Saturday, May 28, 2011

The beautiful game stinks from top to bottom!

It is foul from the top to to the minnows!
Is there any future for what was known as the beautiful game.
From Fifa to professional K-League in Korea to President Cup youth players in Malaysia, they have been implicated in bribery scandals.
Can one blame if there is bribery among soccer players, when the very people who are governors of the game, play the dirty game of bribery to stay in power, bidding and sponsorship process.
The beautiful game has indeed been dragged through mud that it stinks to high heaven.
Author of FOUL, British investigative and award-winning reporter,Andrew Jennings, who published his book in 2006, must be having the last laugh.
FOUL - The secret World of FIFA - Bribes, Vote Rigging and Ticket Scandals - was described by FIFA president as "Fiction".
Where the game is heading is anybody's guess, but the fact remains that it is still the world's No 1 game.
Foul or no foul, billions will still buy a ticket to support their favourite team or national team or stay glued to their televisions at unearthly hours to support their favourite team as the guardians and the players of the game make a mickey of the game!
As the FIFA elections on the cards in a few days, the bribery scandal is getting bigger than the game as FIFA placed its own president under investigation.
With both Blatter and presidential candidate Mohamed Hamman - the Asian Football Confederation president - under investigation, it is unclear whether Wednesday's election will go ahead.
 News has been splashed all over with the bribery scandal and it certainly does not augur well for the beautiful game.
Check out some of the stories the last few days and decide for yourself where the game is heading!

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