Saturday, April 16, 2011

Level Field is back after four months

I got back my Blog a few hours ago after four months of worry whether I was ever going to get it back after my email was hacked in December when I was in Oman for the 2nd Asian Beach Games.
It has been an agonising and stressful four months in my attempt to get back my Blog.
I have written no less then ten times to Google to get back Blog and after answering a string of questions related to my blog and email, I get the standard reply:
Thank you for filling out the account recovery form. We know losing access to your account can be a frustrating experience and we want to help.
At Google, we take your privacy and security seriously. We're committed to returning accounts only when we're sure we're giving them back to the accounts' owners. Unfortunately, based on the information you provided, we were unable to verify that you own this account. To ensure that we are not compromising the security of the data, we can't return the account at this time.
If you can provide additional information to verify that you own this account, please visit and submit another request, providing as much accurate information as possible. If you're unsure about specific dates, provide your best guess.

In losing my gmail account, I lost some 1,000 email contacts too, besides my blog.
I have since got another gmail address, but it was the blog that I wanted back at all cost because it was not so much of my postings since I started blogging in May 2009, but the archives I had painstakingly complied from my reporting days with The Malay Mail from 1979-2006, especially my columns and comment pieces.
At this point, I want to go on record to thank two persons who are responsible for me getting back my blog.
First it is, Gurdip Singh of MYCert (CyberSecurity) who first gave me some hope of getting my Blog back by alerting my case and Hanson Toh, of the newly setup Google Malaysian office.
I met up with Hanson personally a month ago at his office and although he was more involved with the marketing of Google rather than Gmail accounts, he went out of his way to assist despite a lot of difficulties. This morning I got an email from him saying:
Just a quick mention that I've got the relevant people looking into it now. So no new news yet, but please continue to sit tight and I'll update you when I get something. 
Then I got an email from Google and here I am back on Blog.
Thank you Gurmit and Hanson!!
I have missed posting on my a great deal, but I am not going to write any of my thoughts of Malaysian sports issue over the last four months, because I might take a month to do so!
I will just continue from today.
And my first posting personal penned letter from Datuk Dr Harjit Singh, the President of Johor Cricket Council. 
Dr Harjit Singh was among the four candidates named for the Malaysian Cricket Association (MCA president’s post at the elections at the Bandar Kinara today.
 However, Dr Harjit has decided to withdraw and in a no holds barred statement, he reveals with a heavy heart why he is withdrawing from the elections.
The other nominated for the President’s post are current MCA deputy president Wilfred Abraham, former deputy president P. Krishnasamy and current MCA vice president Asgari Fuad Stephens.
All four have also been nominated for the deputy president's post along with former MCA vice president Mahinda Vallipuram.
It is sad that a good man like Dr Harjit has to take this decision, but Malaysian sports lose the few good men we have in sports because of the state of Malaysian sports!
Read what he has to say in the posting which follows.


Haresh Deol said...

Welcome back sir!

Andrew Gopal said...

Cheers. You are back Tony.
Look forward to read your postings.