Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get the act right at the grassroots!

We are busy trying to sell the Malaysian T-shirts and jackets in London, spending millions of ringgit for events, programmes, training, upgrading Stadiums for Sukma, travelling  abroad for meetings and the list goes on.
However, the basic sports needs is sadly neglected. Schools sports despite assurance that it is being looked into and given emphasis, is a far cry from what it was in the yesteryears.
Basic amenities for sports like a playing field or the mini sports complexes are in deplorable conditions.

Not too long ago, each parliamentary consistence was supposed to be equipped with a mini multipurpose sports complex. Wonder if everyone have their mini sports complex in place or whether it is in usable condition. 
The neighborhood fields are still in deplorable conditions and in fact a hazard to be used. 
Today, in the Streets section of the New Straits Times, there is an article about sports complexes in the Klang Valley in deplorable conditions.
It is sad that such conditions exist when politicians are talking about one sport for one child, sports for all, sports culture and community sports.
Read the NST Streets report today: Dilapidated sports complexes are putting off Klang Valley folk
The disintegrating synthetic running track at the Kampung Pandan Stadium is more than 20 years old. - NST Picture
 PSHA chief coach Bob Rajendran (right) briefing on the deplorable condition of the Bertam Hockey Stadium’s synthetic turf in Kepala Batas to 1MAS hockey development manager Saiful Azli (left) while other coaches look on. — Picture by K. Kandiah

Let us get our act right at the grassroots before thinking a gold medal at the Olympics! Maybe with things right at the base, we may line ourselves for not one gold at the Olympics, but a few!

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