Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Why did all these comments not come before a failure?

I read with utter surprise and disgust, all the comments coming freely after the failure of the Malaysian badminton team to reach the final of the Thomas Cup.
The very people who had thrown support and even said that Malaysia will win the Thomas Cup, now have come out to criticise.
From BAM being guilty of not having a back-squad of quality players, aging players, technical aspects, diet and the list goes on, have now surfaced not from experts, but from many who are just ardent supporters of the game because they are in a position where they have to engage themselves.
So why were all these observations not made while the team was in preparatory stages and the various championships they had competed before that.
Prior to the Thomas Cup, from the Prime Minister downwards, were all full of praise for the team and upbeat especially after Datuk Lee Chong Wei's All-England triumph. All were talking about winning the Thomas Cup.
No one came forward to tell the truth of the team's real chances and everyone was hoping a miracle will happen.
But instead, there was chaos in the BAM with their internal problems - from sponsorship deals, sacking of the secretary-general, coaches taken to task, players dictating their terms, chess games and cloak and dagger scenarios among officials.
It was one of the poorest preparations for a Thomas Cup campaign with no focus at all. But no one addressed it or come out in the open to make it known.
Everyone wanted to be the good guy.
Now, everyone has their theory and excuses. It is too late!
This is Malaysian sports. No one dares to call a spade, a spade!
We have have false hopes, never want to accept reality and are full of dreams without putting in maximum honest and dedicated effort.
BAM was suppose to be one of the best administered sports associations in the country. What happened?
Sports politics and agendas found it's way to the association and the sports suffered!
In the end, the players and coaches become the victims, while all the decision and king makers and the hand-ons, remain, to drag the game further through mud.

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Anonymous said...


Some people DID actually predict the status of the Badminton team BUT WHO ARE WE TO SAY ANYTHING- It falls on DEAF EARS.

People higher up think we are VERY NEGATIVE THINKING

People higher up do not want to shake the hornets nest!!!!!
This is Malaysian sports.

Worse still people think psychology is the end all of winning an international event.

No one with PHD psychology from Malysia or oversease or those in training can change the mentality of Malaysian athletes.

Respect parents
talking and interacting with sibings
Communicating with friends are all essential part in training

Psychology does not start while preparing for international events. We read with disgust how an athlete from a supposedly "mentally strong" team can use vulgar signs to spectators. What can anyone infer???? Your guess is as good as mine.......

If athletes cannot communicate effectively at home how can they communicate and respect their fellow team mates and even control emotions in the presence of spectators . What psychology training can overide the Physiological limits of the body????
Perhaps we can also use PHD psychology and use our brains to defy aging and death-and go against God too!!!!!

No one wants to prevent things from ruining till they see it ruined in front of their very eyes!!!!Then they meet to work out details of failure!!!! Malaysia Boleh!!!