Thursday, September 2, 2010

A level-headed decision not to bid for 2019 Asian Games

Kudos to the Cabinet for taking a decision not to pursue the idea of bidding for the 2019 Asian Games.
It is the most sensible decision, taking into consideration that it would have cost the Government RM1.6 billion, minus extra funding for the construction of new infrastructure including new stadiums, sports village and accommodation for athletes and improvement of the existing sports facilities.
The Cabinet, by rejecting the idea to bid for the Games, had felt that while the government is trying to restructure the granting of subsidy in an effort to cut cost, the cost of hosting the Asian Games 2019 amounting to RM1.6 billion, was too high to bear. (Read Bernama's report here).
Just look at the problems faced by India in hosting the 2010 Commonwealth Games to be held next month in New Delhi, where costs have accelerated many times over and not to mention host of problems faced by the Organisers.The majority of India feel that it was a bad decision to host the Games.
Besides, Malaysia certainly does not need more big stadiums. We have more than enough big Stadiums around the nation and even managing them to be self sufficient, is already a problem.
It would be better to build smaller Stadiums to reach the general public in districts and small towns to live a healthier life and develop a sporting culture.
But above all,  money would be better used to develop the various sports to attain international standards before we try to showcase our nation to the world and fall flat. We may be excellent hosts, but performance and end results is what makes hosting a Games a success or failure.
Yes, we did reasonably well when we hosted Commonwealth Games in 1998, but since then Malaysian sports have taken a downward trend. Besides the Asian Games is a highly competitive and we would be fooling ourselves, if we think we can pull off another "KL Commonwealth Games performance".
Let us concentrate on building a strong stable of athletes in several sports like soccer, athletics, swimming, badminton, hockey to name a few, before we embark on hosting an Asian Games.
For now, Kudos again to the Cabinet for making a wise decision and let us hope there will be no change of hearts on bidding for the Games,  as some individuals will definitely be secretly campaigning that Malaysia should host an Asian Games!

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