Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Foreign players issue up in the air again!

Several State FAs including Kelantan FA are already pushing for the inclusion of foreign players in the M-League and is expected to be a hot issue at the FA of Malaysia Congress in July.
The reasons they give for the inclusion of foreign players include that all Asean countries have foreign players in the local league, the defeats suffered by Malaysian teams in AFC tournaments, it will attract the fans and fill the stadium, improve the Malaysian soccer standard and other reasons I cannot comprehend.
Basically for me, I think these States FAs who are asking for the inclusion of foreign players, but being plain selfish! They are just thinking of their team doing well and have no interest of the national team.
It does not matter to them, if the national players lack quality players and drop further in the world ranking.
It does not matter to the that at least two or three local players will be denied an opportunity to play in their own league.
It does not matter to them if the national team does not have strikers or midfielders, because all these positions will be filled by the foreigners in the M-League.
I have written at length on my thoughts over the inclusion of foreign players in my earlier posting titled: Foreign players will improve Malaysian soccer? (Read here)

I stand by what I have posted and I strongly believe it is not the right time to allow the foreigners on Malaysian soil again.
Let the Malaysian soccer reach a formidable standard before we go to the next level to bring the foreigners.
Many may not agree with my thoughts, but I strongly believe in having a strong base before we venture out to bring in foreign elements!
If need be, bring in top class foreign coaches to lay the strong foundation with good development programmes and top level coaching. But make sure that these coaches are given a long term contract.
Rome was not built in a day! For the matter, Malaysia is not what it is today overnight!

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