the Indian Olympic Association is supreme, the Indian Olympic Association would like to desist from receiving any further financial support from the government of India from financial year 2010-11," the letter said.
Read the report in the Hindustan Times here.
Even the International Olympic Council backs IOA's move on financial freedom. Read Times of India's report here.
Update: On Monday IOA received a shot in the arm with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Samsung India, whereby the digital technology company will sponsor the Indian contingent at the Guangzhou Asian Games in November.
Samsung will also provide scholarships to 10 top-ranking players across individual sporting disciplines to bear their training expenses.

One wonders, if NSAs in Malaysia will ever make such a stand to cut the financial support from the Government?
It is no secret that Malaysian sports is heavily funded by the Government and that the National Sports Council exists to disperse these funds and monitor. Infact, NSC goes a step further and even conducts training, especially development athletes and hire coaches.
If ever, NSAs in Malaysia decide that they can stand on their own feet or with funds from the OCM, NSC will be put out of a job!
But it is very unlikely that NSAs in Malaysia, or even for the matter OCM, will take such a decision because it is a marriage of convenience with NSC - the government agency.


Mr.Olympism said...

Uncle Tony, The Indian Olympic Association dares to take such a stand becuase they have strong support from Samsung. Basically they want to be independent from what the see as interference from the Government. Now this debacle came about because of the imposition of retirement age of some of the IOA officials. To me when you have a batch of aged old officials who behave like fixtures in IOA , that is bad. Look at Malaysia OCM and you know , the Sec Gen should get out of OCM long long time ago but just refuses to do so.
Personally I feel what the IOA is doing is bad, it is personal preservation of some of the antiques in IOA that should have long been discarded.
Further I say it is bad to remain autonomous becuse the IOA will be absolutely powerful with no control from anyone. This will lead to abuse of power. Look at our OCM and even if they are under the SDA the Sec Gen does not give a damm of the SDA. Whatmore if they are independent.
I say the Indian government must not allowe the IOA a free hand. Some control is necessary!

tonymariadass said...

Mr Olympism,
I thank you and value your comments and support to my blog, but this will be the last time I will publish your comment, unless you write under your real name. No more anonymous or pseudo names, as has been mentioned in my disclaimer. I think if anyone has any comments, they should stand up for it and not hide themselves under anonymous or pseudo names. Thank you.

Mr. Olympism said...

Dear Uncle Tony,
Let me tell you the reason why I have to write under a pseudo? I represent a sport that is victimised by the Sec Gen. I have brought my complaints to the SC, but they are unable to act. If I expose myself with the prevailing condition my sport will be finished.
This is your Blog, you certainly can kill my comments if you think I am a coward. Weighing between the 2 evils, I cannot expose myself at the expense of my athletes.
This may be my last hurrah, but I say penalise me if my arguments are frivolous, but if your conscience says that the Sec Gen of OCM is all angel, then by all means kill this comment.
As this will be my last comment and knowing that it will not be carried, I thank you for carrying my previous comments.

tonymariadass said...

Mr Olympicism,
Thank you very much for your explanation for using a pseudo in giving your comments. I think that is valid, as long as you do not make personal attacks on personalities, but confine to the woes of Malaysian sports or your thoughts for the improvement of Malaysian sports. I hope you will continue to read my blog and give your views. As I said, I will use your comments as long as I feel that it is not a personal attack on personalities. Thank-you again for your support.