Thursday, April 15, 2010

Parents up in arms

Parents are up in arms again with the way things are being conducted at schools and even at the national level.
Many are still questioning the 1 Student 1 Sports policy and how effective it is going to be when the infrastructure for sports in schools is not in place or is in shambles.
Others are still not happy with the way things are being organised at the schools level despite the Under-15 category for several sports being reinstated after Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin the Deputy Minister, who is also the Education Minister, stepped in.
Another parent has taken a National Association for their selection process.
Then we have State Schools Sports Councils  who organise events for the sake or organising it by running competitions on carnival basis or cramping the fixtures.
Parents, schools and sports councils are also complaining of the short notice to organise events.
In short, all is not well at the schools or grassroots level.
Read some of the links below to have a better idea of what is actually happening:
And read the contradicting views of two personalities who have been involved for sports for as long as we can remember and make your judgment:


Mr.Olympism said...

Uncle Tony Maridass, Congratulations on your new posting. I have no doubts at all you are the perfect person for the job. When you are there just look out for our boys and watch out for any nonsense by the Grand Old Emperor of OCM
Cheers and take care

Zainal Hashim said...

Visit for sensational news about the actual state of Tenpin Bowling in Malaysia. If you dun like what is happening right now, post your honest comments, suggestions and recommendations there! Malaysian Top Guns in Bowling & Ministry are being advised of every new postings made in the Blog.

The Blog is created for all of you and it is no longer about Tenpin Bowling in Selangor , but for the very future of Tenpin Bowling in Malaysia. Be brave and say your pPeace. Keep quiet and you will live to regret the stand that you take!