Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventure in New Delhi

It is my fifth day in New Delhi and everyday has been a learning experience.
It is really hot and in some days reaching highs of 44 Celsius. At night it drops to about 38.
The whole city is under construction in preparation for the New Delhi Commonwealth Games in October. As a result the dust in the city has been compounded and with no rain in sight, it is like walking in a desert.
Construction includes additional Metro Lines from the Airport and around the city, drainage, beautifying the city, widening the roads, pavements and of course several venues.
However, the work pace is furious and the organisers are very confident that everything will be in place before the Games.
With six months to go, although critics feel that the organisers are behind schedule, no stones have been left unturned to have everything ready. Without doubt there is going to be a major transformation.
The organising committee has been met with many challenges, but they are definitely addressing every situation with utmost urgency.
Operations for the Games has been ongoing for the last two years and as far as all the paperwork is concerned it is very comprehensive with all details being looked into.
It is time for implementation and they are working at feverish pace.
Both the print and electronic media have been keeping a close tab on the progress with eagle eyed vision.
And the way the many investigation television networks go about their job, there is no room for the organsiers to slack.
Several hard hitting interviews have been conducted and the top brass of the organising committee, headed by Indian Olympic Association president and chairman of the Commonwealth Games Organising Committee, Suresh Kalmadi, have come out well with their interviews and answers to quires.
The microscope sports administrators and politicians come under here in India, is nothing compared to in Malaysia. I just wonder how our Malaysians sports administrators and politicians will fare if they came under the same preview like in India?
It has indeed been a great five days experience I must say and am looking forward to the days and months to come, which can only get more exciting and tougher.
Till I blog again from here, do not underestimate the capabilities of India!


Chua Hong Tam said...

Dear Tony

Good to know that you are settling down fast in Delhi. Please keep us updated. Do take care.

rizal hashim said...

Tony dont forget to supply the infos to the malaysian contingent. that includes the malaysian media. hahahah. wah sure you take care of them in new delhi.