Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taking Leave

I leave this evening for New Delhi for a six months posting which will be another experience to add to my sports involvement.
I have got an appointment with the New Delhi Commonwealth Games Organising Committee as their Venue Operations Director (Media).
I am among the five Malaysians who have been selected after undergoing interviews with the Mr. V. K. Verma, Director General, Organising Committee Commonwealth Games (CWG) Delhi 2010 and consultant, Peter Stewart, conducted a few months ago.
Veteran athletics official, S. Vegiyathuman, Hon. Secretary of the Federal Territory Amateur Athletics Association, is one of the candidates selected and is already in India since last week.
Malaysian Lawn Bowls Federation's secretary-general, Ramble Dallan Rice-Oxley, is the other one, whom I will be travelling together with today.
The other two are Thiagu Ponniah (Karate) and Joshua Edgar Joseph
Three candidates from Singapore were also selected.
I will be back for a week next month, as I have a prior engagement to lead the X-Mail Veteran Soccer team to the 2nd Philippines-Malaysia International Soccer Festival in Bacolod City from May 28-31.
Then, it will be back to New Delhi until the end of the Commonwealth Games in October.
I may not be able to keep in touch with the Malaysian sports issues first hand and blog about it, but I am looking forward to viewing Malaysian sports from outside Malaysia. It will probably give me a different perspective to blog about.
This will be the longest time I will be out of the country, and I am very sure I will be yearning to be back home for there is nothing like being home in Malaysia!
But circumstances, have forced me to seek employment outside Malaysia and I am looking at it in a very positive manner.
I will also, time permitting, blogging about the preparations in New Delhi for the Commonwealth Games and also any other interesting happenings there.
I can be reached through my blog, my email: or Facebook.
Till my next posting from New Delhi, here's hoping that Malaysian sports will take turn for the better. It may be wishful thinking, but it is no secret that Malaysia spends a great deal of money on sports and there is no doubt that there is talent and future for Malaysian sports, provided that it is executed, managed and indulged in the utmost professional manner.


Vincent Ho said...

All the best Tony to your stint there at the Commonwealth Games. Take care & God bless.

Anonymous said...

All the best. So you are going to Delhi and not to Singapore for YOG. Keep us informed on the latest in Delhi for the XIX Commonwealth Games if it not against any clauses in the employment contract that you have signed. Information like venue readiness, transport updates, weather (temperature and humidity)etc etc can help the Malaysian contingent in their final preparation to participate and to do well in the Delhi 2010 Games

Zainal Hashim said...

All the best Tony and God Bless you and keep you safe in New Delhi always.

Anonymous said...


Wish you all the best and take care.

Wash your hands frequently and practise cleanliness.

Watch for the next outbreak of H1N1. Just take precautionary measures.

rizal hashim said...

Tony, have fun in New Delhi! The experience of managing the media centre for an event of this magnitude is invaluable.

syahril said...

hi sir...i wish u all the best!

Chua Hong Tam said...

Dear Tony

All the best and do take care

shapawi said...

All the best Tony...sometimes kalau kita tengok from outside lebih "interesting" lah!!!Hopefully you can "help" Malaysian contigent too!!Fr: Shapawi(UK)

TonyMariadass said...

Thanks Shapawi. Good to hear from you. I will be ever ready to help. Just email me. All the best to you too!